Family room layout with corner fireplace

August 20, 2012

Our old family room is one room that just did not work for us for years…and it’s completely my fault. ;) When we built our home I chose a corner fireplace instead of the normal spot between two windows. I’ve gone on and on about what an AWFUL IDEA THAT WAS, but I won’t blabber on anymore about that. You’re welcome. ;) 

I finally figured out a way to make that corner fireplace work better in the room last year and I am SOOOO much happier with it: wood treatment above fireplace

Last summer we also moved the TV stuff to a different spot in the room and that one change opened up the room tremendously.

We finished paying off an insane amount of debt early last year (I can’t believe that was only last year!) and our first real purchase (paid for with “cash” of course), was a super nice sectional from Arhaus:

small sectional

This is hands down one of our best purchases ever…if not the best. This sofa is so darn comfy and has held up great! The cushions aren’t flat, spills wipe up easily…it’s fantastic. I swear it looks like the day it was delivered!

You can see by that pic that I put the Rugs USA rug back in the family room – that old rug was in such awful shape I decided to try this one again. At first I didn’t think the drapes and pillows worked with it, and I still don’t think the drapes work great…but they are fine for now, I’m not worrying about it. I wasn’t about to try to rework the whole room for the rug. Maybe later, but not now. :)

I found a couple new pillows from Target (earlier this summer) that incorporate a lot more of the colors of the room. Before I had solid red pillows in here – these pull in the rug much better. I also pulled some knit pillows from our bedroom, because let’s be honest…we all know I never make our bed. I mean…really.

So at least they are being used in the family room instead of sitting in a pile next to the bed:

contemporary rug blue gray

Last summer our fridge went kaput (almost exactly a year ago!) and when it went kaput our laminate floors went with it. So insurance paid for new floors and we kicked in a little extra for real hardwoods throughout our main level:

jacobean stain floors

OH MY GAH, I love them so very much. So. very. much. There’s no way we would have been able to do this without that lovely fridge melting down on us, so now I’m not nearly as upset about it. ;) Living in a mess for two months was not so fun at the time though.

When we moved the TV stuff last summer, I turned a Craigslist dresser into our entertainment center:

dresser as entertainment center

(That rug is showing as bright blue there and I’m not sure why, it’s really more of a charcoal blue color. See pics above.)

The components under the TV work great by the way! I LOVE having them out of the way. I loathe electronics and cords and stuff…I am always trying to figure out ways to hide them if possible.

I do have some plans for this room – new art, new paint and perhaps a new wall treatment? I’ve got the color picked out but I’ve been mulling over the wall treatment for awhile now. It will happen as soon as I want to do all that work. Which could mean about a year. ;)

I love how this space has been transforming over the years but my favorite part is how much more open than it used to be. Moving that TV (it used to be to the left of the fireplace) over across the room has made a HUGE difference.

You can find all of the posts about our family room here!

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  1. I just can't take my eyes off your rug. I love it so much! Thanks for hosting today!

  2. Your living room is SO lovely. I think the corner fireplace is beautiful -- especially with the new molding treatment you did on it.

    Thank you for hosting this great party!

    -Kayla @

  3. The changes in your room are gorgeous. Looks so inviting. Love those new floors. Thanks for hosting. Hugs, Marty

  4. Wow Sarah, I think this is the earliest you've ever posted! Good for you. : ) I just love your family room. It's soo cozy and homey feeling. That's how I like it. I linked up our living room because we don't have both. So I guess you could say it's our family room.

    Thanks soo much for hosting! Enjoy the rest of your day. =)

    ~ Catie

    Oh hey, did you check out Mabel's Labels?

  5. Hi Sarah! I'm still loving your mantle/fireplace makeover! Thanks so much for hosting this link up - I always love seeing different family rooms!

  6. Fun party series! My living room is trimless and has been for the past 5 months. Maybe when you host this thing again next year I can link up. ;)

  7. I love your living room. Thanks so much for hosting this party. It was a good excuse to get everything nice and tidy ;-) Have a great week!

  8. Oops, posted my name on the link instead of a room title. Love your rug, I almost bought the same one recently.

  9. You room looks so comfortable and pretty. I love the craig's list entertainment center. Thanks for hosting.

  10. Our matching rug arrives tomorrow, I'm so darn excited about it! We just sold our old super-shedding dining room rug last night on Craigslist, so now I'm just tapping my toes until tomorrow:)

    Love how you put lamps on either side of your TV, it looks so sophisticated that way:)


  11. Your space is so beautiful, I adore your rug too. Thanks for PPPPPP-PARTY! winks, jen

  12. First of all.. LOVE your space! beautiful beautiful beautiful!!! Second... where oh where did you get the round basket(looking) thing on the wall to the right of your windows in the background.. before your breakfast nook?!? I have been searching high and low for something just like it. Please pretty please tell me where you got it! Thanks ~Bre

  13. I've been eyeballing those same Target pillows - they're soooo pretty!

    Your new floors are gorg - and I LOVE me a good comfy sofa! Thanks for the party - maybe it will give the kick in the tush I need to get busy with our basement! ;)

  14. I love your lived-in living room. That rug really gives it the pop of color the room needs. Adding those pillows from your bedroom was genius. Why not add that same blue in a ribbon trim to the top and bottom of your lamp shades? That would pick up that beautiful blue on the TV side of the room, as well as the floor lamp next to the sofa.

  15. I really admire your space. It has so much personality. I love the rug and accessories-so inviting. I linked mine up even though they are so FAR from done. If I wait for them to be "done" I'll never share them, right!? Thanks for the link opportunity. Have a great day!!

  16. Thanks for hosting Sarah! Your rug is just awesome!

  17. Thanks for hosting! I love your rug so so so much! This was my first time to link up. I loved clicking on everyone else's links, too. Thanks, again!

  18. Your family room had made such an amazing transformation over the last year! I love the hardwood floors, the corner fireplace makeover and the rug. Thanks for all of the inspiration and for such a great link series!

  19. I love your living room space! Even with the corner fireplace : ) We may be looking for a sectional soon, I'm going to check out your post on the search, for sure. Thanks for the party, S! xo

  20. I've had so much fun looking through all the family rooms. There's so much inspiration here! Thanks for hosting such a great party every month.

  21. Your space looks wonderful. I love the large graphic rug and your fireplace styling! This is a fun party full of inspiration. I hope to 'play along' soon.

    Julie at Simply Savvy

  22. Love your family room! I can't wait to look at all the others. Thanks for hosting. :)

  23. Wow, those are some pretty amazing rooms!

  24. Thank you for sharing your ideas and inspirations! Did you do anything special to the Craigslist dresser to make it equipment friendly? It looks so nice!

  25. Our family room is the room I struggle the MOST with in the house. It is also the room we are in the most. Can't wait to browse....

    I've really enjoyed watching yours evolve! It looks fantastic!!! I love how you conquered all of the obstacles and eventually got just the room you wanted.

    I am hoping for that one of these days! Thanks for the link party. :)

  26. I love your living room -- and I have so enjoyed watching it all come together over the past few years of reading your blog! My favorite part is that you used a dresser for your entertainment center -- that is just plain pretty! :-)

  27. love your living room. still trying to get mine done. I am looking for a small table for the otherside of my couch and I dont have alot of room. Did you make the round table next to the chair. Awesome!!!! PLease let me know details.
    thanks, mary
    ladefly@aol dot com


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