Wednesday, August 15, 2012

What I did on summer vacation

Hello!! Well, it’s official – I’m the Mama of a kindergartener. :) It went off without a hitch and I surprisingly haven’t (really) cried yet. Tears have welled up a few times, but I’m holding it together and keeping myself busy.

I always feel like a slug during the summer, and I did especially so this summer. I was just so focused on soaking up the last days with my boy home all day every day, I didn't want it to pass me by. So I know things have been lighter around here lately and that’s why. But I am super excited about the fall and projects and posts, so stay tuned!!

I haven't done a month in review all summer, so I’m catching up all at once today. I have to say, looking back I don’t feel nearly as sloth-like as I felt. ;)

I’m linking to a few of my favorites under the collages – take a look and check them out if you missed any:

From left to right, top to bottom (sorry I had to add “here” for the link on each one – Live Writer hates me today):

1. Simple summer touches (here)
2. How to DIY built ins (here)
3. Trying out Annie Sloan paint (here)
4. DIY ORB light fixture (here)
5. How to stain butcher block (here)
6. Vintage rolling (storage) crate (here)
7. A (round) laundry chute (here)

1. Plan for the red, white and blue powder room (here)
2. New laundry room tile (here)
3. A pretty summer tablescape (here)
4. New paint color! (And it’s not pink, WHOO!) (here)
5. Back to school ideas (here)
6. DIY painted canvas art (here)
7. DIY wall treatment above the fireplace (here)

I almost forgot one of my favorite projects! My DIY sunburst mirrors made for just $10 each.

Oh, and the basement was finally finished (mostly) and we had a bit of drama (water issues) just a week after the carpet was installed. Water issues THREE times. But I’m not bitter or anything. ;) All is well now, (it was due to plumbing we had never used down there and getting it working right) and I can honestly say I’m still thrilled about having carpet down there – carpet can be pulled up and dried out super fast. Now I know. :)

I did some DIY this summer, but I mostly slept as much as possible, enjoyed having my hubby and son home and played, a LOT:

It was probably the best summer yet. They are growing on me. ;)

Now that school is underway I am so excited about this extra time I’ll have to dedicate to blogging and the house! I’ve already been on the computer for three straight hours today – longest stretch practically ever.

I am hoping to post more often now, and will have some recurring themed posts that will pop up here and there. I’ll tell you more about those soon. And the biggest change I think most of you will notice – after four years of publishing my posts late at night, I’m going to try to start getting them done during the day. It’s a BIG change for me but I’m looking forward to it. I want to focus on business stuff during the day and have my evenings free for my son and my husband. First time for that in a loooong time!

So this is my first. I’m hoping to get them written earlier in the morning than this one, but this is new for me, bear with me. :)

And now I can officially say it…BRING ON FALL!!!! Whooooooooooo! (First football game this weekend!!)


  1. Congrats on sending your son off to kindergarten and I adore your DIY sunburst mirror. It came out great!

  2. I think you were pretty busy in summer :) Your DIY canvas really inspired mine-

  3. I wish I got that much accomplished during my sluggish days! haha!! I always love everything you decorate/DIY!

    You made it through the first day of school! :) YAY!!

  4. The storage crate has to be my favorite!!

  5. AAwww!!! You made it!
    I remember my 1st kindergartener... The Mr. took the day off and we took him in. He was ready for it, we were not. He shooed us off, and we barely made it home before we were in tears and sick to our stomachs. Barely made it to the end when we got to pick up our sweet boy..
    Luv your collage of projects!
    Cheers, Gee

  6. Good for you mama! my 6y year old started 1st grade and it was'nt nearly as difficult as K. As much free time as I have now, sure do miss them during the day- well the noises anyways!

  7. Hey there! I blinked twice when I saw your post pop up--love the daytime post. :) My oldest starts 1st grade on Tuesday, and I'm not sure what the little one and I will do while she's gone all day!! Hope kindergarten is a blast. :)

  8. Hello! Awww, I remember my first one going to K, and how she looked walking down the sidewalk with her backpack on her back (bigger than her!).... So sweet! Congrats!

  9. I love your blog and your DIY ideas I entered for a Michaels giftcard at
    and if I win will definately incorporate your ideas here

  10. interesting. I enjoy reading your articles..check out this site as well just recently bought from them and i really love it:

  11. Congratulations on making it through the first day of seeing your little man off to school! It's just not easy!

    If you were slow through the summer, I hate to think what that made me!! You accomplished much!

  12. I'm also working hard on trying to post during the DAY and not being up on the computer at night (totally failed tonight...) Tomorrow's another day :)

  13. awww, love your summer pictures! We take the train from Fishers to the fair every year too! My boy started first grade, and let me just tell you, it wasn't any easier (on mama) than it was when he went to kindergarten!

  14. OH my goodness I think you accomplished tons this summer! I think we are all harder on ourselves though. My son starts full day kindergarten in 2 weeks and I feel the same way! He is my only child so It's going to be such an adjustment but a positive and healthy one I think as well. I to am looking forward to fall and having a little bit of time to google all the "stuff" that makes my brain spin from HAVEN! ha :) I just posted last week about my kindergarten blues so I'm glad I'm not the only one feeling uneasy :) Thanks for sharing. Jessica @fourgenerationsoneroof.

  15. You got TONS of stuff done! I'm right there with ya - bring on fall baby - I'm already drinking pumpkin coffee - to be honest I could drink it year round though ;)

    Way to hold back the tears - so much better to cry in the car than when you're dropping them off!

  16. I'm soooo glad you made it through your day without tears! You're giving me hope for my daughter's big day on Monday.

    Oh, and quit yer whinin', woman! You've been crazy productive this summer! Sloth, my foot. ;) In all seriousness, though, I really am impressed by how much you've gotten accomplished! I think I said it before, but I'm totally in love with your dining room redo, in particular.

  17. Thank you for sharing your thoughts of sending your son off to kindergarden. My son will be 4 soon but I get him for two more years. I had ovarian cancer in High School, so I am so thankful for him, thinking that I may never have children. Hoping for one more but again, so thankful. I am trying to 'soak' up each day with him at this age, so very special. I cry now just thinking about him going off to school, but then giddy with some of the freedom it brings. You have really been inspiring and have made me look at my home and decorating in a different light. Only accomplished one thing, found patio chairs and spray painted them (6 bucks each, yessss!) and made a pretty front entry to my home. Not sure how to show you, Used pictures of it on my website
    Looking forward to fall, especailly some cooler weather!

  18. A huge congrats to you and your family, what a big milestone you have reached! I remember when my eldest started kinder, we just recently saw a video of him with his backpack on, and his sister following him around the house :(. Now, he is getting ready to start middle school, needless to say, I have been tearing up a lot at how fast time is flying by, so enjoy your little one, kindergarten sure will be a super fun year.

  19. Looks like you haven't been sloth-like at all! And if you have I must have been dead all summer!

    Love the built-ins!

  20. Good for you! Sounds like you've got some new mojo going on over at the TDC house : ) Can't wait to see what that brings for all of us inspired blog readers! xo

  21. Time for another baby. ;0).
    Just kidding.

  22. Look at you! You got a ton of things done over the Summer -- you don't give yourself enough credit. :-) I'm glad you took it a bit lighter to spend more time with your little one -- he'll always look back and remember times with momma. :-) I can't wait to see what you have in store for us in the coming months! You rock!

  23. Wow you got a lot done this Summer. I agree your son will look back and treasure the special times he has with you!

  24. You did ALL that this summer????? I would be darn proud if I accomplished all that in one year. I love them all but especially the built ins...gorgeous!

  25. Glad you survived the first week of school :) Love the Pebble Beach color. You may have just saved me from a lot of $ in paint samples for the kids' bathroom.


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