(No dig) water hose organization

August 14, 2013

We have two water spigots on our house – one on each side. We added one in the building process and I’m so glad we did. But one is in a weird spot near our air conditioner on the side of the house – actually right behind the air conditioner which is just seriously brilliant planning. (That’s sarcasm.)

It’s an odd little spot that also houses the gas meter and other ugly stuff and years ago I installed pavers back there to clean it up a little bit. I didn’t put any weed blocker down though, so we’ve got lots of weeds that come up through them and a lovely tree that started growing right by our foundation. It was impossible to kill but we finally did it…but little sprouts come up every year so we have to keep on top of those. Who knew how invisible trees are??
Anyway…that corner is always a hot mess. We have used a hose holder thingamajob that you roll up and it’s a total pain in the butt. And somewhere along the way another huge lawn hose got added in (ask hubby, no idea), so we had, like 150 feet of hose there:
organizing hoses outside
I think the deal was that one wasn’t long enough, so we needed two, but two won’t fit on the hose reeler-inner-thing. And, can I just say, that black hose ALWAYS looked like a snake to me? Not cool.
Seriously, I can barely look at it in that picture. Ick.

First of all, I needed a four by four post. At first I was planning on digging a hole about a foot deep and using quick drying cement to secure it. Then I was told I really needed to go about THREE feet deep, and use one of those hole digger things. I was like, whoa. Not what I had in mind. And the more I started thinking of it, the more I realized I wasn’t sure I wanted to have this thing permanently in that spot.

So when I saw this option, I knew it was the solution: 
no dig post holder
So it’s a post holder (affiliate) and normally you’d use it on a deck or other wood surface because you can drill down into the holes to secure it. But it’s super heavy steel so I figured it would be heavy enough to hold it upright all by itself.
And I was right:
DIY hose holder no dig
I cut the post at about 40 inches with the saw and then put it inside. Those bolts on the sides tighten up and make it super secure – it’s not going anywhere.
You can see that I just pulled out one of the pavers and it fit right in there…like it was meant to be!

Next up was the hose holder part. That’s where the iron plant hook comes in:
DIY hose holder hook
I just installed it upside down so there was plenty of room for the hose to lay in there. It’s perfect!
OK, let’s talk about that hose, shall we? You’ve seen these on TV right? Well, I’ve wanted one forEVER now, and last month while at the Mall of America, we came upon the As Seen on TV store…also known as the Greatest Store Ever.
We found one there and decided to try it out before we got another one, and I have to tell you, they ROCK. 
as seen on TV pocket hoseas seen on TV pocket hose 

I think each one grows to about 50 feet long, but they stay scrunched up when not in use. I’ve used it a ton and so far it’s held up great. I LOVE them. We now have two connected on that side of the house, so it reaches around all the way to the front or all the way to the back of the patio easily.
I highly recommend them! The bonus is that they are super light and don’t take up much space. And they don’t look like a snake. Triple bonus.
Because I can’t leave well enough alone, and because I love adding a little bit of pretty when I can, I also picked up one of these post planters for the top:
DIY hose holder
All in all it took me maybe 20 minutes from start to finish – the not digging and no cement certainly helped!:
DIY hose organization
I’m planning on doing this to the other side of our house too, since we have the same mess over there most of the time.
Now if you are using a regular hose (that’s a little heavier) you may need to secure the post into the ground better…but I’m actually thinking it would be OK as is. You could also put some stakes through the holes into the ground to help.
Like I said, it’s not a beautiful after…but it’s much cleaner and organized:
DIY no dig hose holder
OK, that’s beautiful to me. ;)

We can now walk right over to the spigot to turn on the water for the first time in years. It’s the little things. I love it! Of course the little planter on top is optional, but I think it’s cute. I also found it’s useful for holding extra sprayers too, so that’s an option.
How to do you keep your water hoses under control? Does your husband collect them like mine? :) Next up I need to redo that whole paver area, but for now I’m just enjoying the clean space!

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  1. I am so glad to hear that that magic hose works and you like it. I have wanted one forever but I was worried it was too good to be true. Buying. One. Today.

    1. Beth it sounds like others have had issues but so far so good for us! I turn off the water and leave it running till all the water is out of the hose -- maybe that helps?

  2. Looks great. I had a Pocket Hose.... I loved it, it was light and it reached across my deck, but it "blew out" (hole in it)within the first month,at the end where it connects to the spicket (sp). :(

  3. Looks great. I need to check out that hose!

  4. Wow -- very great idea. I love that you didn't have to did a hole. I think that the hose looks great. It looks so lightweight, that I am wondering if one of those metal birdfeeder poles (with the loop for holding the birdfeeder) would be strong enough to hold the hose -- those are easy to sink into the ground. I need a hose and hose holder for the side of the house by my flower garden! (I am always dragging the hose from the other side of the house over -- what a pain!)

  5. What a cute hose!
    More tidier than before and pleasant to look at.

  6. Great work on that hose hanger and a good idea!

  7. ok so getting one of those hoses today - like another commenter I've wanted one but wasn't sure it would work. luv the spruce up, sometimes its all about the little things

  8. Good luck with the hose that grows! We loved it too but we blew out 3 of them. Each time we purchased a new one the cashier would say, "Keep the receipt". After the last one blew out, we went back to the traditional hose. WalMart said they get 5 or 6 returns every day. Whatever you do, don't shut off the value with the water still on or it will tear and blow a hole right next to the connection. I think it's an awesome concept but the company needs to perfect it. When that happens, I'll definitely buy more.

    1. Good to know! I actually shut off the water with the water running and let it all out of the hose as it scrunches back up. I think maybe that helps? Not sure...so far so good!

  9. Would you be able to leave the hose on the holder and turn on the water? For example, if you were to water something closer than 50 feet away and only needed part of the hose. I've looked at them before in the store, but didn't know if the whole hose needs to expand when you turn on the water. Thanks!

  10. Looks so much better. My parents have wanted one of those hoses but I wondered if they really worked. Now I'll definitely have to get them one.

  11. Great post! I recieved one of those hoses for Mother's Day and have since purchased another one. I LOVE THEM! So easy to use! And yes, the whole thing expands when turned on to answer a poster above.

    Great ideal on hose hanger! Too cute!

  12. I've blown out three of those hoses this summer :( Good luck...

  13. I loved that little scrunchy green hose, too, until it blew out (just like the other commenters described) right at the spigot connector. I recommend enjoying yours until it blows (which it will, sooner or later), and then going back to your big snaky hose, which will probably last for years. You might have to dig a small hole, fill it with ready-mix, and sink the bolts in that for your hose-stand. Not hard, and you have everything except the bolts.

  14. I love it. And yes, that is a very snake-y hose! I think I may need to make one for myself. Or two, since the backyard hose coil is where the dog feels most comfortable pooping!

    I have two paver projects I've been avoiding. Our only hose bib in the front is on the opposite side of the house from the lawn (great planning huh?), so I've got one of those coil hoses that matches the house. BUT, there is no place for it to hang except on the bib and all over the sprinkler assembly! So, it's full of mud and just gross - paver project #1. The other side of the house gets you into our backyard, and is approached via a most-usually-swampy/muddy path, through an overgrown arbor. That whole path needs to be dug out, a drain installed, and covered over with a pretty paver path. Did I mention that's also the only way to get the trash bins to the curb? Yeah.

  15. love a good before & after! So simple, but with a huge impact... Looks fantastic!

  16. I too was so excited to get the pocket hose so I purchased two of them. Well I've had them for just over 2 months and one of them already has 2 little holes in it. Ugh...how did that happen??? And I'm not sure if there is a way to repair them since they shrivel back down after use. Anyone know?

  17. Does it count as storage if the hose is just thrown across the lawn. You are the fourth nor fifth person who has recommended that hose.

    How are you keeping the plant at the top??

  18. We accidentally did something similar at the lakehouse. There is a six prong shepherd hook type hanging basket stand there that we use for the hoses, and it works so great. My hubby collects hoses too, and we had been wondering about those 'scrunchy' hoses. Glad to hear they are good! Your area looks great!!

  19. Very cute idea- I hope your pocket hose lasts! We, like previous commenters had one. I was SO excited about it & had bugged Hubbie to get one all summer- ours lasted less than a week. I took it back to Walmart & the clerk said "Oh, we get a ton of those back all the time."
    I decided to cut my losses & we went with the kind that are made of regular plastic hose material but recoils on it's own into a sort of corkscrew.

  20. okay - I have got to get one of those hoses! You know Courtney - A Thoughtful Place - has one too. And that stand is genius - my wheels are turning - thanks girl!

  21. That looks like my hose situation, I've been wanting one of those hoses..seriously how sad is my life when I get excited about a hose!!! Looks great!!

  22. I had one of those hoses and LOVED it too, until it blew up, just like a couple of the other commenters said. I really hope they solve that issue, because they are genius otherwise.

  23. Love this idea! However, I have had two of the pocket hoses and both busted despite letting all the water out each time and bringing it into the house(I had a little bucket that I kept it in). Anyway, I hope you have better luck with yours they are super fun to watch when you let the water out. :-)

  24. Re: those weeds in the pavers. Just put vinegar in a spray bottle and spray only what you do not want. I use it straight and the next day they are brown and dead. Should be great to use on that unwanted tree growing in there. It will also kill any other flowers/plants, so be careful where spraying.
    Love your hose holder.

  25. Awesome idea! It looks really good! Now I want one!

  26. I have that hose also. I love it. It's a dream come true really. But...within just a couple weeks it got a hole in the connector. i still use it even tho it sprays a little. i always kept the sprayer part on when i shut the water off so it could drain. They are so wonderful, it's surprising that the company doesn't just use a little better plastic. I'd pay more to get a better quality hose. Really, this is one of the best inventions ever made for gardeners.


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