Friday, October 5, 2012

September in review!

Hey there! How are ya? I’m so glad it’s Friday! Now that the Bub is in school the weekends have a whole new meaning for me again. :) Can’t wait to see Hotel Transylvania – have you seen it?

I’m back with another month in review for September, and this one includes a bit of August since I only reviewed some of it in my summer recap here. I gotta say, I love recapping what I’ve done in a month – it makes those days when I feel like I didn’t get a thing done much better. :)

First up I shared some of my painting tips and the progress on the laundry room:

light gray laundry room

I need to share some more updates – it’s come a long way already! After having the washer and dryer down here for about two months now, I can safely say I LOVE having them in the basement. Yeah, I said it. :) I really do!

You all shared 140 beeeautiful family room spaces at the August Show Us Your House party. Check them all out here.

Next up was a Pinterest-inspired project – a DIY jewelry cleaner:

DIY jewelry cleaner

Love this stuff! It is so easy and works GREAT!

I replanted our window boxes in late summer and they absolutely took off!:

asparagus fern coleus window boxes

They are STILL gorgeous now, even bigger! The geraniums are dying off a bit, but you didn’t really see them much behind all that anyway. ;) I’m going to keep these in there as long as I can.

I finally completed an idea for the basement stairs that I had been dreaming up for awhile:

DIY wood planked wall dark stain

We get compliments on this wood wall from so many visitors – and I touch it every time I go down the stairs. ;)

I made a quick update to one of my favorite chairs with some upholstery tacks:

nailhead trim to dress up chair

It only took a few bucks and makes a big difference!

The September Before and After Party was rockin’ with nearly 400 awesome projects you can see here!

I shared the progress on the dining room turned library built ins in this post:

DIY built ins with bases

Remember that one time, when I said I was determined to get those done by the end of September? Yeahhhh…no. Hasn’t happened yet. Next week! For sure! (Don’t shake your head at me!)

I gave a Goodwill find a little makeover with some spray paint and Rub n’ Buff:

faux metal terrarium

That plant loves his little home – it’s grown a TON since this post.

I’ve been using plants in our home a lot more over the past six months or so and I love them! I showed you how I fill awkward spaces with them here:

decorating with plants

This one was in bad shape but it’s coming along nicely now. Lots of new sprouts!

With winter coming I decided it was time to (finally) clean out the coat closet:coat closet organization

I use drapery tie backs to organize a ton of stuff, and I showed you how I did the same in this closet.

I made some super cute tissue poofs for my sister’s wedding shower and shared the how-to here:

DIY tissue poofs

Turns out I wasn’t the last person on earth to make them! ;)

I wanted a new piece of art for the family room and found my inspiration in a Pottery Barn catalog (of course!). My version was a fraction of the cost and I love it so very much:

DIY pottery barn wood art

Just this week one of my readers shared a beautiful version she made on my Facebook page. I love it!!

Fall is here!!! And some bloggy friends and I kicked it off with a series of fall linky parties. At the first one I shared my DIY trough under the TV:

wooden box fall decor

Then I made a super quick pumpkin wreath for the patio:

pumpkin wreath firplace

And then I loved that wreath so much, I brought it inside for the fall mantel:

fall mantel decorating

We finished up the fall series at my place with easy fall decorating ideas. I shared my mini pumpkins three ways:

decorating with pumpkins

And you all linked up nearly 450 awesome projects as well! WHOO! A great party for sure! :)

Hope you have a lovely weekend! I’m hoping to pull some Halloween out, including the big blow up pumpkin for the front yard. Yeah. We’re one of those. Have you started decorating for Halloween?


  1. Sarah, you have inspired me more than once with all your parties, posts and ideas since I've joined your blog. Thanks for everything! My home looks so much better and my hubby has even complimented me on it more than once lately. That's really saying something! So glad I stumbled upon TDC - you've got a friend for life!

  2. i am glad it is Friday 2. i am addicted to your blog !!!!!!!!

  3. Valenz, thank you so much! That fills my heart, I love hearing that! And thank you Julia! :)

  4. Thank you for sharing such wonderful ideas on making improvements on the cheap. You are thrifty fab!

    xoxo, Tanya

  5. What a HUGE compliment for you to link to my PB knockoff post on your Facebook page! Thank you! And thanks for the idea to begin with. I had been racking my brain trying to figure out what in the world I was going to do for artwork in my baby's nursery and you shared your version at the perfect time. Really, I think the light bulb floating above my head lit up the moment I saw your version. :)

  6. Everything looks amazing and you have accomplished sooooooooo much. What an inspiration to get my in gear. Love it. Hugs, Marty

  7. All that in one month, I need to train my wife better. Brilliant stuff by the way.

  8. I can't believe you got so much accomplished in one month! Good for you! I need to get myself in gear. We need new Halloween decorations so I will be looking at pinterest this weekend and hitting up Michael's soon.

  9. It looks great! I have zero Halloween decorations, so it's going to be a bare October. My grandpa and mom are coming for Thanksgiving with a truckload of holiday decorations from my grandma. Next year will be my year!

    And how do you keep people from slashing your blow up pumpkin? It's quite a problem here.

  10. You've done so many beautiful projects this month and I've loved every one of them! I love reading your blog - it's full of inspiration! Thanks for sharing!! Maybe one day I'll have a fun project to add to your link parties :)

  11. ....aaaaand now I feel lazy after reading all you have accomplished :)
    Love the wood wall especially!

  12. Rock on! You have an amazing blog and very cool projects that you have accomplished! I have a basement laundry and yours has inspired me!!! Bravo!

  13. Hi Sarah, Wow, you've gotten a lot done! I especially love that wall of yours. Your fall decorating is great too!

  14. Love how the wreath was outside, and made it's way inside! I do that, like something and drag it all around the house :) Like, I need three of the same thing.

  15. I loved the posts about the plants you use in your home! They look so well done! I also love the chair you updated, that turned out really nice! It was a great idea, something that anyone could do to add their personality to a favorite piece. Thanks for sharing!

  16. I love your plants too! For years, I didn't have any. I think that it had something to do with being a child in the seventies and eighties and terrariums! Ha! Now, I love taking care of my little plants and the coziness that they bring to our home. Also, they seem to be all the rage once again. What do ya know? My mom has known best...all along. ;)

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  18. Hi, I absolutely love your site and your new hardwood floors. Could you tell me the type of wood i.e. red or white oak?


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