Friday, February 6, 2015

No Spend Month Review

Hello there and welcome to what will be a crazy busy weekend for us! It’s going to be packed but will be a fun one for sure.

As many of you know, last month was a no spend month for me. I usually do this one month out of the year and I think I’ll make every January that month from now on. It was just what I needed after the hustle and bustle and SPENDING during the holidays. During these months I don’t spend on anything DIY or decor and it usually spills over to other things like clothes and other extra stuff too. I do still go out to eat though. :)

My to do list is still very long but did get a lot done! My first big project of the year (I actually think I got it done at the end of last year) was cleaning out the disaster that was our storage room:

storage room organization

I don’t think you can appreciate the after unless you go see the before. ;) It is so nice to have it organized again and to have some empty space on the shelves!

Next up I shared the plan for our long-awaited kitchen redo:

chalkboard in kitchen

Don’t you love the beautiful island? It’s looked like that since our family room renovation in the summer of last year. :) I’m SO excited about the potential for this space people!! I’ve already made great progress in the past week (I am in beast mode after that no spend month) and you can see our pretty new window seat here.

Most of the projects I completed during the month were those I had laying around or on the list forever. I finally completed our little basement kitchenette by hanging the shelves that I’ve had since last summer:

basement kitchenetteI didn’t want to do upper cabinets – I knew it would feel too heavy, so the small shelves are perfect. We don’t have a ton of things to store in that area anyway.

I tell you what – you get a LOT done around the house when you’re not spending money. I decluttered like crazy and shared some of my favorite clutter busters in this post:

organizer for little tools

It seems like I use that little organizer nearly every day – it is awesome!

I got started on the first project in the kitchen by adding new door trim and starting the board and batten around the pantry as well:

glass door on pantry

It wasn’t completed when I shared it (no baseboards) but I’m always shocked at the power of white paint and a little bit of trim! It made such a difference and really brightened up that spot. It’s almost done now – just have to finish painting the boards I put up this week.

As I was decrapifying the house I realized there are five things we keep around that we had WAY too many of. So many of you agreed but some of you are magical people that don’t have enough cups! ;)

decluttering tips

A lot of what I accomplished over the month were little projects that had been bugging me for months. I got a ton done in our master bathroom:

hanging glass votive holders

And I actually feel like I accomplish a lot more when I get the smaller stuff knocked out. I shared more of the little stuff like hanging art I’ve had leaning against the wall for a year:

DIY shelf behind washer and dryerOne of the simplest projects I got done was an easy (and free for me) frame I put on the art my son and I made:

DIY frame around canvas

It was just a canvas and I knew it needed a little something to set it off and the black frame is perfect!

Have you ever tried a spending freeze like this? I found last month to be incredibly relaxing really. We stayed home a LOT more – running out to run errands actually became a chore because we were home so much and loved it. I used less gas and my car (and house!) stayed a lot cleaner. I may do this more than once a year! ;)


  1. I love no spending time. You realize how much you can do with what you have. It looks like you accomplished a lot without running out for small items to "finish" projects. Sometimes it just takes a rule for yourself to resist the urge to add more!

  2. I love that bench. Did you make it? Was it once a coffee table?

  3. Love the idea of a no spend month. Especially right after the holidays.

  4. I've followed along with your no-spend months for awhile now and have been inspired to do 'Frugal February' with a friend. Obviously, it is still early days but I am getting so much done -- like you, I have the supplies on hand to do about 50 projects that I've been putting off. Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. Love, love no-spend months! Try to do it often as I get so much more accomplished than running around finding treasures to buy. One new discovery I would love to share with you( just as I see your glass cupboard) is that magazine holders on their side (clear ones are so versatile!) will house water bottles perfectly!

  6. I've done a no-spend month, but it was VERY strict: we could buy groceries & gas for the cars, but that was it. No eating out, no extra spending at the market, NOTHING else. It was really tough, but also eye opening regarding how much we fritter away. We're doing another one in April, and I''m sort of looking forward to it.

  7. I am inspired to try a no-spend month! I agree, January would be a great start date, but I can't wait 11 more months or I will forget all about it! Thanks for the great ideas!

  8. Doing the no spending month (great idea!) and it's going great so far. Husband and I are now using creativity in different ways!


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