Small basement kitchenette wall reveal

January 13, 2015

Easy way to add storage and decor over a small kitchenette! 

This was our little basement kitchenette last year:

stencil on gray wall

We had the cabinets installed and then I installed the countertop and painted the cabinets. Then I jazzed it all up with a fun stencil.

A few months later we had the sink installed and since then it’s been a really functional spot. Love it! I’ve always wanted storage up above but knew cabinets would feel too heavy and would block the lighting.

So I picked up these shelves and the EKBY BJÄRNUM brackets from IKEA awhile back. (Sorry, didn’t mean to shout those at you in caps, but I copied and pasted that from their site cause I’m not even trying to spell that.) I could have just used basic stained wood for the shelves but these were the exact color I wanted and they were done, which is nice once and awhile:

That’s actually one shelf – I cut it in half for this wall. So I only used two shelves total. The brackets were easy to install – some of them I got right into a stud:

installing ikea shelves

And for the others I had to use anchors:


You just install one side, then place the shelf and bracket on the other side, make sure it’s level and then mark where your anchors need to go. When you have the anchors in, put the shelf and bracket back up and then secure it to the wall. You have to insert the shelf first!

Funny thing was I’ve put this off forever and it took less than an hour to finish up. Typical! I wasn’t concerned about how strong they were because this one tested them out immediately:

Of course he did.

My original plan was to hang three on each side, but I thought that would get a little busy. We don’t need a ton down here – just a few plates and smaller items so the four hold everything perfectly!:

ikea wood shelves metal brackets

Here’s the basic sink we put in – it’s just a drop in but very deep. I gotta have a deep sink to hide the dirty dishes. ;) I went pretty basic with the faucet too and didn’t add a sprayer. Kinda wish I would have but we don’t use this sink a ton:

basement kitchenette sink

I was using what we had to fill the wall – the dishes were on clearance last year, the basket holds towels and washcloths, the ball jars serve as glasses and the sign above is one I made years ago:

ikea shelves metal brackets

It all came together just like I envisioned it!:


I may add a mirror to the middle to see how that looks. I don’t want it to get too busy so we’ll see about that.

Here it is with the lights off so you can see the stenciled wall a little better:

basement kitchenette shelving

We also have a small fridge and microwave down here in the stair storage. Someday I can see us adding to this spot and wrapping it around the corner to add a bar or something. For now that area to the right of the cabinets is the Bub’s indoor basketball “court” that he uses every day in the winter. :)

When he’s older we may expand it a bit. For now it’s a great little spot with everything we need for movie and laundry folding nights:

simple basement kitchenette

This basement is a dream come true – we absolutely LOVE it down there. And now that we have cold drinks and running water we can just hibernate (which we did a lot over Christmas break). By the way…pizza rolls are the BOMB in a toaster oven. Just sayin. Try it.

One project down, a million to go! :)

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  1. It looks fantastic. I love the shelving from Ikea. I'm sure you'll get a ton of use out of this space.

  2. A mirror that looks like a window would be perfect! I love it!

  3. I want your basement. It's like an apartment! Beautiful kitchenette. I would definitely put it to good use if that was my space.

  4. I love those shelves! I think that a mirror in the center would look fantastic :)

  5. Looks beautiful. Are those Quoizel lights? I bought three for our kitchen gut/reno and I love them so much, even though they aren't actually hanging yet. LOL

    1. Thank you! They are these:
      Love the look!

    2. Wow! Great deal. These are the ones I bought. Two for my new island and one for above the sink.

  6. Looks so chic and yet so functional!!!! Great job as always Sarah!

  7. I love everything about this space, but I especially love the shelves. We're planning a trip to visit family in Atlanta in February and I hope we can fit in a trip to Ikea. I want these shelves in my laundry room over my washer and dryer!!
    Bertie DeWane

  8. such a great little space! love the accent wall and the little shelves!

  9. The stencil really is great and I also think a mirror would add to everything. I LOVE those lights and would love to know where you got them because I am looking for lights in my kitchen over my island.

    1. They were from Lowe's!

  10. Looks terrific - Well done! love those shelves and the look of those brackets. I think a mirror would be a great idea too!

  11. It looks great! Did you know you can get a little end to screw on the faucet that swivels and if you pull it down, it turns the water flow into a spray?. I love mine.

  12. I can't believe how handy you are! Ha ha. I love this, it looks so nice. I really wish we had a basement! Also, I think a mirror would look terrific and not too busy.

  13. Really It looks fantastic and I like those lights and would like to know where you got them.


  14. I was thinking a simple mirror would be great there as well ;)

  15. I vote for a mirror....and a shelf for the kitty to stand on. :)

  16. It looks great! I've always wanted to use those shelves somewhere. I love the idea of extending it as a bar later. I just realized I haven't spent any $ this month until yesterday. It's just too cold to go out. I'd much rather cozy up in your basement. ;)

  17. Shelving made a huge difference on that beautiful stenciled wall! Seems as if your cat poses for pic. :-)

  18. Love it. haha ~ love your kitty up on the shelf. :)

  19. Love the pendants! I found these which if they aren't exact, they are super close:

  20. Basketball & mirrors don't mix. I would consider one of those wall paper "views" you could frame it like a window. Washing dishes looking out at the forest...palm I looove your wall treatment!

  21. OMG! I am in LOVE with that stencil and the paint! I also love the base color! Could you cite the base color here? I can't seem to find it in the previously referenced projects. I'm seriously drooling over here (Cleanup on aisle 6!)


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