Tour our green master bathroom

July 16, 2012

I realized while preparing for this post that I haven’t shared much of our bathrooms. The powder room has had a story all it’s own, and that I’ll share later this week, but otherwise I don’t concentrate much on them. They aren’t anything super fancy, but they get the job done, ya know?

I made some changes to our master bath years ago but haven’t touched it since. It’s like time stands still in there, I swear. :)

Long ago I painted the 16 foot walls a gray green color called Tornado Watch (from Lowe’s) and we’ve liked it just fine since:

gray green bathroom

It is starting to get a little dark for me though, so someday when I feel like climbing a ladder a meeeellion times again, I’m pretty sure I’ll go lighter.

I made that super simple, LONG shower curtain myself. 

I spruced up the tub area years ago with some trim work, paint and textured stencils:

beadboard bathroom

I keep hoping those round faucet handles will come back in style. ;) A few years ago I got a wild hair and took the tub surround off the wall and tiled around the tub instead. I LOVE how it updated that space.

I glued the beadboard right over the tub siding about five years ago I think? And it’s held up great! (No post on that, sorry!)

Told you I haven’t touched this room in years! ;) I realized the other day that I’ve spent the least money and effort (compared to the rest of the house) in the rooms that are supposed to bring the most return – kitchen and bathrooms. Whoops. :) I just feel like a redo in the bathrooms will cost lots of moolah and we’d rather focus on other spaces for now.

Someday I would like to make some changes though – one being our vanity:

maple bathroom cabinets

It’s very nice, and I picked a honed marble for the counter which I really love. It’s the height of the vanity that drives me BATTY. It’s SO low. The hubs and I aren’t exactly short so I’d love to make it taller some day.

Our tiny shower works fine, but the DIY shower curtain hides our reeeeeally short shower doors:

DIY shower curtain

We have to bend down to get in the shower or we’ll knock our heads. :) So eventually I’d like to tile that entire space.

It’s a long room, and that back part with the shower only has one light bulb (in the fan) so it’s incredibly dark. I’d looooove to install one of those solar tube skylights above the shower area some day soon. I’ve seen them done on TV and they seem to add an incredible amount of natural light!

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  1. Thanks for hosting, Sarah! I've never heard of solar tube skylights. I'll have to look into that for our house.

  2. Sarah,

    Thanks so much for hosting this awesome party! I just saw it on Twitter!


  3. I'm sure I have the nastiest bathroom at the party, but hey you have to have a BEFORE to have and AFTER right! Thanks for the party!

    Melissa @Bless This Mess

  4. Thanks for hosting, Sarah- you throw great parties! :)

  5. Just caught the invite on fb! Thanks for hosting. That tile around the tub looks great, I really like it! The great thing about bathrooms is since they are relatively small, it's easy to change a few things and have a brand new (looking) space!

  6. Thank you for always hosting such great parties. I love your bathroom, very pretty!

  7. looks like a lot of great bathrooms to take in, I'm in the middle of re decorating mine ,have to go out of town today but maybe I can get in on this in time by the weekend

  8. ooh I love bathrooms!! Thanks for the party!

  9. Ooooh!! How did you paint the high ceiling over the corner tub? I have that same set up in my bathroom and I've been procrastinating taking down the wallpaper and painting because I can't figure out how to get up in that corner.

    LOVE your blog!!!

  10. So much inspiration! Thanks for hosting!

  11. My bathroom is an unfinished work, so this will be fun to look through! Already love the look of the trim work around your tub, as we have a similar corner tub with lots of wall space to cover!

  12. I've done the textured stencil before - I just painted mine when it dried. very fun! Hope to do a white birch version on the back wall of our "master" bedroom (vintage hime - no real master)

    Can't wait to see what you have to say about the solar tubes - I was looking into those for our dark hallway.

  13. Sarah, you've saved me!! We rent our house, and the tiny shower stall in our master bath has the nastiest, most uncleanable shower door you've ever seen. As in, it has the collected filth of 40 yrs of tenants and no matter how hard I try, it still looks totally. nasty. I'm DEFINITELY going to steal your curtain idea! Genius, seriously :)

  14. Thanks for hosting Sarah! Can't wait to check out all the other bathroom ideas.

  15. Thank you for hosting! There are so many nice rooms and ideas.

  16. Definitely going to have to go through these! I'm redoing our guest bathroom and could use some more inspiration! :)

  17. Thanks for hosting, Sarah! If we all make a bloggy movement, maybe we can be the force behind those knobs coming back "in"? ;)

  18. I love what you did with the space around your tub!


  19. Thank you for hosting, my bathroom is not anything great, but I think you will be amazed at just what my husband did, and what he had to go through to get it to fit! ((:


  20. Nice Blog giving the information how to improve your home by giving the facilities for Remodeling the basement.

  21. I love the rug in front of your vanity. I've been looking for something similiar for mine. Can you tell me where you found it?

  22. Swooning over the molding over your bathtub... :) Thanks for hosting!


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