Easy nautical shell art

May 09, 2014

I’ve been thinking more about what I’ll be hanging on the walls in our master bedroom…after I finish painting all of them. Who knows how long that will be. Could be years. But whatever.

It’s the one room in our house with a TON of wall space – and it’s hard to figure out what to put everywhere. I struggle with making all the walls work together.

Lately I’ve seen a lot of this art at HomeGoods and it always catches my eye:

seashell shadow box seashell art

Over the past few months I’ve seen a bunch of these at two different locations and I love them. I picked up some coral art for the room at Target months back and these would look great with it. But I didn’t want to $40 on one, especially when I knew it would be so easy to recreate. :)

So that I did! I picked up a square frame at HG for $8:

The look was exactly the same, it’s just about eight inches smaller on each side.

I wanted to pull in some color so I cut navy blue scrapbook paper and taped it to the back of the mat:

I’ve had some shells for years that I knew would work in the middle. I tried out a few and liked both of these:

 DIY beachy artDIY shell art

But ended up with one a little simpler – a sweet little starfish. :)

I ended up spray painting the frame white, but then changed direction and threw some more color on there with a navy blue again. (I blogged about my blue spray paint taste test here.)

It was quick and easy and cost me $8. Not too shabby!:

DIY beachy art

Once I get the walls painted (a light gray) and get that small gallery wall going I think it will be a great little addition! My version doesn’t have the glass on top, but I have a plan in mind to make it look more like the inspiration art. (More of a shadow box look.)

I’ll let you know if it works when the wall is put together! First up…painting the room! Good times.

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  1. Awesome! Did you place a glass over the art or did you just leave it without? It's hard to tell but looks like it's just the frame, mat and starfish.

    1. I left it without but have a plan to make it look more like a shadow box with the glass back in it. :)

  2. I love the navy blue!! I once visited a home where they had 'glued' seashells to the back of a set of shallow shelves, and some fell off. So it's pretty important to use an extremely strong glue for something like this. The glue seemed to adhere only to the paper, not the posterboard behind it.

    1. I used hot glue to the paper and so far so good! The starfish is really lightweight so hopefully it will stay.

  3. wow! It looks amazing :) You did an awesome job!

  4. This is really cute! My MIL has an ocean themed bathroom!

  5. Thank you so much for sharing this as I need to make some new art for our living room walls now that we have them painted, (only waited almost 8 yrs.).I absolutely love your shell art as it will fit right in with what I have in mind for l/r. I love the navy blue paper as back ground for the shells, show up much better. I won't have glass for front of my art either but I have to dust every 5 minutes anyway. Don't know why it's so blasted dusty/dirty out here but it is.
    Your art is fantastic and doable, love that part also.
    Just finished painting last wall which included shelves in corner. Hubs took a nasty ugly yukky cupboard out after we moved in and built shelves in corner instead. The bottom shelf was such a joy trying to paint. My agility is not what it used to be so I had to sort of squat and put head upside down so I could see to paint, fun all the time, lol. Can only use left hand as right shoulder is messed up. I was determined to get that painted since hubs said I couldn't do it. I'll show that old buzzard thing or two. He critiques everything I do and how I do it. (Better known as grumpiest old man.) Was going to hang sheets out but looks like rain again, drats, hate to put sheets in dryer. Have great week Pinning your awesome art.

  6. Hi Sarah,
    I have been wanting to make wall art for years and never seem to get around to it. This is a great idea. Just curious, did you ever cover the shell and background with glass? If so, do you have a post for it? Kim ~

    1. Not yet! I am planning on it though, I'll make sure to mention it when I do!


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