Friday, March 1, 2013

Recap of February projects

Hey hey all! Yahoo for Friday! Hope you have a great weekend planned!
I’m back with another month in review and I gotta say, I kind of dig writing these at the end of the month. It makes me feel uber productive. And here’s the thing, I do accomplish a lot in a month, house-wise – but remember that’s kinda my gig. ;)
But the pile of papers two feet high in my office hasn’t been touched all month, so yeah…
I kicked off the month with simple change in the family room that made a HUGE difference. You can find out more about that here and then the avalanche of a few more changes here:
starburst mirror fireplacebarcelona lantern home depot
I truly cannot believe the difference changing out a mirror made. Amazing.
I reworked a spot in our master bedroom too, using what I had from around the house:
gray green walls
I sit in that spot every morning and LOVE my little “nook.” The Bub has one, why shouldn’t Momma? :)
My dream of an organized basement became a reality when we had the (amazingly fantastic) cubbies built:
cubby storage
We’ve had fun getting things organized and sorted out. OK, I’ve had fun organizing and sorting, the kiddo is just glad to have a spot for toys. It’s made such a difference down there, I cannot even. tell. you.
I swear we’re never moving…I love our basement and I love our house!!
Speaking of the basement…a major purge began earlier this month thanks to some visitors we had last fall. I finally got up the energy to tackle the mess left behind by the mice who invaded our house:
mice on stairs
Not those cute paper mice by the way. I spared you a picture of the real little dudes.
The organizing and purging bug hits me every new year, and then just as I start losing my will, February and the hope for spring hits, and then I get it all over again.
I have SO many spots to tackle, but I shared how a simple, quick purge can make such a difference here:
organizing magazines
You guys always share great tips and tricks in the comments, take a look at that post for some great ones!
I was thrilled to work with Home Depot this month to promote their Do-It-Herself workshops! They are held every month, but I helped out with the Pinterest-inspired one for February:
tiling around a mirror
I think I’m going to tackle this project in our basement bathroom! I’ll let you know how it turns out.
I am still pinching myself because Target called and asked if I wanted to blog about their stuff and I was like HECK YEAH. So I shared a few changes I made to the foyer with their Threshold items:
decorating for spring
The flowers smell AMAZING by the way. GoodNESS, I am ready for spring.
I’ve become a bit of an obsessed plant-lady over the past few months and I told you about a few of my favorites here:
air plants
Those cutie little air plants are SO easy to care for and they are growing so fast! I may need bigger bowls soon. ;)
Many of you asked about the kitchen window treatments and I added a link to that project in the comments of the air plant post for you!
Finally, I finished up the month sharing a few caulking tools and tips:
how to caulk
That little blue wedge makes the job SO much easier!
There you go, a few of the February projects wrapped up in a nice little post! Remember if you’d like to keep up with projects as they happen around here you can follow me on Instagram, and I always love talking with you all on Facebook too. :)
Hope you have a lovely, safe, warm weekend! Don’t forget the March Before and After linky will go up Monday morning!


  1. I am loving your foyer! That blue buffet is a dream and the pops of green put me in the mood for spring. Pure happiness!!!

  2. Sarah, I had 2 gals re-pin my pins of your foyer re-do! They loved the look so much. I'll bet you'll have some new followers!

  3. Oh I love your house too, I wouldn't ever move either. I do agree, that mirror on the fireplace is fantastic. Hugs, Marty

  4. I don't think that I have ever commented on your blog, but i just wanted you to know that I have been following you for a year now and you are such a great inspiration. I actually started a blog because of yours! Thanks for being awesome! :-)

  5. You got me sooooo hooked on to Target by making everything look so prettty... i am setting my apt for spring now... and being a student- TARGET is just perfect... loving the changes you made :) so inspiring.

  6. Loving the Threshold items from Target! So cute! I just did a post the other day on my blog using some frames I picked up at good, old Tar-jay! I'm also going out to get one of those little blue wedges TODAY! Genius!


  7. I love the blue tool- sent the email to my mom for her to use, it would make life much easier. Where do you post winners to your giveaways? I think I've asked before, but I've forgotten :)

  8. I love the monthly summary! What a fabulous idea to reflect on what you have accomplished over the month. I enjoyed it!

  9. Girl, you been busy! Love reading up on your month. Now come to my house and get busy! You can start with building me an awesome cubby system... or maybe the nook... or maybe the living room revamp... yup, I love it all.

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  11. Love the catch-up posts :) Off to see what you found at Target!


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