Blue settee in the foyer

March 04, 2012

This post is proof that good things come to those who wait…at least it came to me. This time.  ;)

For about the past, oh…YEAR, I’ve been looking for something very specific for this spot at the bottom of our stairs:

I thought a little settee would look quite lovely there, but it wasn’t really something I needed, so I just kept my eye out. Forever.

I looked at shops, I looked online, I looked on Craigslist. But all I found were the wrong size, the wrong color, the wrong price, or ones that looked like this:

I mean, it’s fine. It’s just not what I was looking for. ;)

And then. THEN. I walked into TJ Maxx a couple weeks ago. I hadn’t been there in so. long. And then I saw it. The roof opened up and there were sunbeams shining down on it.

And it was dark out. So you know that was somethin’.

It was a dark grey/blue color, it was the right size (I was pretty sure), and it the back was (swoon) tufted:

OH em gah, I was hyperventilating. The Bub was like, what the heck Mom? And I was all like, BOY, you don’t understand – Momma’s been waiting a year for this.

I was all caressing it and walking around it stalking it like a cat, and he was just very, very confused. ;)

You know how it is with a place like TJ or HomeGoods – you gotta pounce on it. But I wanted to make sure it would fit in the spot and I’m very much if it’s meant to be it will be kind of girl, so I left it there.

Turns out it was a PERFECT fit, so I raced strolled in the next morning and wished and wished and wished it was still there. You know how it is when you go back for something? The sweating? The tears? The hoping?

Is it just me?

Well, I’m writing this post, you can guess it was still there. And I didn’t have to tackle anyone! Yesss.

I dressed it up with some pillows I made this weekend and LOVE it in this spot. I used the drapery fabric from the adjoining living room to make a couple pillows:

I should have ironed them, but let’s ignore that. :)

The other one you may recognize from our Christmas dining room table – it’s (yet another) placemat pillow:

placemat pillow

Yes. I have a problem. I love them – they’re easy and cheap and fun. I added a little blue button in the middle to add a little somethin’.

Click on the pic to see the others I’ve done:

placemat pillows placemat pillows pottery barn placemat pillows

I’ve even made them for outside:

outdoor placemat pillows

And they hold up GREAT!

Anyhoo, check out my mad sewing skillz:

I don’t even bother to match the thread to the pillow. Cause you know what I say…cookies to all who even notice.

That doesn’t count any of you cause you already know, by the way. So no trying to get cookies.

I love the little settee!:

I love the low arms and pretty lines.

And the tufting. Whooee, the tufting. LOVE it!

It’s just perfect for that spot:

It’s exactly what I was looking for!

Although now that it’s here, I don’t think it will stay for long. It will be AWESOME in the dining room redo. Which is slowllllllly starting. I may have some (teensy) progress to show you in the next couple of weeks.

Now, I kinda love the old windows hanging above the settee, because they are a nice juxtaposition against the more modern look of it:

But I do have a little something in mind instead. We’ll see how it turns out.

I’m not in any hurry though, cause as you know, I take my time. :)

But for now, I just sit on my settee and give it the occasional smooch and I’m happy.

I’m planning on adding some nailhead trim, eventually. Ohh la LA. I thought about putting some small casters on, but I think with the shape of the legs it may be too much.

Sooo…have you waited for that perfect piece forever like me? What was it? Did you cry rejoice when you saw it for the first time like me? ;) Do tell!

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  1. It's PERFECT!!! I'm totally loving it and so glad it was there the next morning!!! Totally meant to be!

    XO, Aimee

  2. omg.. this is so prettyyy.. :):):)... i love tjmax for their awesome unique stuff and PRicessss :D..i love your pillows...too..and to do all that home is WOW!!!!

  3. Whoa. I'm a jelly belly over here! I love it! And I'm swooning over your pillows, too.

    It's absolutely perfect.

  4. Love!! She's really pretty. But I can't wait to see her plans in the dining room :)

  5. Lovely! I also waited and waited for a good deal on seating at World Market. I was overjoyed when a sale AND a coupon popped up one Sunday. I totally know the feeling.

  6. I LOVE it!! What a cutie. Did you make the butterfly/flower looking thing on it? I want it. You have to let me know where I could buy the fabric or cushion. It would look oh soo lovely in my living room. : )

    As far as waiting for a certain piece, yes that's happens to me quite often. Usually, I end up getting it given to me or find it for free on Kijiji, Canada's version of Craig's list. My husband always jokes that people just like to give me stuff. ; )

    You could check out our living room and see some of my free scores. The best one soo far would have to be my down-filled suede couch that even came with slipcovers.

    Have a great week, Sarah!

    ~ Catie

  7. I love that you stalked it like a

    it's so pretty. dark, yet classic.

    first kate @ centsational girl gets a you. i'm smelling a trend here.

    they are perfect for small and/or awkward spaces. which pretty much defines my whole home.

    but at this stage of motherhood, if it's not leather, slipcovered or covered in oil cloth, it's a wasted investment...

  8. This settee is such a cute piece...what a find! And I look forward to seeing the nailhead trim...that'll be really cool. I wish I had a dollar for every time I've passed something up only to wish I'd bought it...I'd have enough to at least buy myself something cute from Ikea. Maybe I could write a blog post about my "almosts..."

  9. Love the Setee. I have an idea for you for your windows that I saw recently. they had removed the glass and hung black & white photo's in black frames all the same size on the wlal then hung the glass less "window" over the pictures. Very cool looking

  10. It looks GREAT! I also love the pillows! Please forgive me but do you have a tutorial posted on how to make them. I must know! :)I enjoy reading all of your posts so keep them coming.

  11. I.Adore.It. Perfect! Love, Me

  12. We have some old six-over-six style windows that I plan to use to make glass-on-glass mosaics! Check this out:

  13. Super cute and perfect for the space. I really love your pillows, I think I need to find some placemats! Great color combo. :)

  14. Glad you didn't have to assault anyone to get your settee. Haha You can always change legs to add casters. Love the ideal of nail head trim. Love it!

  15. Love it! I would have had to have bought it that minute and then returned it if it didn't work. Stuff like that is never there the next day! My husband calls me a negative shopper. He thinks I take back more than I buy.

  16. Forgot to say I love your pillows too. I've made a few myself and I have mad sewing skills like you! Last summer I made a pillow out of cloth napkins and then in a magazine the next month I saw my exact pillow in a spread designed by Eddie Ross!!

  17. It looks so cute there, love the color!

  18. TJ Maxx for furniture... I need to get out more. That color is perfect. I love blue but I'm trying to figure out how to change our mostly red/ khaki/ gold house to a blue/ green/ white kinda place. It's a project.

  19. I was chuckling at this.."The roof opened up and there were sunbeams shining down on it." I had the same thing happen at TJ Maxx a few days ago over a yellow ceramic garden stool. I left it there the day before and thought I had lost it when I went back, I practically sprinted across the store when I saw it :)

    Kim @

  20. Oh I love your little Love Seat, it really is perfect in every way!
    Emma x

  21. okay... tell me if i read this right. you said you looked for such a long time for a settee for one certain spot and you FINALLY found it, but then it seemed like you said you probably won't keep it there..? haha what? did i read that right? that is so funny if that's the case!

  22. I love the tufting. The windows are very beautiful and add a touch of whimsy.

  23. Wow! So get the long wait - had the same problem with a pair of lamps!
    Obviously worth the wait! Haven't been "following" long but love the living room make-over- - the curtains are fantastic - actually just about everything I have seen is brill!!!!

  24. You scored I must say and loving gray right now too!
    I can't sleep at night when I have know I want something, especially for the home! Feel your pain for sure.

    Have a great week


  25. Cute settee! Here's a tip for sewing the pillow opening shut - sometimes I'll use nylon thread. It's invisible, so even if your stitches aren't perfect, it's really hard to tell! And the thread is really strong, so it works really well. Hope it helps!

    Sheela :)

  26. The settee is GORGEOUS! What a great addition.

  27. Yay, Sarah! So glad you found one you liked. And way to go on making all those pillows, you little Martha Stewart you!

  28. You always make me crack up! Great find and I know that feeling when you find IT and the worry if it's gonna be there when you get back!!! oh, and you got me thinking with the placemat pillow thing. i'm keeping my eyes open for some of those!

  29. Looks great (I'm crazy about that DR drape fabric still). Wondering what you did/will do with the cedar chest that was in that spot. I have two, both inherited so they're staying. One pulls up like a bench seat in the DR when needed, but I'm afraid it'll get kicked up. I had that one painted, btw. The other is in my BR with tv on top, nice original stain on it, but so big. I sense a blog project coming?

  30. OH I know all to well the feeling of going back to TJ Maxx to look for that certain something that I foolishly left there the day before!! Sometimes its gone & I kick myself for not just giving in & bringing it home with me yesterday (I can always return it if it doesn't work ... when will I learn this??!). But, the times it is still there & it gets to be mine is like ... amazing!! :)

    Would love to see some nailhead trim on that beauty!! Looking forward to watching your "dining room" transformation!

    tamarfisher (at) sbcglobal (dot) net

  31. Oh the settee! And yes, I too waited for several years for the perfect 42" round, wooden pedestal table for our eat-in kitchen. Looked everywhere but didn't want to spend too I'd set my budget for $100-$150. (Call me crazy but I knew I'd find one for that price one day!) One day on our way back from looking at a possibility that didn't work out, I asked hubby to stop at one of the thrift stores. Went in and there it sat: Perfection! The price? $40! It went home with us immediately :-) Then because it was so perfect in the space, we sold it to the new owners who purchased our house. a decorator selling "the perfect table and chairs" to another decorator who'd bought our home. That table was meant to be in that house. Sunshiny rays all over the place ;-)

  32. Gorgeous! I just LOVE it when you find THE perfect piece that you've been waiting for!!!! Looks awesome!!!! Yay!

  33. Love the settee! It's perfect for that spot! I had the same experience this weekend. Two years ago my husband bought me a new bed frame for our 10 year anniversary. Ever since then I have been looking for matching night stands that would work with the bed and the other furniture. I finally found them on Saturday at the goodwill. I was so excited I may have done a little jig in the store. :) Of course I now need to paint them as they are a horrid fake wood paint technique that went wrong with red tops. Oh well at least I now have a project for your paint party at the end of the month! :) I just love it when patience pays off!

  34. I love when I have a vision for a particular space in my home and then BINGO... there it is, just what is needed to make it work. Soooo glad you found this. It's a great looking piece. Congrats on your perfect purchase!

  35. I love it! It is perfect. TJ Maxx is amazing.

  36. Love the setee and LOVE TJ Maxx. I had been looking for a mirrored night stand (with at least one drawer) for ages. Everything on-line was too expensive...even at Well, this February my daughter and I walked into TJ Maxx after not shopping there for ages. She spotted the mirrored furniture before I did. I couldn't believe it. The one nightstand that fit my style, budget, had smooth drawer glides (and TWO, count 'em TWO drawers)and was the right height, was also the only one that had not been damaged. I went back the next day with hubby and his pickup truck to get my nightstand. I love it when things come together!

  37. It's beautiful!! I agree-it looks pretty neat with the contrast of the windows. And, YES, I am the same way with the sweating and the heart pounding when you go back in for something! ;)

  38. I have SO been looking for something almost just like this! I am going to TJ Maxx the *second* I get off work! Here's hoping my store carries this :)

  39. OMG! I'm swooning over your settee! And imagining all the places it could go in my house! I'm going to start stalking for one... now!

  40. Amazing! WOW, it is perfect for that spot. And those pillows are adorable!
    I have been stalking every store for the last 6 months for a settee in a neutral fabric for my master bedroom.
    So happy you found yours! That is awesome!

  41. It looks great! So glad you finaly found what you were looking for.....and by the way that would look great at a dining room table! I know your getting rid of yours, but I have one at mine! LOVE! Tabitha@

  42. It's so pretty and definitely worth the wait to find the perfect piece! You are so lucky that it was there when you came back the next day :-)

  43. If you decide to do more of the place mat pillows, and you want to save time, you can top stitch them together around 3 sides, slide the pillow in and then top stitch the fourth side... or maybe you already know this. Love the story, I totally understand the little anxiety returning to the store the next day, HA.

  44. I love your settee. I know that feeling of aha very well. I love to just browse antique, thrift, and stores like TJ Maxx and just see what jumps out at me. I just bought a thrift store lamp today..cant wait to hit it with some spray paint and make it beautiful!

  45. Love, love, love it! I have a spot similar to your in my family room that would be perfect for something like that. We could always use extra seating in there. Our poor guests usually end up sitting on the stairs. LOL!!

    PS. I stopped hand-stitching my pillows shut and I now use my hot glue gun. So much easier!

  46. The settee looks so good there. I am constantly making pillows. I find them fun and creative.

  47. great find love it when that happens like the stars align just for you (or me lol)

  48. What an AMAZING find! I love the shape of it. And it's perfect there!

  49. I know you got the settee at tjmaxx, but can you tell me what brand it is? I love it so very very much!


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