Disaster house

July 16, 2014

Well, the first day I was pretty cool. This isn’t so bad! (I said in my head.) The next few days weren’t bad either. Then I went away for a conference and the work was happening while I was gone. Best way to do it, in my opinion.

This week, however -- the renovation is getting messy. There comes a point when you just determine it’s a lost cause and you give up and go rock in a corner. OK, not rocking yet. Just a little twitch.

The floors. Wow. Every day I clean them and it doesn’t matter. Why do I do this? WHYYYY?:

Cause if you clean one spot you walk through another covered in dust and it just drags it back to the clean one. What’s that definition of insanity again?

So…not messing with that anymore. The floors are getting restained here anyway so in the end it’s not a big deal.

We dumped all the stuff from my office and the family room in the front of the house that first day and I haven’t touched a thing since:

I think about taking them somewhere else, but I’m not exactly sure where somewhere else is right now. So I’ll wait it out another week.

All of his normal “perches” are a mess right now, so this is where he sits all day:

We just dragged the chairs into the dining room…two weeks ago…and haven’t moved them since:

The big box I have no excuse for – it’s a return that has now become part of hubby’s “desk.” Hmmm.

Let’s talk about that desk. In the summer he hates working in the basement without natural sunlight. TOTALLY get it and I’m cool with it.

I’m cool with it. I’m cool with it. I’m…

OK, it drives me crazy. But I love him and I deal. :)

And for real…mine’s no better:

Still trying to figure out why I have a roll of toilet paper on there. Maybe it’s best I don’t know.

I’m still so excited about this whole thing that I’m OK with the mess. I figure it’s going to be like this for at least another week. Once I get past next Wednesday things will be wrapping up and I can do a massive clean up. Thankfully the weather has been AMAZING so the windows are open and it at least smells fresh and clean.

The end result is worth it and I’m still giddy that we are able to do this!! I like to share the bad with the good around here so there you go – my house as it looks right now. Don’t you want to come over?

P.S. I am crying laughing right now that these images have the “Pin it” button on them.

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  1. I love to see "real" pics and read your "real" thoughts! Now I know that my thoughts are not so far out there when we've done a remodel! I always say though it has to get worse before it can get better! It's going to be fantastic, keep the faith!! Kathy@The Daily Nest

  2. I love how he is working with the chaos all around him. My husband does the same thing while I get all twitchy. Don't worry about the mess. Once it's done you will be excited to clean and organize just so you can see what it looks like. I can't wait!

  3. I would much rather see a box being used as a desk and a rouge roll of TP with no specific purpose than a ''picture perfect" room! ;-)

  4. Thanx for sharing and this too shall pass. I think the only thing I would hate is the floor, simply because my long haired little dog would track all of that stuff up onto all of the furniture. It will be worth it. Breathe. Count to ten. All will be well. It will be fantabulous! ;)

  5. I always love that you keep it real girlfriend. It ALWAYS gets worse before it gets better, and cleaning right now is like chasing your tail...you just keep going round and round, LOL. Hang in there. It is going to be beautiful!!

  6. Toilet paper = kleenex here at my house. So I'd have thought nothing of it if you hadn't said something. :)

  7. You'll get through it...just think of the end result. Don't worry, I won't pin anything!...

  8. I thought you said you were moving your office up to the loft? Why not take your office stuff up there for now?

  9. HA! Keeping in real, girl - love it! I'm totally in the same boat - we're in the middle of a kitchen/laundry (whole house, really) reno and the house is a disaster!! To top it off, we have no kitchen (completely gutted) no laundry (space is being converted) and my family is coming down from Michigan this weekend. Lol... I may or may not be rocking in the corner as I type this ;)

  10. Thank you for keeping it real! That is how I feel most days living in a house full of men:) my youngest (autistic) loves to scatter dirt throughout the house. All. Day. Long. If you don't shake him down coming through the door, that is. I could totally see my husband "repurposing" a box as part of his desk! Hang in there! It's gonna look awesome in the end - and think of all the memories you'll have;)

  11. I feel ya, girl... I'm glad to see my house isn't the only one that gets turned upside down in the summertime! This summer in particular, I'm trying to get lots of items gathered and made for a booth I'm opening in an antique mall and it's just too dang hot to do any of it out in the garage. Plus, we're in the middle of a laundry room re-do so there is stuff all over my kitchen and dining room. The new cabinet doors cover the dining room table and my craft and paint supplies are all over the kitchen table. We don't even have a place to eat right now! We've been picnic-ing it on the couch with paper plates for two weeks. I can't wait to see your finished room. You always have the greatest vision! So try to stick it out. It'll all be over soon - just try to keep it at a low twitch and not a full-on rock!

  12. We are doing our second floor over right now so boy oh boy do I know what you are talking about. It is driving me CRAZY even though I know it will be beautiful when we are through. Incidentally I made your Banana Bread recipe and it was delicious which was funny because I forgot to put the butter in it.

  13. I can't wait to see the results of this project. I don't know of anyone who has taken on this kind of renovation and moved their entire fireplace and I just think it's so cool that you followed your heart and are going for it! It's really inspiring actually. I think we all have visions of our homes knowing their full potential but get easily discouraged because they seem out of reach. You're proving that anything is possible when you take the bull by the horns.

  14. I'm feeling your pain, and reading this is making me feel better :) we are redoing our kitchen/family room and I'm also dealing with dust from chipped up tile, furniture shoved in various rooms, walls needing drywall and an entire Ikea kitchen sitting in boxes in the guest room (at least I not have to worry about having guests!lol). Keep calm and carry on! The end result will be fantastic!

  15. I love that you take real pictures instead of it perfectly staged!!

  16. I was going to kid you about how many pics I pinned too.
    Just keep thinking about all the GALAS you will be having with that crazy amount of additional floor space. ! Thanksgiving? Christmas? Your great big beautiful blended fam! Wahoo! (just trying to help here. Maybe I'm not helping.)
    But really, all the projects you do, and I am on this side of the screen getting the heebs by the dirt and such, and you always seem so calm. So it is actually somewhat comforting to have you do a next week follow up. [where you are uh,slightly less than calm.]
    Funny how Bub & his Daddy are just biz as usual.
    Hang in there!

  17. I considered pinning the photo of your hubby with the caption "Husbands don't care about home decor", but I restrained myself. I have lived through renovations before and feel your pain. Right now I need to have the floors redone in my 2 bedroom condo and the thought of all that dust and chaos makes me question why I would even consider it.
    Hang in there - it will be wonderful soon!!

  18. Hopefully the end result will be so worth it, can't wait to see it! :)

  19. Can we get a cookie if this time we find a perfect spot in the house :) thanks for letting us follow along ! Sending good reno vibes your way

  20. Ah, toilet paper in the living room. Happens all the time here!

  21. YOU'RE FUNNY! :)

  22. It's the moments like this that make you truly appreciate the space when it's finished and clean, right? It's going to be AMAZING!

  23. I feel for you! Last spring we had carpet and wood put down on the entire house and everything in the house was inside the garage for almost a week...never been so out of sorts in my whole life, why we did the whole thing at once is beyond me! Hang in there, once it's finished you'll forget the whole thing...sorta lol I still have flash backs!!

  24. Thanks for making my house feel normal :-). Can't wait to see the big reveal!!

  25. Hey all we did was paint our living room (small I have to admit) and it seemed whole house was a disaster. Had piles of stuff all down front hallway for weeks it seemed like. Eeeeekkkkk!!!
    Then there was time when we had 4 kids and all their friends dropping in, staying for supper. Life does go on, we just put these standards on ourselves and expect a mess to look good. Not happenin' gal. You are so brave to take on all you have been doing. You'll love it when you're done.
    Men just don't get it so they can totally ignore any messes. Do men get some kind of special gene we don't get (besides being men that is)?
    We had our kitchen cupboards in boxes for over a year in our dining room in KY. Hubs was gone on road so every time we thought we could get even one cupboard up he'd have to leave for days again. We pretty much rearranged layout of kitchen so not something we could do real quick. Not easy living with that but you get thru it then wonder why was it so hard? At least we didn't have kids running around. Happy summer days and renovation

  26. Comfortable house with nice decoration!


  27. I feel your pain. This has been my life for the past 9 months during our extension.



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