Autumn is a second spring art

September 26, 2013

I spent an hour just wandering around the craft store the other day and it was BLISS. I forget how fun that is to do when I have the time.

I had one idea in mind but it was while walking around the store that I came up with another crafty idea instead. I really, really love how it turned out.

I’ve had this shadow box from Goodwill for years:

shadow box

It’s one of those things I keep hanging on to because I knew I’d really want it when I wanted it…you know what I mean? I knew I would eventually do something fun with it, and eventually is now. ;)

The front part of the frame was a little busted up so I took that off and spray painted it white. There’s a little damage to it but the new coat of paint kind of hides that.

Then it was time to create. I found this felt table runner (at Michael’s) and my mind started churning…

leaf tablerunner

I decided to use it as a stencil – I thought it would be so pretty with the cut outs in the leaves!

I dug some of my favorite metallic spray paints out of the garage:

metallic spray paint

And decided on these two – copper and gold.

gold copper spray paint

I cut the runner apart and situated the two pieces so they covered my paper, which was just poster board I cut to size. (First I sprayed the backs with adhesive so they would stay put):

leaf stencil

I tested this out a couple times, hence the spray paint already on there. :)

I sprayed the copper paint first, then did a light coat of the gold over it:

leaf stencil

Isn’t that so pretty? I almost left it just like that! The middle where the two parts of the runner met was a little blurry (my error), but otherwise it looked great. And I was covering that part anyway.

Last fall I found an autumn quote that I just fell in love with – “Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower,” by Albert Camus. Beautiful eh? I dressed it up a little bit in Picmonkey and created a printable (just like I showed you how to do here).

I printed it out in an 8 by 10 size card stock and the font was a little blurry, so just a warning about that. It’s not super crisp but it still looked fine to me.

I just used spray adhesive to stick it on top of the leaf stencil and then added a little more bling. I couldn’t resist this glitter tape and used it to frame out my quote:

    sparkly tape

And then found these cute acorns and pinecones for $1.50 on clearance and stuck a few in the corners:

fall scrapbook

I gotta say, I’m pretty smitten with it:

Autumn is second spring printable art

I just LOVE it. And I love that I can just take it out and reuse the shadow box for another season. Now I’m looking forward to making something for Christmas too. ;)

It’s not super crafty, but it involved scrapbook supplies and I’m all about that. I’m a scrapbook supply hoarder who doesn’t scrapbook.

I especially love the metallic tones this time of year, and really love all of them together in this “art”:

Autumn is a second spring quote

Now it’s time to lug the bins out and get the rest of the house fallified! :)

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  1. This turned out great! Thanks for sharing.

  2. I'm a leaf freak and fall is my fav so I love this!!! On top of that, that font is probably my fav. I have a huge "Family" cut out in my hallway out of wood in that font. Very creative. Love the bling, too!

  3. Wow!! You have done a great!!

  4. I love this!! So pretty and so fall! When you used the adhesive spray, did you have any trouble removing the runner from the paper? What kind of adhesive was it? Thanks! Love your site!

    1. Thank you! Not at all, it comes off very easy, at least with the felt. Paper to paper would not. :)

  5. Love, Love in bed again with a mystery illness that defies medical tests so this vicarious crafting was a wonderful diversion!

  6. That turned out beautifully. Sure love the quote. Think I will write it on my chalkboard. We have beautiful fall colours here, and this quote sure fits that.

  7. Ohhh, I just LOVE it!!

  8. It turned out great! I hoard scrapbook supplies & ribbon too, and never seem to use them. Guess I'm a Martha Stewart wannabe. ;o)

  9. That is so cute! Really good job. I have to say sometimes crafting can get way cheesy! This was always my fear when I crafted more often-- years ago for my girls rooms. This looks so sharp and classy...I knew I added you to Bloglovin' for a good reason. ;) PS. I left a comment in the post from mantels and cords. New follower and comment about your WM table featured in the cord post. Just so you know who the new lady will be commenting often (and sending you a picture of my table).

  10. that is so fun! my creativity wheels are turning now. I have so much scrapbook stuff because you know, I scrapbook [every once in a while].

  11. This is great. I love Picmonkey but have only used it for photo--feeling inspired now!

  12. I love decorating with words and quotes--it's my favorite type of art. I am working on some quote art for my kitchen this week--fingers crossed it turns out like I'm picturing in my head! :)

  13. Well, good grief, you are so clever, this is just the cutest. Hugs, Marty

  14. I love it! I fall-ified the house this week while The Man was out of state. The boys really liked it, and so far, it's stayed pretty nice!

  15. I love this - I've honestly never cared much for framed quotes, but this one is the bomb!

  16. Love this Sarah! I just finished my mantel but felt like it was missing something. This would be a perfect addition.
    (P.S. I'm a scrapbook hoarder too) :)

  17. It is awesome! Woot Woot!

  18. Beautiful and I love the fact that you can change it out for different seasons.

  19. This is so creative and looks lovely! Have a great weekend!

  20. Girl, you are brilliant. Using that runner as a stencil? Way to go! This looks amazing!

  21. Really like this ... very creative ... and good that you can change it out for other holidays.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  22. I love this! Truly creative and it looks so elegant! And I love that it combines DIY skills (spraypainting) with scrapbooking =).

  23. Wow, you did great. I really like this project a lot. I can't wait to make one for myself. Great job Sarah.


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