The fabrics in our home

September 13, 2013

As I’ve mentioned once or 50 times, I’m working my way around our house, decluttering one room at a time. I try to do this once a year but this time I’ve been crazy intense with it. I’m forcing myself to focus on one space at a time, which is really helping me to purge each space really well.

As I’ve made my way around the house I’ve gone through a LOT of my fabrics and pillows and decided what I’m keeping and what I’m not. I was going to take all of it that I’m not keeping to Goodwill, but I figured some of you might be interested? I kind of hate to give it away if one of you would use it.

So, I’m having a fabric sale today/this weekend. ;) I’ve measured every piece and I’ll show you how I’ve used them along the way as well. For the smaller pieces (that are really cute so I figured someone might be able to use them) I’m just asking for $1 for handling and then shipping.

If you see something you’d like just email me at thriftydecorchick (at) gmail (dot) com and give me the exact name of the item and how many if there are multiples. I will only accept payment via PayPal for this little flash sale. :)

First up are a couple cute cotton fabrics I used in my basement craft room:

craft table

These are just smaller pieces leftover:


These were going to be used as pillows for the book nook but I never got to it:

aqua and green fabric


I loved this cute fabric but never ended up using it (I’m totally spacing on what this design is called):


It goes well with this polka dot print that I used to cover the back of the plastic shelves in the basement (prior to finishing it): unfinished basement

I have a few pieces of this left:

polka dot fabric


I was going to use this green quilted fabric on the kitchen stools years ago but decided against it:


I got this for a craft and didn’t use it – love it though:


This green floral is SO pretty – I was going to use it for roman shades but only had them up for a short time:

This is a nice thick cotton fabric. These are VERY roughly lined – like I just laid the lining down on them and used hemming tape so it’s not anything perfect:


I got this red tulle to use at Christmas but the red was wrong (it is a true red, doesn’t lean burgundy like our ornaments). I like to use tulle as a DIY tree skirt


I used this blue print to make some pillows to go with my Pottery Barn placemat pillows:

diy pottery barn pillows

It’s a thicker fabric, almost like an outdoor fabric, but slicker. It’s hard to describe. It’s VERY durable:


I used this stripe fabric to make pillows for the family room years ago:

small sectional

I just have a small piece left, but it’s enough to make a lumbar pillow perhaps?:


Stripe is 27x20, $1 plus shipping

And finally, one of my favorites – the P. Kaufmann fabric I used on the living room drapes:

mirror between windows

I have a few pieces of this left:

p. kaufmann fabric


I also have a bunch of napkins and pillow covers, like this placemat I used to make pillows:

placemat pillows

I only have one left and it’s rust/brown:

placemat pillows


I used these PB napkins to make the pillows I mentioned above:diy pottery barn pillows

I have three of these:

pottery barn ikat napkin


And six of these PB napkins I was going to make pillows with too:

pottery barn stripe napkin


Everything above has never been used by the way – the last few have but are clean and in good condition. This is a super soft PB pillow cover with zipper:

pottery barn soft pillow


It looks like a gray blue when you look at it alone, but with other blues it looks more aqua, just an FYI. :)

These button PB covers were in that pic in the family room above:

rust pottery barn pillow covers


I will iron these for you before I ship them. ;)

These are from wayyy back but are in great condition – they are red (they lean burgundy) zipper pillow covers that would be beautiful for Christmas:

red velvet pillows


And finally, the rust shams we had on our master bed up till a few months ago: rust brown bedding

These were barely used – and when I say used I mean they laid on the bed a few times. I NEVER make our bed. Ever. They were from Target and are still in great condition:

rust target shams


So there you go! If you are interested, just email me and let me know. I will edit this post if an item is gone! We will figure out shipping when you email me. :) These will all be first to email, first dibs. I’ll work down the list as they come in.

I hope some of you will enjoy these as much as I have (or will do something with them if I didn’t). :)

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  1. I would love the Retreat blue citrine at 56x52, the Pier one striped napkin cover, the agua and the rust Pottery Barn covers and the Pottery Barn stripe covers. I live in Indy so I could pick them up or meet up with you. Thanks!!

  2. I'd love all the fabric from the start of this post right up to but not including the red tulle. Please give me a total. Thanks!

  3. I'm interested in the green quilt and orange print.

  4. Gorgeous fabrics, but I am a follower from Canada - I won't put you through the hassles of shipping to me :)

    Just wanted to remind you that the diamond pattern you were "spacing on" is argyle! :)



  5. Can I claim the pottery barn ikat napkins?
    angelamjennings at hotmail dot com

  6. I would love the Pottery Barn Pillow Covers. :) ourpinterestingfamily at hotmail dot com

  7. I would love the:
    Floral green and pink, 24x24, $1 plus shipping
    Circles green and pink, 11x36, $1 plus shipping
    Polka dots, one at 26X44, $1 plus shipping
    Orange print, 18x44, $1 plus shipping

    Please let me know if available! :)

  8. I'd like to purchase all of the pottery barn striped napkins and the pottery barn aqua/blue 20 x20 pillow cover. with a total please.

  9. Hey ladies! I'm taking first come first serve via email, go ahead and send me an email if they are still available. :) (I've marked what's sold so far.)

  10. I would like the:
    Polka dots, one at 14X44, $1 plus shipping
    Polka dots, one at 10.5X54, $1 plus shipping

    Thanks :)

  11. both basements and red velvets please...

  12. That's a great idea for you to make them available to your readers! I hope everything gets sold. Too bad I don't have money right now, I would have loved some of them. Well, next time?

  13. I will take one of the polka dots. I would like to make a pillow for my kids play room so whatever the smallest one is I will take it!

  14. Sarah- What a brilliant idea (you're full of them)!!! This is such a super fun way to connect with your readers! I'm thinking we would all love a Thrifty Decor Chick "online garage sale" too! :)

  15. Kristy took the words outta my mouth ha..I have seen awesome looking stuff in your "piles to donate" lol, that I'd love to buy from you!!

    Great idea! hope you do this more often with other items as well!

  16. All I can say is you got me at "I NEVER make our bed" cuz neither do I! Beautiful fabrics and great projects you did with them! I feel like I know you after the mini showcase.

  17. I am always purging and I just don't know where it all comes from!

  18. OMG! What an amazing project with those pillows. I make all mu pillows but this is so cute! Thanks for the inspiration

  19. I want the argyle of brown/green/blue/red please.

  20. these are really awesome collection, will match with my floor i bought from Floorworld recently

  21. This was a fun post. I liked seeing your fabrics
    & what you did where.
    It was generous/kind of you to offer these--I know
    the last thing a decrapifier needs is *more* work.

    Thanks for creating more work for yourself by
    sorting, taking pics, blogging, responding to
    buyers, keeping them all straight, packing, &
    You're swell!

  22. I love the P. Kaufmann fabric. Can you tell me to name of it and where you got it? Thanks so much!


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