Friday, December 6, 2013

Christmases past and month in review

Hello everybody! Sorry for the late post today – we had a two hour delay and things are…well, a couple hours behind. :) We’re supposed to get a ton more snow today and I’m ready – we are stocked up on good food and ready to cuddle in for the night.

Today I’m recapping the month of November and sharing a few of my favorite things (did you watch The Sound of Music last night? Thoughts?) from the past few Christmases. :)

First up, my DIY and decor projects from last month! I shared the hard project that should have been easy:

mirror on wall

I love the end result – but let this be your reminder to NEVER utter the words, “This will be easy.” Gets me every time.

I picked a fun color for the mud room door and got all the new door trim up here:

blue mudroom doorI’m narrowing down the color for the beadboard and hope to do that this weekend. The floors are done too, can’t wait to show you!

Next up I shared the new rug I found for the family room

graphic rug family room

I still can’t believe the difference it made! LOVE IT.

I showed you how to make my super easy, buttery biscuits on a rare food post:

easy cheddar biscuits

I decrapified our entire house over the course of a few months and then finished up the garage last month. It took FOREVER, but I’m so happy with it now:

garage organization

It functions SO much better for us now. You can also see the easy DIY work bench I made last month here.

I shared a simple update I make around our house (a lot) in this post:

craft caddy

Put a wheel on it! :)

I worked on my first Christmas project of the year and what started out as a project-gone-wrong ended up quite pretty:

glitter craft And finally, I reattempted my attempt at chevron, this time with a twist:

chevron painters tape SO much better know, yes? I think so. :)

I’m still working on our Christmas decor around the house and will share much of it next week for a big Christmas home tour! For now I figured I’d share a few of my favorites from Christmases past.

I finished putting my DIY card holder back up last night (it has one lonely card on it so far) and shared it on my Facebook page. It’s one of my faves because it’s so easy and cheap and holds a bunch of cards!:

Christmas card display

Last year I made a couple knock offs, including these cute nutcrackers:

nutcracker craft

And these knock off ornaments filled with “snow”:

christmas ornament crafts You can find both in this post.

And two of my favorite Christmas projects ever – the first one is the paper-wrapped candle holders:

paper wrapped candles

I think they are just so dang pretty. :)

And my cutie Santa hat craft – I think these are still my absolute faves of all the time I’ve been blogging:

Santa hat craft Have you done any fun holiday-themed projects yet? Any you are planning any? I’d love to hear about them!

Are you getting all this snow today? I hear it’s even heading down to Texas. Hope you all stay safe and have a great weekend!


  1. Wow, what the hell have I been doing with all of my time. I can't imagine being that productive. That must feel great. I too need to "decrapify" my house. I'm going to work that into my vocabulary for sure. Anyway, all of your projects are amazing as usual. I had forgotten about the reindeer. I still want to try that. Have a great weekend!

  2. I've just discovered your blog and I LOVE it! I'm going to slowly but surely go back through. You are already such an inspiration! We are looking to repaint our family room and I love the color of yours. Could you share what brand/color it is? Thanks!

  3. I watched The Sound of Music last night and really enjoyed it.... sure it was kinda weird that Carrie Underwood had an Oklahoma accent while living in Austria, and her acting wasn't the greatest, but I still liked it enough to watch it for three straight hours :)

  4. I'm in central TX and had to go into work late this morning because of ice. We never have it this early in the winter season. Oh well, it really makes it feel like Christmas!

    As for decorations, I put up our vintage aluminum Christmas tree again this year. I also decided to use my extra large plastic red/gold ornaments outside, but I hung them in a cluster at varying lengths from some heavy twine. Then I hung the entire bunch from my plant hanger hook on the front porch. I figured the cold won't hurt them and it keeps my porch from looking rather drab since I had to bring all my plants in because of the weather.

  5. I am still cracking up at your word "decrapified" ---- love it! I often feel the same about my home which is why I love this so much!!! As far as Sound of Music - we watched all of it, too and loved the music. Is it Audra something who sang "climb every mountain" was magnificent! The kids were adorable. But, Carrie Underwood, although a beautiful singer was not a good actress. I put it on DVD but doubt will watch it again. Love the movie more.

  6. I wish I was born crafty. Unfortunately I was totally NOT. But, I have been trying! (I blame pinterest). I made these: they turned out just ok:

  7. Ooh, this is a GREAT post! Thanks for all the ideas, Sarah! =)

  8. You had a great month and wow, you really did accomplish a lot. Hugs, Marty

  9. Your mantle looks GORGEOUS! Simple, elegant and festive! I love the mix of metallics!
    Will you please provide the details on how you painted the aqua kids table? I bought a similar table for my daughter that I'd like to refinish for Christmas but have no idea where to start or what supplies or paint to use. Thank you! :)

    - Hope


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