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September 09, 2014

The reason I blog (and love blogging) is to inspire others to try to do what I do. Not only for women to experiment with a tool and try something out for themselves, but just for everyone in general to love their homes and make them more “them” -- no matter what home they’re in.

So I LOVE getting photos from readers sharing the projects they’ve done that were inspired by one of mine. Of course it’s not always the exact project – I’d be thrilled if you hung a picture on the wall for the first time. Go ahead and send me a picture of that too. ;) But these are some that were inspired by specific projects I’ve done.

My DIY tufted headboard is king-sized and cost less than $100 to make:

DIY tufted headboard

I don’t think I have a full shot of it against the dark gray wall and I’m not going to make my bed this morning to take a picture so this is best I’ve got:

gray paneled wall

;) Have I mentioned I hate making the bed?

Mario used the tutorial and created this navy and white beauty for less than $60!:

DIY headboard instructions

Gorgeous! It’s hard to see but it’s tufted with navy buttons too – so pretty.

Lauren wrote all the way from Australia and shared her gorgeous version:

modern tufted headboard

I’m going to see if I can get a better shot from her but I had to share it because it looks SO good. The rectangle shape and all those tufts give it a more modern look.

I hear from a lot of folks who use my bookcases made with kitchen cabinets as their inspiration:

DIY built in bookcases

Vicky’s husband made a similar set and they turned out so well!:

DIY built ins with beadboard

I LOVE the shelves trimmed out in the same stain as the butcher block and the beadboard on the backs. You can see more of their version on her blog here.

Tammy emailed me with her version recently and I fell in love with it. So many homes have the fireplace in the middle of the wall like hers:

white brick fireplace

Using the cabinets as bases they created a really beautiful wall with lots of storage:

fireplace with built ins

She did such a lovely job decorating too!

A lot of you get the guts to tear your carpet off your stairs after you read how I did the same to mine: painted risers stained treads stairs

Those are some of my favorite emails. ;) Jen has a very similar stair layout to ours and they look SO good: stained stairs

Oh my – I will never tire of painted risers and stained treads. Classic.

She did the same wall treatment as mine on her big walls that are hard to figure out:

molding squares on wall

She sent this to me near Christmas by the way – she’s not decorating this early. At least I don’t think. ;)

Spray paint is one of the EASIEST and cheapest ways to update fixtures, accessories, whatever. Lynn saw how well the spray paint held up on my outdoor light fixtures:

spray painting outdoor lights

And decided to try it out on her shower fixtures! Whoot!!:

spray painting faucet

She sanded, primed and then sprayed them oil rubbed bronze and said they are holding up well – at least as long as it had been since she emailed me. Lynn said she also let them sit out in the sun to “bake” after she sprayed them – good idea. I love how she used the rock tiles in her shower too!

Goodness, this kind of stuff makes me all puffy and proud for you all. LOVE it. I try to keep track of your projects that you send but if you’ve emailed me one and I didn’t share it, let me know!

Have you tried something inspired by a blog? If you have be sure to let them know – it’s such a huge compliment to hear from you! :)

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  1. wow so many great inspirations. Thanks for doing what you do :)

  2. Oh, that fireplace wall of Tammy's! It's so perfect. I love everything about it, including the iron thing above the fireplace (I have the exact same one over mine). I haven't copied anything big like that (yet!), but I did make a square leaf wreath a few years ago inspired by yours:

  3. I love the headboard you made. Actually, I have really enjoyed all of the projects I have seen of yours. We are in the process of adding bead board to our mud/laundry room. Appliances are staying there. But, we did add a laundry tub and some cabinets above the washer and dryer. We also tiled the floor, along with replacing the hollow core doors with solid ones. We also seem to start other projects as well and have a few going at a time. I will send you pics when it is done.

  4. How are your exterior lights holding up after being spray painted in 2010? I am considering doing the same thing and am curious how it has lasted.

  5. I am so inspired by the stairs! Mine are carpeted-but only half way!? Showing hubby a.k.a. The muscle your post now.

  6. That is so awesome that you inspired these people and then they sent you pictures of what they did, how cool is that. Thank you for sharing with all of us, have a great week. :-)

  7. As soon as winter comes and I can no longer do outdoor projects, I'm going to re-do the wall behind my bed using yours as inspiration. I can't wait!

  8. Seeing what you smart talented bloggers do is one of big reasons I subscribe and can't wait to see what you've done to inspire us. I don't always use what I see but sometimes I take parts of what you've done to use in my situation. I have notebooks full of print outs with projects I've particularly liked and thought I might do some day. Once in while will go thru them,maybe something will inspire me if I'm in a slump. Seems like every home I see on blog land is so beautiful. Full of wonderful accessories and ideas for displays. You all must have to work your fannies to grind stone to keep your homes so nice. Wasn't til my kids (4) got into teens I could keep our home looking better. You all deserve a big Bravo for all your hard work. Happy week

  9. That is so neat to see what projects others have done from seeing yours. I, also, wanted to do a headboard but I found one in the pile of wood to be burned here at my house (My son was cleaning up a place he had bought and threw all kinds of things away. I'm alarmed at what I might have missed. Yikes!) that I repainted just a few days ago. So I don't know when I'll do that headboard. :) But I do love your blog. There's always so much inspiration here.

  10. OK new to this, lost all of my comment, so to make it quick...You have been inspiring me for the last two years! I have made a lot of changes to my house, and made several projects. I just started my own blog for fun to show off my projects and maybe inspired someone like you have me.

  11. Sarah, you totally nailed it. That is why we blog. Lady, you starting inspiring me two years ago when I accidentally stumbled across DIY blogs. I did not know such a thing existed. I stayed up late looking at all your post and having DIY overload from reviewing past Before and After parties. lol THANK YOU for sharing all your creativity. In turn, I was inspired to start my own blog. I need to post inspiration pictures readers have sent me. Isn't is awesome how the creativity and inspiration keeps getting paid forward!? Love it! :D

  12. Wow that's really awesome! All these things turned out so well.

  13. I adore the bookcases idea but we rent! I'd have to make them movable and then who knows if they'd fit in a new home :(


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