House Happy

March 08, 2013

Heya! Happy weekend, whoooo! I’m ready for some rest, hanging with the family, a little shopping and some DIY, of course!

I’ve decided to do a “House Happy” post maybe a couple times a month – just sharing pictures from around the house or from out and about that make me smile. Some will be from Instagram or Facebook, some just from stuff I snap with my phone.

I found these CAUUUTE mason jar soaps at Bath and Body Works earlier this week:


They are plastic and I may have gasped when I saw them, too darn cute. They come in a few different scents.

I passed up the first fiddle leaf tree I’ve seen ANYWHERE around here because I can’t find a definitive answer on if they are toxic to cats:

fiddle leaf tree

I’ve read they are toxic on some sites but I’ve also found numerous people online saying their cats don’t even try to nibble (the leaves are really thick) or they do and are fine. Anyone with cats have one?

Speaking of cats, we got our latest kitty almost a year ago now and she is a HANDFUL. I’ve had a cat pretty much every day of my life and she is by far the feistiest one ever. But she makes us laugh pretty much every day, and she loves her Bub:

Nya kitty

They fell asleep like that the other night. :)

I found this quote on FB and shared it this week:


I consider it one of the greatest blessings of my life that this has happened to me. :)

If you are looking for fun books to read with the kiddos we highly recommend the pigeon books:

pigeon kids books

They are SO funny. We all end up cracking up by the end, they are a joy to read!

I’ve been working on some storage for the laundry room – I had to come up with a way to make the cabinet taller so this is it:


It looks horrible there but I swear it will make more sense soon. ;)

I was browsing one of my favorite antique spots last weekend and laughed out loud at this:

This is so not me by the way, but it’s dang funny.

My kid is pretty much the most awesome kid ever, for so many reasons -- but one is that he likes going through model homes with me. He will see one while in the car and ask if we can walk through it – love him. And then when we drive by a regular house and I say how pretty it is, he’s like, “Can we go inside??” I wish my boy, I wish.

Anyway, I saw this in one of the model homes and thought it was cute – the faceless ballerina kind of weirds me out, but I LOVE the tulle tutu idea for a girls room:

tutu on wall


I saw this one on Facebook the other day too and could not stop giggling about it:


We had a sunny day here today for the first time in all of March!! It is melting away the snow and I can just taste spring!

And finally, best news in a long time for NKOTB fans – they’re baaaaack!! I’ve already got my concert tickets for this summer, aww yeah! The video for their newest song was released yesterday and I know I’m a little biased but it is the most entertaining video I’ve seen in a really long time. (OK, it’s been a really long time since I’ve seen any videos, but for real.)

I love how it’s shot, I love the idea behind it, the music, the guys (HELLO) – so fun. Check it out here Blockheads:


Have a GREAT weekend! Chat with ya Monday!!

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  1. Loved that video! I think I may become a fan of them {again}. ;)
    Have a good weekend!

  2. Oh my gosh ... I had no idea they were videotaping me at that party. How embarrassing :) Wish I could vintage shop with you tomorrow, but instead, I'll be coaching 1st grade basketball. Yay for me. Have fun, and may the shopping odds be ever in your favor!

  3. Thanks for putting up a NKOTB video. So fun!

  4. 1. That video made my day.
    2. I love that you love NKOTB.

    I saw them a couple of years ago in OKC and they were still hot. And are still a talented group of guys. Now I'm off to see if they're coming by to OK at all. Happy Friday!

  5. Ha! So cute! Love this post. Btw, you'll have to check out the Elephant and Piggie books by Mo Willems (same author as the pigeon ones). They are also hilarious. They serious helped my daughter learn to read because she loves them so much!

    1. I was going to suggest the same ones! I read them with my students every year (I'm a school librarian) and we're collecting them for our baby. They're as entertaining for adults as for the youngins! :-)

  6. Faceless Ballerina weirds me out a bit too! My they could hang a small flat mirror so that when the child stands in front of it they would see their own face.

  7. I love the video too! I'm so bummed that the closest they're coming to us is Houston but it's a week night & we can't pull it off.

  8. Where did you see the fiddle leaf??

  9. Have a great weekend!!!

    You son sounds so sweet :)


  10. I HATE the Pigeon books, but we LOVE the Elephant and Piggie books!

  11. Yes, they are actually toxic to cats. No, not NKOTB, but yes the Fiddle Leaf Tree is toxic to cats. We have been fans around this house of NKOTB since they began and Marky Mark too. Grrrrowl. My daughter was into those Wahlberg boys from early on...yup they had the "Right Stuff". LOL

    1. LoL Claudia, you're so funny! "not NKOTB" and "Grrrowl" lol Yes, I'm random, but just had to share. -Deb

  12. LOVE all the fun stuff!...especially those mason jars from B&BW - heading to the mall later to make a return & will definitely be swinging in to pick one up! We're working on our laundry room now (SO wish I had time for a blog to show how awesome it looks - my hubby has done some awesome work!)...anyhoo, he had to make one of our cabinets taller, too. He just built a base below it and is adding some molding (sp?) to make it look nice. Can't wait to see how your version turns out! Love, love, love your blog! Thanks so much for sharing your home and all your inspiration and humor!

  13. I have a fiddle leaf fig and a cat but he has never once shown any interest in nibbling at it.

    I LOVED NKOTB when I was younger, fingers crossed they'll bring their tour here to Australia!

  14. Well...I would argue that my Bubby is the most awesome kid ever...but I won't. :) He loves to peruse antique/salvage shops with me and has an appreciation for anything with history. Great pictures, thanks for sharing!

  15. My cats never bother with my fiddle leaf fig tree. They tend to like pointy plants best... and besides, the only way they could reach one of the fig leaves is if it fell, and despite my black thumb, I haven't lost any leaves in the 3 months I've had the plant.

  16. Hot darn!!!!
    Doesn't that song make you want to get up and dance! They are not of my generation (they are too young) but of my sister's and she introduced me to their songs a long, long, long time ago.
    I do have to say that Mark Wahlburg is one hot number! and I remember Marky Mark very well!
    Hope you're enjoying your weekend!

  17. I love your post! Made me look around my house at the little things I love, and think about how often I drag my kids around to house showings and model homes (just cuz I'm nosey)... Thanks and hope your weekend was great!

  18. I loved the video. Love the way they made the big girl the center of attention! (Being a big girl myself) love the Mason jar soap dispensers. I just got a couple myself. I am hoping the kids don't break them. I love the idea of putting a Tutu on the wall and a small mirror for the face is an excellent idea. My daughter has many tutus that I have made her. I know she would love that in her room.

  19. hahaha! what a great mishmash of information and inspiration! I agree with the ballerina, but maybe, whoever will get to stay in this room, the little occupant can paint the face of the ballerina! hope it's chalkboard paint - it would be so fun!

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  21. I can't wait to see what you do with your laundry room! Your kitty may be feisty, but she looks pretty sweet in that picture. I love that she adores your son. Our cat used to hide every time the boys got home from school and would come out from his hiding spot at bedtime, lol. I can't say I blame him!

  22. AAHHHH!!!! Love NKOTB, Love this song and the video! Thanks for posting!

  23. Love the NKOTB song and the video. OMG-they've still got it! Fully clothed, singing words you can understand that actually make sense--I love it! Haha :) Love the kitty, too. She looks like my sweet Abby, who will be 17 in August. Thanks for the fun post!

  24. Your cat is toooo sweet and I love that "I don't expect everything handed to me..." hahaha!


  25. I don't have a cat nor do I know about fiddle leaf trees (I know, I am SO HELPFUL ALREADY) but throwing it out there that if you have even a few sources saying they're toxic, I'd leave it out of the house. We moved into a house with sago palms in the backyard not knowing they were toxic to dogs (neither did the previous owners with dogs) and our first dog has never had any interest. Our second one has had to be rushed to the emergency vet twice after gnawing on a frond and then FOUR of the extremely toxic seeds. It's a good thing he has an iron stomach and seems totally unaffected. Save yourself the potential vet bill and grief and just get another cute plant instead- and, um, if anyone wants to come to Texas and help us dig up 5 massive sago palms, please feel free. Cookies await you. =)

  26. I commented above earlier, but thought you'd get a kick out of knowing that after listening to that NKOTB song a few more times, I decided that my 20 year-old & I are going to their (with 98 Degrees & Boyz To Men) concert when they come to Kansas City. That's where we live! We had talked about it but couldn't really decide. I was 20-something when they were popular--too old to go scream at their concerts, but not too old to dance around the living room, singing along. Also, my little neighbor girls loved them, so they came over to use my VCR and play tapes of the guys. Dance party! Fast forward to the 98 Degrees era--I had my own little girl, who loved THEM! And again, I'm dancing around the living room, singing along. Today, I emailed her (she's away at college) the seating chart of the arena where they'll be, and said "Where do you wanna sit/stand/dance?" She was so surprised and we are sooooo excited! Thanks, Sarah!

  27. Okay, I never saw it coming, but you totally got me with NKOTB. May have to look for tickets.....


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