Thrifting heaven

January 28, 2013

This event was a thrifty decorating bloggers DREAM. It’s called the Indie Arts Vintage Marketplace (in Indy):

Holy cats. It was so much dang fun. It was at a local conference hall and we were there for hours…I think we finally drove away almost four hours later.

We were both in heaven, it was a blast. We were GIDDY. I took some photos along the way so you can see what we were so excited about. Bear with me, they were all cell phone pics and it was crowded, so I couldn’t get great shots.

The sale had a fantastic mix of shabby, industrial, traditional and antique finds – we LOVED this booth with the industrial lighted signs:

industrial metal light up signs

I’ve been planning on making one of these on my own (using a tutorial like Lindsay’s) but I couldn’t resist these metal versions – I picked up a star with yellow lights I’ll show you soon. :)

I thought this was a brilliant idea – this vendor takes old dresser drawers and turns them into rolling foot stools:

 drawer footstool drawer footstool

Isn’t that fun??

There was a lot of furniture – I loved that little school house bench:

school house bench

I negotiated the prices down on almost everything I got, but I was surprised to see great prices on so much. (A couple booths were ridiculous, but not many.)

This sofa was HUGE and beautiful and was marked at $399 (and that was early in the day):

shabby vintage sofa

There were a TON of painted pieces too:

This black and aqua dresser had leopard print pulls – SO fun:

I loved this yard stick table too:

yard stick table

It reminded me of my friend awesome Traci’s bookcase table. ;)

If my house was twice the size I would have left with a LOT more. (So it’s a good thing I don’t.) I loved this ottoman – for some reason I was oddly drawn to it:

leather ottoman

I loved that it was worn and soft – but it was a little too worn (there was a hole in the top).

There were a TON of vintage letters:

vintage lettersvintage letters

My girlfriend and I were totally bumming that our names didn’t start with “M” – that one rocked. :)

I thought this EAT sign was adorable with the way they made the “A”:

vintage letters EAT

I thought the idea of building shelves into a big frame was genius:

shelves in frame

There was a whole booth with just air plants – I have been looking for these forever! I was so stinkin’ excited:

air plants

I picked up a couple of them. Once I figure out where they are going I’ll share more about them. So cool!

This booth had a ton of art they made with vinyl – I thought the big fork, knife and spoon were adorable and would look so cool on a big wall in a kitchen:

cutlery art

That laundry sign was pretty cute too. ;)

I think my favorite booths were the ones with an industrial vibe. I was obsessed with this big metal basket and the leather medicine balls:

vintage medicine ballsThey were SO heavy!

At first I thought this big chunky chain was fabric, but it was actually made of bottle caps:

bottle cap chain

There were a TON of awesome industrial lights and accessories:

industrial lighting

This big piece (part of a propeller? A vent?) was HUGE and would look so incredible on a big wall:


Or with a big round piece of glass on it, and make it into a coffee table? Ack!!

So what did we get?? Way too much. ;) My friend found a $30 wooden chandelier that we were both drooling over:

wooden chandelier

It may need to be rewired but that shouldn’t cost too much. It was gorgeous!!

She wanted a vintage sled to put by her front door and found one:

vintage sled

She found a few things to decorate the kid’s rooms, including this old Valvoline can and an adorable night stand:

green and blue nightstand

I was so thrilled with each one of my purchases. My goal is always to fill our home with accessories that represent something about us  – and this fold up basket was just that:

fold up wire basket fold up wire basket

It looks like a drum to me when it’s opened up, so it’s perfect in the basement! (Hubby is a band director, musician and composer, so music plays a BIG part in our life.)

And yes, that’s another placemat pillow.  :)

I have never seen a rosemary topiary – have you? I loved the pretty clay pot too:

rosemary topiary

I use rosemary to cook and the smell is amazing, so I couldn’t pass this up!

I think one of my very favorite finds of the day was my first purchase –- a gorgeous brass bowl for $10:

blue red brass bowl blue red brass bowl

I’m a little obsessed with it. I just love the colors and the design. Stunning.

I got a few more things I’ll share with you soon, as soon as I figure out what I’m doing with them!

So I had no idea this Indie Arts event happens throughout the summer too – I guess nearly every month here in Indy? They have one more indoor date planned for March too! I was thinking it might be fun to get a few of local bloggers/readers together to go to that one! Anyone in? I may try to plan something, stay tuned!

Thing is, now we’re in trouble because we know about this awesome mart and it happens more than once a year. Next time I will have to exercise more restraint!

I love shopping places like this – you truly find one of a kind pieces that no one else will have. Do you have any local places you check out frequently? Any great finds? I’m still thinking about some of the items I passed up…

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  1. Wow this place looks awesome! Wish I lived closer, lol. Can't wait to see where you put everything. :)

  2. Oh goodness. I live near this and will have to take a look! It's nice to meet another Indy blogger!

  3. Love this! So happy I read the but wish I didn't! Now I'll have to plan another vaca here!!!

  4. That is my kind of shopping! It looks like you had a great time. That brass bowl is beautiful.

  5. OMG! I so wished I lived in Indiana today :) Dang it, why don't I own a private jet?

    In thrifty heaven today from your post, thank you!!!!

    Mandy @ The Hankful House

  6. Hi,

    Been reading your blog for about 2 months. Both my daughters are into music: one a band director the other a first-year general music is HARD to find nice "musical" themed items for the the basket
    Pamela V.

  7. Holy heck, what great treasures! There's a flea market in our town I'd love to go check out one of these days, but I have a feeling the prices will be ridiculously high here.

  8. Wow, thanks for sharing your day with us, I'd love to visit this market on my next trip to Indy. Cheers!
    Lori in Atlanta

  9. Eek! I live in Lafayette and will definitly have to check the next one out!

  10. This looks like a treasure trove spot! LOVE it!

  11. So fun! This place looks right up my alley. Wish I could have gone with ya, sister!

  12. I'm soooo jealous. We have NOTHING like that in my area. Nothing!
    Of course it probably is best we don't. My hubby already tells me we have so much stuff our house has sunk a few inches. ha!
    So glad you did post the pic of the frames with the shelves put in them. I have some old frames just languishing in the garage waiting to be made use of. I LOVE that idea, thanks for sharing all the beautiful things!

  13. This looks awesome! I am seeing a road trip in my future :)

  14. I wish I lived in Indy - I'd be ere in a hot second. So many cute things and I'm in love with that bowl the patter is awesome! Great finds!

  15. Oh,I love that brass bowl! It reminds me of a brass hand-painted urn I just picked up at a flea market. Is is made in India? Looks it! Great find! xo Kristin

  16. Were you hiding from Val and me, because we were there too?! And, I can't believe you got the topiary. I was hemming and hawing about it (also the moss stuff she had in the rocks). Didn't end up with it, and went to Lowe's today to try to recreate and couldn't find any of the right stuff. ARGH... would I just buy it when I see it already?

    We'll be there in March, too! So count us in if we're going together. Maybe you can force me to buy a topiary :)

  17. Great finds! I wish I lived closer...I'd love to check it out!

  18. Man the yard stick table is super cool! I really like that idea.

  19. Great stuff!! Thanks for sharing. :) I'd love to have fresh herbs next to my kitchen sink - next time, no windowless kitchens...

  20. You scored some great items. I try to go every month when they have it (love when it is outside at Glendale Mall - - not so cramped and you can really see the items for sale better, IMO). I had to skip this past Saturday though since we were having new furniture delivered. Hopefully they will announce a Feb/March date soon!

  21. I have rosemary topiaries flanking my kitchen them!


  22. WOW! I want to go! I'll have to track down the schedule before I plan my next visit to Indy to see my family.Thanks for sharing! I wonder how I would get all the fun things I want back to Washington State without spending a fortune in shipping... Oh, and how does this fit into my new goal to become a "minimalist"?-ha!

  23. You're right, Sarah -- HEAVEN! How fun and inspiring! Great finds, too ~ xo Heidi

  24. Oh my goodness...AWESOME!! I'm totally going to the next one! I live in Fort Wayne and my sister lives in Carmel...on Carmel Drive in fact!! Would be such a fun sister thing to do together. I'll have to keep an eye out for the next event. Love what you bought!! Can't wait to see the rest. Thanks so much for sharing!!!

  25. I wish I lived closer to that store!! I love the fold up basket you purchased! Blessings, Tammy

  26. Oh, I love the EAT sign! I would have had a hard time passing that up. I love thrifting - thank you for sharing your adventures and finds with us!

  27. I live in Dayton - about 2 hours away. I would love to go sometime! Keep us posted! Your finds are wonderful and I love the brass bowl!

  28. OMGOSH where do I start.. LOVE LOVE LOVE Those lights.. Need a phone no or a card from them.. Do you have a name of the sellers.. and THE FRAME .. I looked over at this big one that I have after I looked at that and THOUGHT >> going to do that ..and I loved that little stool with the french script on it... I wish i would of been there with you guys ..Can we say AWESOMEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  29. Thanks for posting about this! I live at Eagle Creek and this is only 20 minutes away from me! I have been following your blog for a couple of years now and never realized you were in Indy. What's your favorite Goodwills to hit? I find the ones near my MIL in Fishers are where I am the luckiest.
    Oh and have you been to the Atlanta Festival? I see some pretty cute and thrifty stuff. I told my husband I will never make him go to the State Fair, if I can go to the Atlanta Festival every year. Same food without the heat, and the joy of thrifting!

  30. I'd totally be in...I'm in Fort Wayne and would make the trek in a New York Minute. Do plan something....There's a cool shops up this way.

  31. Just this past week, my husband and I found out that our local fairgrounds holds a huge flea market each weekend. We went and had a similar experience to you. It was AMAZING! Lots of unique things to decorate the home. I kept going back to the stands with the painted furniture. So fun!

  32. I love! that sofa. Its way too big but looks so comfy and i adore the lines of it. Too bad I live over 1000 miles away. And that green table in the pic below it is gorgeous.

    Your fold up basket is the find! It is so cool. I envy the fun of it all.

  33. It's almost freaky how every time I check your blog, I get a great idea. I always keep my throw pillows on the couch and the blanket draped over the recliner, but the kids are always tossing them onto the floor. A basket next to the couch would be so much better! I don't expect I'll find a basket as cool as that fold up drum one, but I'm gonna try to find one that is sorta see-through like that so you can still see the fun colors/patterns of the blankets/pillows. I love it!

  34. Oh wow! Every picture/booth is better than the next. I'm up in MI so not too far away - I may have to make the trek :)

  35. Very neat blog! :)

    -Jayma @

  36. Oooh this looks right up my street!! If only it was ;) Love your finds xx

  37. The shelf and chandelier were from my booth! We will be back again in March. IAVM is one of our favorite markets!

  38. I'm only a couple of hours away in Columbus so please post schedule for upcoming markets. I am SO there!

  39. I am soooo jealous! I'm in Michigan, but Upper Michigan so Indy's not too close. Might have to take a girl's trip one of these days. I have been looking for air plants too...will have to continue my search. Love the fold up "drum" basket and can't wait to see your light up star. Thanks for sharing

  40. I need to grace that thrift store! How amazing are those finds?!


  41. I just realized this is in Indianapolis! I am only two hours from there.. okay definitely going!! Thank you SO much for the info!


  42. I live in Westfield and would be interested in going with a group -- I am not a blogger but a reader who loves DIY

  43. Wow! Love that booth too, good thing your were able to resist those balls, I know I wouldn't! Love your finds especially the basket!

  44. About once a month, I go to our local Habitat Restore. I recently bought a vintage metal medical cabinet super cheap!

  45. Wow, this market is like my dream come true!! I'm obsessed with that vintage "love" sign, the one that lights up. I can't wait to see what you do with the gold star. :)

  46. Well that was fun! Thanks for letting us come along. I like your wire basket.

  47. Sarah, would love to meetyou and other blog readers to attend an Indie Arts and Vintage marketplace event in March!
    Carla E.

  48. I think your brass bowl is decorated in (with?) cloisonne. It is a very ancient technique and artists still use it today. I believe today most objects are done with enamel paints but back in the old old days precious stones and mosaic stones were used and inlaid paintstakingly into the metal to achieve the desired effect. $10 is a great price for such an intricate work, particularly since anything with dark blue in it these days is highly desirable.

  49. Aaah! A friend told me about this and I wanted to go, but got busy with other stuff. Seeing what was there is killing me!! I am soo there next time - would love to go as a bloggy group :)

  50. I would love to go to the mart in March.....I actually live close enough go! Looooksssss soooooo fuuuuun!

  51. OOOO! This makes me so excited for the Funky Junk Round-up that is coming up soon near where I live! Can't wait!

  52. How fun! I'll have to look into this. It would be something fun for my mom and I to do when I go visit her (she lives in Indy).

  53. I'm so glad that you liked the idea of the building shelves inside a frame! I'm not sure if i can include a link of a relevant post for these frame-shelves I wrote a year ago (it would be considered as spam I guess), since it's been a trend here ever since. :)
    Love, Olga (olza007 at gmail dot com)

  54. Thanks so much for posting about the show!! And a super HUGE thanks for featuring my sofa!! I'm doing a blog post linking back to this post today!! Thanks again and hope to see you at the next Indy show in March! :)

  55. So many great finds! Isn't it great to see how people envision what to do with all the different objects to recycle? I do so love to recycle and re-purpose!

  56. Thanks to your post, I went to the event last weekend. It was wonderful! It reminds me of the Country Living Fair that I have attended a couple of times (but with much, much better prices). I cannot wait to go the next one. Thanks again for telling us about this!


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