Magnetic chalkboard art wall

December 31, 2012

Today I wanted to show you how I turned the new chalkboard wall in the kitchen into a magnetic gallery wall to hold the Bub’s artwork.

 I showed you the Christmas version of the wall a couple weeks ago:
DIY chalkboard gallery wall

The art on there started out like this:
DIY Christmas art
The small magnolia wreath didn’t make it up there, didn’t look right (I just hot glued the leaves onto a paper plate with the center cut out). The deer head was from Michael’s and I just glue the paper on like I showed you here

The big “S” was from Michael’s too if I remember right. It stands for Sarah. I kid. It’s for our last name. ;)
I just gave it a quick stain with my dark walnut and called that done. The three felt snowflake ornaments were from Target for a buck each and I just stacked them on top of each other with a little hot glue. 

The little paper poinsettia flowers were just hot glued together after I free handed the leaves and cut them out:
paper poinsettie flowers
I just did one leaf and then traced it seven more times to get enough for a flower. 

So I had a plan to make this wall more function for art throughout the year too – I wanted to make it so I could use magnets on the whole wall, but did NOT want to mess with magnetic paint again. I tried that before and even with one meeeellion coats, it doesn’t magnetize well. 

So I came up with an idea, courtesy of the roofing area at True Value – I grabbed a few of these small metal sheets:
magnetic metal sheeting
I have NO clue what they are for – I just know they were cheap (about a dollar each) and they were magnetic. 

I learned years ago you need to find the right metal for these types of projects – magnets will not stick to so much of the metal sheeting you find at the hardware store. You need to look for galvanized metal – when in doubt, take a magnet with you (that’s what I do!). 

I just put them up with tiny nails:
magnetic metal sheeting
The holes are perfect! 

I centered them in each frame:
DIY magnetic art wall
They aren’t big, maybe 2 1/2 inches by four? So either direction worked. 

It took just a few seconds and I was able to use my magnets to get some art up:
DIY magnetic art wall
I can use my cute DIY magnets I made a couple years ago – they’re just scrapbooking brads with the prongs pulled off, then magnets glued on (I used Liquid Nails):
DIY magnets
I kept the S for Sarah up ;) just because I think it looks cool, but I’ll probably replace it to put bigger art in there:
DIY magnetic art wall
It’s a great spot for school papers, art work, cards – I hung two cards up:
DIY magnetic art wall
The Bub is obsessed with writing us notes lately, and the other day he pulled out a few of my random greeting cards and wrote us sweet messages in them. It was too darn adorable for me to be upset about the losing the cards. ;)

So there you go, a chalkboard art wall – with magnets! The whole project only cost about $5 because I had the chalkboard paint, the frames and the magnets. I LOVE this new wall! And we still have plenty of room to write our lists and notes and the kiddo can still draw all over it too. 

A little fun, a little art, a little organization – that’s what I’m talkin’ about!
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  1. I am thinking of painting the side of our frig cabinet with chalkboard paint and adding something that I can use magnets with. We are getting a new frig tomorrow and it is stainless (no magnets), and I need a place to keep track of calendars, notes and such. We too tried that magnetic paint in our daughter's room. Idea was for her to have a magnetic/chalkboard wall. Chalkboard works great, magnetic...not at all! Rustoleum did refund our money for the paint used. I was not about to spend the amount necessary to put 20+ coats on!! I love that you incorporated the frames!

  2. I was fooled by that darn magnetic paint. Many coats and it never worked. A waste of money. Plus, in my dumbness, I wiped some up with my hand quickly and went to wash it off. I had a slight panic attack when I realized it was not water-soluble and it was stuck on me. Husband had to come to the rescue with some solvent and he told me to just use a cheap piece of sheet metal. That worked perfectly, cost only a few bucks, didn't stink or try my patience, and didn't threaten to turn my hand permanently black. Simple solution to the rescue!

  3. I showed my DIL your chalkboard wall and she fell in love! She's now thinking about where she can do the same in her house. I like your idea of using the little metal sheets to magetize objects to it, too. They can always be removed anytime you want to just use the chalkboard area inside the frame instead. This is one of my favorite parts of your home!

  4. Keep up the good work! Happy New Year!

  5. That wall is insanely cool! I so like how you have a gallery that you can use to rotate art! Need one! Happy New Year!

  6. This wall is amazing! I love having a place to be able to display the little's artwork. Thank you for sharing Happy New Year!!

    xoxo, Tanya

  7. I love this chalk board wall. Just so creative and functional !!!! Looks beautiful with all your special touches as well... Love it !!!!!! HOpe that your 2013 will be blessed......... HUGs ...............Sherry


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