Storing large appliances in the kitchen

February 23, 2015

I really want to start to get things a little more organized in the kitchen as I work on the makeover.

I’ve had the tools I’ve been using on the new window seat build and the kitchen island expansion tucked away inside the window seat:

window seat storage

And it’s been AWESOME to have a spot to hide everything and not have to drag it out every time I worked on something. But I wanted to really be able to use that space and organize it – so I was determined to get the big stuff done on the island yesterday and I did. I hope to share it with you this week (still lots of filling, caulking and painting to do) but until then be sure to follow me on Instagram for updates. :)

So oddly enough, my motivation yesterday was to get those tools out of the seat so I could start organizing the kitchen better. My plan has always been to do a major purge of the kitchen before I got into the bigger parts of the reno – I just want all the extra stuff out and I want to know what needs to go where. It helps me determine what will work and what won’t when I’m thinking about changes.

This cabinet is the one that’s a pain in my butt – do you have a drawer/cabinet/closet that is your dump zone? We have one of each – the junk drawer in the kitchen (that I can barely close right now), the coat closet and this cabinet. They are where random things go to live:

I just shared this cabinet with you a year ago when I cleaned it out last and made that simple shelf with scrap wood. It looks bad in that photo above but the before before was way worse. ;) You like how I make myself feel better by saying that? Yeah.

It stores all of the larger platters nicely: 

DIY shelf in kitchen cabinet

Ninety percent of our entertaining and serving dishes are in these built ins in the old dining room:

wall of built in storage

But because they are only 12 inches deep I have to keep the larger platters in this kitchen cabinet. I tell you what – that little shelf I made has helped SO much! It’s so nice to easily slide them in and out…when there’s not 50 things in front of it anyway, like lately.

I’ve been waiting for this day for so long – when I first dreamed of a window seat I knew I’d gain some great storage from it. I was able to move about half of what was in this cabinet to that space and then move some items that were piled up in other cabinets into this one:

organizing kitchen shelves

I am planning on building another shelf just like the one on the left for the items I placed in there. I’ve learned that cabinets pretty much are a deep abyss…drawers are so much easier for storage! I find that simple shelf helps to keep things in place so I think I’ll do a two-tiered one on the right.

Most of those items on the right were piled up on the little shelf in this cabinet in the island:

I loathe that little shelf. Do you have one of these? If you have more than one item there you can’t get to it unless you get down on the floor and adjust everything. So I took it out:

storage in kitchen cabinets

It put up a good fight but I removed it with a jigsaw and a lot of pulling, pounding and cursing. :)

Now I can fit taller items in that cabinet which is great. I plan to build pull out drawers in this cabinet but it’s already so much nicer to not fight with that shelf. I’m doing the same in the other one in the island too.

But my favorite part is this space:

window seat storage

Awwww yeah! Every time I would walk more things over to this spot I would say “This is AMAZING.” I LOVE IT!

Who knew something this pretty could be so functional too?:

bay window seat

I placed things I don’t use quite as often in there – the only thing I’ll reach for more is the crock pot. It’s easy to access though so it’s not a big deal. Way easier than a digging expedition in the cabinet. ;)

Oh my, it is always such a great feeling to find that perfect spot for stuff, right? Especially in the kitchen. So much STUFF in the kitchen. Do you have any organization tricks you use in yours? I love finding different ways to organize.

I’m off to fill some nail holes! :) I really hope to share the finished island with you this week.

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  1. "I loathe that little shelf. Do you have one of these? If you have more than one item there you can’t get to it unless you get down on the floor and adjust everything." YES! Why is the shelf only HALF the depth of the cabinet? Why isn't it a full shelf...I loathe it as well, but I don't think I can take it out and still store enough things in mine. I may have to consider it though. I have several lower cabinets with this stupid half shelf thing. Cheap builder choices (our home was new, but we didn't build it).

  2. OK, now you need to access that yummy space behind the bench in the mudroom!

  3. After your post about how many ( Name the kitchen clutter of your choice) do I need? I got busy cleaning out my cabinet and keeping only a few casserole dishes, etc. I was able to gift my extras to my daughter in law who could USE them. What a help in making my kitchen cabinets neater! Thanks for encouraging us to think outside the box...or the window seat!:)

  4. I lovvvve that window seat!! Would someday like to have one where I could curl up and read.

  5. All of my lower cabinets have those little unmovable shelves and they drive me bonkers!! I've threatened to take them all out.

  6. I definitely heart your window seat, TDC.

    A couple of weeks ago I finally got around to sticking up (Command strips to the rescue!) a couple of lightweight plastic magazine holders on the insides of our lower cabinet doors. Our small cutting boards and the lids for our 50-leventy plastic storage containers now have a specific place to live, which means they no longer cascade onto my feet every time I open those cupboards. I highly recommend this tactic! It's embarrassing to admit that I saw this idea on Pinterest about 6 months ago and just finally did it, but I'm pretty happy it's worked out so well.

    I'm posting anonymously because I can't remember or find the password to my Google account. Organization is definitely a process - not a one-time event - for me.

    Rebecca M

  7. I gotta admit that I was drooling at the thought of a hidden place in the kitchen for tools and paint and supplies. It would be EPIC. The kitchen stuff can live in the garage :)
    Seriously though - it looks great! You rocked it lady!
    xo - kb

  8. I totally agree that cabinets are horrible abysses! We have several deep ones that are SO hard to keep organized. Maybe sometime I'll share a pic of the one over our oven so you can see. It's bad. :D

    My only real organization tip for the kitchen is just not to have too much stuff. :/ It's something I've learned over the years. Also, we do use some storage in the garage (which is off the kitchen) for larger bulky items like the crockpot, steamer (hardly gets used), stand mixer, etc. That helps. Keeping the kitchen organized is an ongoing challenge for me!

  9. I feel ya! I took the coat closet in our kitchen area and filled it with shelves for all the appliances and some baking stuff. It's AMAZING how much of that stuff there is! Three ice cream makers, a crock pot, a roaster oven, waffle iron, sandwich maker, toasty arepa maker, (Venezuelan food necessity) blender, food processor, griddle, big cast iron stuff, etc. It's so nice to have one place for all of that big stuff.

    But if I ever do the built ins in my dining room maybe a lot of that stuff will go there and I'll have a coat closet? But I doubt it. I think we would never use that closet for coats anyway, because most people enter through the front door and it's near the garage entrance.

    Besides, if I ever really get my way I'll change the office into a butler's pantry and the dining room into an office and that closet will be my pantry, while I rip out the other pantry for one of those huge restaurant refrigerators. Sigh... a girl can dream.

  10. The only trick I have is the one you use about the little shelf for the cupboard with platters. I had my father-in-law build a few for mu cupboards so that things are not so on top of each other and therefore are easier to get out. So I wholeheartedly endorse the little shelves!

  11. I'm so jealous of your organization! I have 0 space to store my vases & trifle bowls...the platters, forget about it! Your window seat is literally perfect, but I really, really love that little shelf you built-you're so handy!

    xoxo, SS

    The Southern Stylista

  12. You did a great change in your kitchen and everything is stored perfectly. I need to do some changes in mine as well. Your organization is perfect!

  13. Great Job. That window seat looks amazing. I found your blog through Pinterest, I was checking out microwave cabinets and saw your kitchen island and stayed to keep reading. I am building a small house and looking for some great organization ideas. We are going to have a window seat next to the kitchen for storage too. And I love those lights. It is refreshing to read you working on all of these projects yourself. Great blog!


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