Home tour eye candy, part 2

June 18, 2014

I’m back with the second part of the home-a-rama tour I visited last week. I showed you the first two homes (including my favorite) last Friday, and today I have three more. Sit down with some coffee cause there are a TON of photos!

The third house was the most modern design of all of them and I actually quite liked it. It is a beautiful home:

I knew the inside would match and I loved most of the interior design as well. The front living room had gorgeous wood beams, a beautiful wall treatment above the fireplace and a really cool wood wall behind the TV:

tall fireplace treatment LOVE that wall!:

wood accent wall

Reminded me of my wood wall. A little. :)

This kitchen was the only non-white one of the bunch:

gray cabinet kitchen

The backsplash was a little busy for me but it was still lovely. (By the way, this house had utility rugs down everywhere to protect the floors so that’s what you see in a lot of these pics.)

The basement was HUGE and I loved this little alcove with the wood planked walls:

stained wood planked walls

It tied in beautifully with the kitchenette/bar area.

basement kitchenette medium wood

As you can see there were a lot of well done wood accents in this home. The outdoor porch ceiling was divine:

wood ceiling porch

The modern look carried through to the outdoor furniture as well.

The master bath floor was different – the two-tone design made a big impact:

I don’t think I could do this in my home but it was perfect in this one.

This wall of bubble tile behind the tub was AWESOME too:

I freaking love that bubble tile. A house at last year’s tour had it as well and it’s so fun!

I noticed the island in the closet had a lovely wood countertop, and then when I looked closer I realized it was one a DIYer could easily put together:

Even in these million dollar houses there were little touches that were attainable. :)

The next house was the most traditional from the outside:

And definitely had the most color on the inside. The decorator mixed a lot of color and pattern throughout. The dining room was really stunning in person:

floral wallpaper

The two story family room was done full out – floor to ceiling drapes, tons of molding and a lot of patterns mixed together:

two story room decorating

It was a bit much for me but really well done. Those two story rooms can be a major pain in the butt to decorate, and I love how they used molding to make more of a statement.

I just probably would have done one or two walls instead of all: decorating room with tall ceilings

The coffered ceiling was stunning too:

decorating tall ceilings

The kitchen was traditional as well, with white cabinets and a brown and cream backsplash:

white kitchen brown modern backsplash

I loved the little touches like the transom over the pantry door. I love transoms and have considered adding some in our house.

The lights over the island were gorgeous:

white kitchen design

And the outside patio was by far one of my favorites:

stone fireplace

I’ve been eyeing those outdoor poufs at Target since March but can’t figure out where they would work in our house. ;)

I thought it was cool how they constructed a huge bench with pavers:

paver bench

It was a fun element on the patio for sure.

This breakfast room right off the patio was one of my favorite rooms in the house:

pitched roof addition

Do you see the long window bench along the back? Just dreamy.

I loved how the designers used paint and painter’s tape creatively in this house. This design would take some time to get right but it makes a HUGE impact for very little money:

painter's tape designs

It’s hard to go wrong with a simple stripe – I loved the these two colors together in the basement family room:

two tone stripes

And the basement bathroom had another simple and inexpensive stripe treatment:

painter's tape stripes

The bar/kitchenette in this basement was beautiful and you can see they pulled those colors and stripes through again:

basement bar

Those lights! I love them.

I liked this birch wallpaper paired with the dark wood bench seating too:

birch wallpaper

Basements are FUN – you can take chances in a space like this!

One more simple idea I loved – this “art” in one of the kid’s rooms – it’s just molding, black paint and wood letters from the craft store:

easy DIY name art

You could do names or “eat” in a kitchen (with red letters, how fun!) – so easy and cheap!

The last house was my second favorite – the outside was cottagey and adorable:

If you can call six thousand square feet “adorable.” Sure you can. :)

They did a cool transom in some of the doorways:

"X" transom in doorways

Lovely right? I thought that was a really cool detail.

This wallpaper in the powder room was deep and dramatic and I LOVED it:

purple damask wallpaper

Again, if you want to go bold a powder room is another great place to do it!

I thought the family room and kitchen matched the outside of the house perfectly. I love when a design carries from the outside in:

cottage fireplace and built ins

The detail on the mantel was just lovely.

I love the idea of using an expensive tile you love in a small dose above the stove:

accent tile above oven

It’s a great way to pull in some color – and a lot easier to change out later (compared to the entire backsplash) if your taste changes over time.

I loved how they put the area around a doorway to good use: built ins around door

I think the detailed transom is a little much there – but I love taking advantage of space like that!

The backyard was another favorite – there were a couple levels and I loved the organic feel to everything:

landscaping with rock

When you walked up the stairs this outside room was open to a hearth room off the kitchen. All of it was SO beautiful:

outdoor hearth room

And when you walk through the hearth room you get a lovely view of the living room we already saw:

great room with white built ins

The basement was another beauty – I think there may have been a sliding barn door in every house! But this was my favorite one: 

gray sliding barn door

That’s some great wine storage too. :)

I noticed the floor and had to take a pic – they are the wood looking tile but I’ve never seen quite this finish before. It was like a distressed, linen-type look. I loved them:

distressed wood tile

I’ve seen the wood tiles before but I think I like these even more. They looked like real wood to me.

One last idea that I liked in this house – there wasn’t really a big, dedicated mud room space, so they created one with very little square footage:

mud room built ins around door

Again, I loved the look of it wrapped around the doorway. Funny how you find great space-saving ideas in these huge houses!

Whew! That’s it for the tour! I believe it’s still going on this week, today through the weekend in Westfield, IN if you are interested in going. I’m a home addict and I loved walking through them. :)

**House one was designed and built by Hoss Homes and decorated by Kittles (Tom Myers). House two was designed and built by M/I Homes and decorated by Mary Cook and Associates. The final home was built by Heartwood Custom Homes and decorated by Everything Home LLC.

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  1. I get they are show homes, but that is TOO much. So overdone. I didn't know where to look.

  2. I love the modern house the most too - inside and out! :-)

  3. What fun - I could tour houses all day, every day! Thanks for sharing!

  4. I hope you post these pictures to pinterest! The last house was to die for!!

  5. Ooooh. So many awesome design ideas and inspiration here!

  6. I LOVED touring these homes too! It was hard to choose a favorite between house #1 (G&G Custom Homes) and house #5 (Heartwood Homes). I loved how the M&I home used the wood flooring all over the house -- on the fireplace, on walls, for the basement bench! I thought that was a great tip! Did you see my post on it?!? http://jessicastoutdesign.blogspot.com/2014/06/indianapolis-home-rama-2014-in.html

  7. All looks a bit Costco to me. Not keen

  8. All of that wine!! What a great storage space for it. Love that idea. Those outdoor patios are my favorite spaces too!

  9. Am I the only one wondering why there's ribbon tied to that one toilet seat? Is that supposed to make it look cute? I'm confused...

    1. It's to remind/keep anyone from using them. Cute idea though don't you think? ;)

    2. What's the point of a toilet if you can't use it? Are these just skeleton homes that aren't actually lived in yet?

    3. It's a functional toilet but they don't want people using the bathrooms in the homes along the tours. I see this on tours and model homes all the time. :)

    4. I thought it was an eye pleasing way to get the point across. That and no tissue on the roll.
      And no, Montana, the homes are not yet lived in. I believe they are for sale, or will be.

  10. My favorite is definitely the last "cottage-ish" looking home. It reminds me of the style of many homes in the PacNW. The little shelving units around the door remind me of houses built in the early 1900s.

  11. The designs are beautiful. I like the modern design the most. as I'm still browsing for ideas to decorate my new house, your post really inspired me. Thank you for sharing.

  12. The ribbon is so that nobody makes a pit stop ;) as they are touring.

  13. They are all so beautiful. Good pictures

  14. Thanks for sharing! I LOVE Homearama, and can't wait to go next month! Always inspiring. I really love that last home, so many charming elements. The two story family room was a bit overdone for my taste, but the rug in there is amazing! Thanks again - I can't get enough of these home tours!

  15. do you know if they have a list of where you can find the items from the houses? There were aspects of all of them that I loved!

  16. Thank you again for taking us on this second leg of the home tour. I will soon (I hope) be in the market for lighting and flooring, so that is what I enjoyed seeing. I agree with your fascination of the "linen-look" flooring in that last home. I kind of think it might have been designed trying to duplicate the look of cross-hatched saw marks on wood? The outdoor areas were beautiful, and the lots and landscaping were gorgeous. I am guessing they were at least 1/3, or maybe even 1/2 acre lots? Enjoyed your photos.

  17. Thanks for the great pics. Home tours at a distance! Is there some way you might find out who the manufacturer of that flooring is? (The 'linen-look' one). We're doing wood look tile in our condo and I LOVE that one!

  18. What inspiration, so pretty, love the light feel of these rooms! I've been considering the tile that looks like wood. It's hard to see in the pic but did they grout?

  19. Love these tours, so many great ideas from each house!

  20. Lots of great inspiration in these pictures. Thanks for sharing them!

  21. Wow, I love the inspiration from this house! I wish I had the means to make my house look that good. For now we're just living with free furniture we found off Craigslist. Someday I hope to unleash my creativity and go crazy decorating a house!
    Shelly Slader | http://www.ravendecor.com/listing.asp?dept_id=36210&nopopup=1


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