Sunday, July 7, 2013

June in review!

Hello friends! How was your holiday weekend? Ours was wonderful – I’m hoping to get a ton done outside today since we’ve had so much rain over the past few days.

And what WHUT, yes I’m posting on the weekend! I figured I would get the month in review up while it was still somewhat recent. :)

June was a doozy for us – a vacation, lots of family news and visits, and the hubby was traveling most of the month so the Bub and I had LOTS of time together! ;) It was a wonderful month and I never wish away time – it was just busy and I’m ready to move on to the rest of the (lazy??) summer!

I’ve mentioned our temps have been ahhhhmazing here in Indiana – I took advantage of those to install some quick, cheap hardware on the garage a few weeks ago:

diy craftsman garage door hardware

I got it from Home Depot for $10 and I LOVE the little change! Did you find any there?

Next up I recapped some of the projects in the kitchen over the past few years and how I’ve tried to transform it from dark to lighter and brighter without painting the cabinets:

black backsplash beadboard backsplash kitchen  

Our vacation this month was so special to us – the first trip to Disney for both the Bub and I!:

dumbo ride disney

I still miss it and can’t wait for our next trip!! (By the way, there were some great thoughts on when to visit in the comments of that post!)

I finally assembled and hung a huge map from IKEA for the basement:

ikea wall map

And I added a little personal touch to mark where we’ve been too. :)

Next up I shared a few of my thrifty finds of late, including these awesome letters:

vintage marquee letters

I’m still trying to decide exactly where they will go!

I FINALLY finished the powder room that has been a mess for years now:

light walls color accessories

Are you tired of seeing it yet?? I’m not. :)

I also shared more about the vintage boat oar I made into art, and details and sources for everything else in the room:

boat oar art stripes ikea bathroom vanity

YAHOO, so happy it’s done and that I really love it.

I shared my favorite sangria recipe – it does take a lot of ingredients but SO GOOD and so worth it:

classic sangria recipe

It’s such a great drink for a summer party! (Or heck…any party. I’m not picky.)

Now that the bathroom is done I’m focusing on some much needed organizing around here. Or as I like to call it – decrapifying:

DIY drawer organizer

I started with the overflowing utensil drawer in the kitchen. It overflows no more.

I finished up the month by making my first true floating shelves:

DIY floating shelves

I forgot to give you the cost on those – my original plan cost $35 for materials, but when I had to go back and get something different the final cost was $40. I’ve not found long ready made floating shelves for that. (The short one is four feet and the long one five.)

So there you go, the big ones from the month of June! Did you miss anything? I’ll be back tomorrow with the July Before and After Party – just a little late. ;) If you’d like to go ahead and add the button to your post here it is:

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See you tomorrow! :)


  1. Great project for the whole month. Love the drawer dividers, I need to do that. Hugs, marty

  2. Clever garage hardware! I'm crushing on the E and S...can't wait to see what you do with them.

  3. That's great! I love the bathroom decor. I am currently working on a (two-year-long) update of our master bedroom, then on to my girls bedroom and bathroom. Can we say mermaids? I THINK SO! Can't wait to use some of your ideas!

  4. What a productive month! You're making me feel like a slacker. 8-)

    Christy @ Creating a Beautiful Life

  5. You are the bomb! Girlfriend, you got so many wonderful projects accomplished along with a fantastic trip. It has been raining here nonstop for the past week. Kinda puts a damper on outdoor festivities and projects! Bummer!

  6. The Garage Hardware made a HUGE difference! That's something I'll have to definitely consider trying!

  7. Hey blogging friend…I nominated you for this award because I love your blog. I think it is just a way of spreading good blogs around. So thanks for writing!

  8. hi there! maybe i'm blind but I didn't see the link for the sangria recipe?? I just had some last night and was telling the hubs I needed to find a recipe, and here you are :)

  9. email is, thanks!

  10. you're such a busy gal, reading up on june made me sleepy! hope the fish survived your trip to Disney!


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