How to decorate with mini pumpkins

September 27, 2012

I’ve already shared a few of my simple fall decorating projects this year – the pumpkin wreath took less than 30 minutes because I just stuck everything in and called it done:

pumpkin wreath

And even making the new wood trough for fall goodies in the family room was quick:

fall decorating ideas

This time we’re going SUPER easy. And we’re using little bitty pumpkins.

Simple? Check.

Quick? Check.

Cauuute? Check. :)

These ideas are not earth-shattering, but they are not hard to incorporate into your own home. That’s the goal here. :)

I already kind of showed you this idea on the patio last week, but it’s worth showing again. Take any kind of vessel – a bowl, a basket…a pedestal even. And pile in some pumpkins (OK, gourds too):

decorating with pumpkins

You can add some extras like leaves or beady things too, but I’m drawn to the simple look of these as they are. And I LOVE the combo of the wood next to the pumpkins!

Simple idea No. 2 – I took a glass container and a big candle and filled in the sides with the itty bitty pumpkins:

easy fall decor

Of course light the candle at your own discretion. I would not, just because it would stress me out a bit. ;) But it took about two minutes to throw together.

Recently I saw an idea in a magazine where they filled the vessel with water and added flowers to the top, instead of the candle inside. LOVE that idea too.

Speaking of magazines – the inspiration for this one was taken right off the cover of the latest BHG mag:

decorating with pumpkins

I used a former brass clock (Goodwill find) and turned it into a cloche. (I showed you how here.) I just laid some fluffy moss inside and piled a couple pumpkins on top. I love the contrast of the deep green and the orange of the pumpkins!

I loved the simple version, but had to go just a big bigger – my cheese plate dome-turned-cloche was big enough to hold even more of the cutie pumpkins:

decorating with pumpkins

I added some more of the moss around the edge of the cloche and l LOVE this one even more! Too cute!

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  1. Love your pumpkins! I need a cloche, I feel like I'm the only one in bloggie land without one! Thank you for hosting the party, have a great Thursday!

  2. Great, easy ideas Sarah! Thanks for hosting!

  3. Thanks for the great party! I can't wait to see all the fun Fall projects!

  4. I love your pumpkins! What great ideas! Your cloche looks wonderful with the moss! Love the trough too! Thanks for hosting! It's always full of inspiring links!

  5. Thanks for hosting. I love your pumpkins under the cloche. Hope you have a great week!

  6. Thanks for hosting Sarah! Just linked up some of my easy Fall projects. xo Jenna

  7. So so SO glad it's finally time for fall decor! I'm about to go on a mass clicking spree over here! Love it! Thanks for hosting Sarah!!! <3

  8. Thanks for hosting! I love seeing different ways to decorate with pumpkins. Grabbing your button for my sidebar!

  9. Thanks for hosting! Mini pumpkins are my fav!!

  10. oh my goodness - sooo many fall crafts to explore in this linky!! thanks so much for hosting such an awesome party :)

  11. So much to explore here! Thanks for hosting, I'm exciting to look through all these fun fall ideas!

  12. I LOVE the clock-turned-cloche idea! And it is so cute with the moss and pumpkins... I know what I'll be looking for the next time I drive by Goodwill. Thanks for hosting!

  13. Such darling and festive fall inspiration! Thank you so much for hosting!

  14. Always look forward to your fabulous seasonal parties! Love all of the different uses for the mini pumpkins you shared, thanks for hosting Sarah!


  15. Thank you very much for hosting! So fun to share and get to see everyone's fun Fall ideas.

    Loved your last shot of the wee punkins under the cloche. Super cute!
    Happy Fall Sarah.

  16. I love your Fall decor and have been looking forward to this party! Thanks a bunch for putting it together!

  17. So many fabulous projects here ... starting with your fantastic pumpkin ideas!

    I'm having Halloween overload .... but in a good way!



  18. Thanks for hosting, Sarah! Lots of fun ideas being shared. :)

  19. I love, love fall. But since it is still 90 degrees here I just can't bring myself to decorate. So I will totally enjoy yours and everyone else's ideas.
    Thanks for hosting.



  20. I too love the cloches with pumpkins and had one all filled with real pumpkins last week. I had to take them out and replace them with artificial ones though, because they got moldy within a couple days. So just watch out for that. ;)

  21. I have a huge wooden salad bowl that I thrifted that wasn't taken care of properly so I can't use it for salad. I've held on to it because I liked it so much and knew I would eventually find a use for it. I think pumpkins and goards will look great in that bowl; thanks for the inspiration!

  22. Glad I don't live in Indy, bc clearly there's not a mini pumpkin left in town!! ;) Love all these fun ideas!

  23. Thank you for hosting this fun fall party! Christie Three Pixie Lane

  24. I am loving all of this fall goodness! Thanks for hosting! Life to the full, Melissa

  25. Thanks so much for the fabulous party! I am a little late joining in but at least I get to look at all of the wonderful ideas! Happy Fall!
    Jenn :)

  26. I love what you did with the clock dome. Genius! Now, that's a great way to trap some pumpkins... Next time I see one I will snatch it up. Would be great for seashells and other stuff too.
    Thanks for the party and the inspiration!

  27. Thank you so much for hosting! I always look forward to this party :)

  28. Great party, Sarah, thanks for hosting! So many ideas and so little time! Love the mini-pumpkins with that pretty green moss. I don't have a cloche, but I'm thinking that I can fashion one using my clear pedestal cake plate and a clear mixing bowl turned upside down... We'll have to see how that turns out. :)

  29. LOVE all your ideas Sarah and I'm seeing some seriously awesome other ones at this fantastic party! Thanks for hosting us and hope you don't mind that both sisters At the Picket Fence are linking up! ;-)

  30. Love mini pumpkins too, Indiana friend!! HUGS!!

  31. Hi Sarah,

    What magnificent miniature pumpkins! It's my first time visiting and I'm your newest follower. Thanks for hosting. Can't wait to check out some of the fall projects!

    Have a great weekend.


  32. Thank you for hosting Sarah! This is my first time at one of your parties (although I'm a follower). I wanted to let you know that I have yet to figure out how to add an active link with my iPad. I don't know if it is something I'm not doing right or if it is just a characteristic of iPads. I am away and that is all I have. When I get back to my trusty desktop Sinday night I will add your link.

  33. Great ideas! Lovely.

    Oh! so sad I'm too late for the link party! Check my vignette here :


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