Friday, October 12, 2012

Birthday quiz revealed (& a winner!)

Thrifty or Justa

Dude(ttes)…that was fun!! Chris and I loved reading your responses to our birthday quiz, thanks for taking a few minutes to join in our birthday fun!!

First up, the answers!! Here you go:

Q. Which one of us has read Romeo and Juliet 72 times?

A: Chris. English teacher. There you go.

33 percent said me, 67 percent Chris

Q. Who loves ranch dressing on everything?

A. That would be me! I could drink it. OK, that’s nasty. I wouldn’t drink it. But almost.

72 percent me, 28 percent Chris

Q. Who loved high school more than college?

A. Me! High school was my JAM. :) I did love college too, but I worked so. dang. hard. in college.

51 percent me, 49 percent Justa. This one was neck and neck!

Q. This birthday girl had a man as her “maid of honor” at her wedding.

A. Chris! I love it!

32 percent guessed me, 68 percent Chris

Q. Which one of us has six siblings?

A. ME! Dang, I got you guys on that one and I’ve even talked about it on my blog! ;) I am the oldest (by far) of seven – one full sis (the one I talk about all the time – we grew up together), three half siblings and two step! I love it!

40 percent me, 60 percent Chris

Q. Which one of us removes the bun from her burger before eating it?

A. That would be me. It started years ago when we were following the Sugar Busters way of eating, and it stuck. I don’t eat my bun, hardly ever. :) And I usually just hold it and peel away the bun as I eat. It’s really classy. ;) It’s all really a bit ridiculous, because I LOVE bread and will eat other breads – rolls, breadsticks, banana bread (in moderation). So the whole bun thing does me no good, really.

45 percent me, 55 percent Justa

Q. Which one of us didn’t tell anyone about her blog for four years?

A. Chris! Why, I don’t know. Well, I kinda get it. It’s easier to tell strangers about your blog than people you know. For me anyway. Don’t know why.

57 percent Chris, 43 percent me

Q. This birthday girl is disgusted by noodles and gum and won’t eat either.

A. Chris – told you she’s weird!! A good buttery noodle is God’s gift!

49 percent Justa, 51 percent me

Q. This birthday girl did not have a traditional wedding.

A. Me! We flew off to NYC to get married. Guess what? I didn’t even wear a wedding dress. :) I’m just not a wedding kind of girl, never have been. We wouldn’t change how we did it for anything -- it was perfect for US. :)

52 percent me, 48 percent Justa

Q. Which one of us had to go to the hospital after painting her bathroom?

A. Chris, and even I don’t know that story! ;)

55 percent Chris, 45 percent me

See? How fun was that? Maybe we’ll do it every year. :) You can go over to Justa’s site to see more about her answers. (I still think she’s weirder than me.)

And now what you’re all waiting for…the it’s-our-birthday-and-we’re-awesome–so-we’re-giving-you-something-giveaway winner is…

Meg at Hosanna Made!

Congrats Meg!! Email either Chris or I to get your gift card mailed!

Speaking of weddings…and siblings, I’m off to watch my little sis get married this weekend!! OH MY…I can’t even talk about it right now. Sniff. It’s going to be a lovely fall wedding and I’m so thrilled for her!! Chat with you next week! :)


  1. This was sooooo much fun! I love knowing these little details about each of you. It makes you both so much more personal - just like friends! My hubby and I did not have a traditional wedding either - we just decided to head over to the JPs office one morning and do it. When our friends found out, they called each other and all showed up at our apt. for an impromtu party that evening. It was so much fun. Now we've been married 34 yrs and counting...

  2. Love it! Congrats to Meg, darn it! :D I never cared about having a traditional wedding, but hubby's parents had a fit, and I gave in. It was stressful and not much fun. Would have been just fine going to the jp.

  3. Just had to share some fun Ranch stories...

    In college we called the 800 Ranch number and said, "Ranch, we love it!". Don't remember if that was sober or not. guessing not.

    And when my daughter was about 2 or 3, she drank it right out of the little cup they put it in at restaurants. Now that's Ranch love.;)

    Have fun at the wedding!

  4. What fun reading! You and Chris are both beautiful women.

    Okay, now I'll prove that I've loved both your blogs for a long time: I remember when Chris had to go to the hospital. She hurt her back when she was working on her powder room, if I remember correctly.

    What I didn't remember was that you have such a big family! I knew about your sister, but not about all the others. What a blessing! (By the way, has stink-eye (I always think of her as stink-eye sister!) already gotten married? Did I miss that news?

    Have a wonderful weekend, Sarah!

  5. I love Q&A type posts. It's always cool to learn little tidbits about the bloggers you follow. I LOVE ranch too! Is there anything it isn't good on? Well, I'm sure I could think of a ton of things, but it is soo good!

    Happy a great time at your lil sis's wedding. I always cry at weddings. Even fake ones on tv. hahaha

    ~ Catie

  6. Great Fun! I have known someone for years and I still learn new things about her all the time. It would be fun to have details on the fall Wedding. Hopefully my nephew is having one next fall...

    Ideas, ideas...yeah!

  7. Whoo-who!! Stink-eye Sis is getting married! Always loved the posts involving the two of you :)
    Enjoy a wonderful wedding weekend!

  8. Aw, happy late birthday you two! Y'all are the best... even if you are weird because you don't eat noodles or hamburger buns ; )


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