Thursday, February 7, 2013

Month in review!

Hey hey! Thanks so much for the love on the little changes in the family room earlier this week! I’m pleased as punch about it. :)

The end of January has come and gone, but I did want to catch up again with another month in review. I didn’t do December cause pretty much every post was holiday-related. If you’re like me the last thing you want to see January 1st is more Christmas decor. ;)

So, without further adieu, the January month in review, just in case you missed a post!

I started out by sharing all the not perfect stuff going on around our house, lest you think that I’ve got it together (HA!):


That one there was from the water leak that wasn’t a leak. Makes sense, I know.

Then I did a little organization under the kitchen sink:

sponge/brush organization

Like pretty much everybody, I get the declutter bug early in the year. I’m trying to tackle one little project at a time. It will take all year. :)

I spent weeks days painting the basement doors black – it took forever. I LOVE them though!:

black interior doors

I still haven’t finished them up either. A prime example of my decorating/DIY ADD. It will happen some time this year. Or not.

I don’t do resolutions and I kinda don’t do goals, so I made a “hope to get these done” list for the year cause I LOVE lists:

wood treatment on wall

The bathroom still looks like that too. Later this week we will start to see progress – but it will get worse before it gets better. :)

Next up I showed you how I transformed our black Craigslist buffet to a beautiful blue called Aubusson Blue (a chalk paint color):

aubusson blue chalk paint dresser

It was a big change and I’m SO glad I did it! It makes such a statement now!

Carrying on the quest to declutter, I added a little organization on a wall in the office in this post:

wall file holder

It’s working, so far. I still have to go through about ten piles of papers before I know if it’s REALLY helping.

I shared how our hardwood floors are holding up and the pros and cons:

finished on site hardwoods

Honestly? They’re aren’t many cons (I think anyway) – price is the biggie of course.

We’ve got an industrial vibe going in the basement that I carried that look through to a clearanced end table I reworked:

DIY wood and metal industrial side table

It took months to find just what I wanted, but waiting it out worked!

A couple weekends ago a friend and I attended an AWESOME vintage/antique mart here in Indy – it was so much fun. I showed you most of my finds, including this cool (collapsible!) metal basket: 

fold up wire basket

I mentioned in that post that I’d like to get local readers/bloggers together to go to the next one in March – look for more info on that soon! It’s set for March 9th at the Fountains in Carmel Indiana.

Last week I shared how I took a window that showed us off to the world and made it private (for super cheap):

applying contact paper to window

A few of you mentioned that it may be see through at night (with some funny stories!), but we checked it. You can’t see anything at all really, unless it’s right up against the glass. (Even then it’s hard to figure out.) Of course, check yours out if you try it! ;)

Whew!! There you go! I kind of love these round ups cause I see how much I got done – it’s a good feeling.

One more thing, starting now you can enter to be one of those who will be creating with the “stars” over at East Coast Creative:

creating with the stars

It’s a super fun contest where you create and are paired up with a blogger who will help you out along the way. One of you will get ME as your partner – aren’t YOU lucky?? ;)

I’ll holla back at you again tomorrow!


  1. It makes me tired seeing how much you have been working on. I am in love with the black basement doors. And love the pillows you have chose in there.

  2. How did I miss the bathroom window post? I've been looking for a (hopefully cheap) way to "frost" my shower doors, and this looks like it could be a winner!

  3. I am SO SO SO glad I stopped by your blog! I just found out about chalk paint TODAY, and I've been wanting to paint the entertainment center in my living room a navy'ish blue. When I started trawling for chalk paint I started to consider the Aubusson Blue, but I didn't know if I'd like that much of it. Seeing your buffet makes me CERTAIN that it is the exact right color for my living room. It's mostly shades of brown/tan/green and various hues of blue.

    Awesome!!! I know what I'll be doing this weekend.

  4. Hi, just found your blog today. Good stuff :) Now following!

  5. Last weekend I sweet-talked my husband into painting our pantry door black. I love it, and he does too!! I think within the next few months all of our interior are going to get painted. Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. I just love the black doors-Awesome!!!! So classy and elegant ;)

  7. Okay where do I start.. First with LOVE it all.. the beautiful transformation on the beautiful blue peice is amazing. Love the green (minty) mirror that hangs above it with the pictures and the plate.. just fresh and clean looking . I LOVED and oooohed and awewwwed over those .. Then The basement doors HELLO.. LOVED it . I think I could live down there .. LOVE LOVE .. and then the cute wire basket (that I am now on the hunt for ) WANT it and loved it.. Just awesome all your hard work has paid off my friend. JUST beautimus.... LOVED it all HUGS

  8. I love the black doors! I'm doing my backdoor black due to kiddos and dogs~can't wait! Just started following you~love everything I'm seeing. BTW the pic of all the little planes and cars lined up on the floor really brought back a memory! My 9 year old did the same thing forever a few years back <3 so sweet~great pic!

  9. You are inspiring!!! I love all your projects and I keep thinking I will tackle the black doors....thinking is about as far as I have gotten with that! Happy Weekend!

  10. Carmel Indiana - wonder how far that is from Lexington? Want to come paint my basement doors black? ;)

  11. When we replaced our front and back doors 4 years ago, they looked at me like I was crazy at the store when I told them I wanted them black. They tried to talk me out of them. I love them! They hide the dirt and fingerprints. I'm thinking about the interior doors now...but I'm not a very patient painter, neither is my hubby. Looking forward to your February in review...

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  13. I really love the black doors in the basement -- it makes the space look more formal. I'd love to try it in my home, but my husband loves white and very light paint colors, so I might have to stay away from that project!


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