DIY puffy paper hearts

February 13, 2015

Hello my friends! Welcome to FriYAY, so happy it is here!

I have a super quick and easy Valentine’s Day craft for you today. These are little but make a big statement when grouped all together. I would have shared this earlier in the week but just found it myself a couple days ago. :)

I saw this idea here and there is a printable there that I will refer you to that makes this incredibly easy to bust out. I just printed that out on some red cardstock I had, cut them out and then made them “puffy”:
Make puffy 3D hearts with paper

I did this slightly differently than in the directions – I thought it was a little difficult to puff them up the way she did (probably my thick paper) so I just folded one side of the heart over the other just a bit to make it three dimensional and then glued:
puffy paper hearts

I hung them with some tape on the back and most of them have stayed up! The guy in this picture has realized he can knock them off so that’s been a fun game for him and not for me:
puffy heart craft
As you can see, I spread them out all over the chalkboard in the kitchen. I love the red against the black! (And yes, I have almost painted those plates numerous times but then realized I’m still going to have white switches so I still haven’t done it just yet.)

It took about thirty minutes to cut them all out (I did about a page and a half of hearts) and get them hung. You could make them today and surprise the kids when they get home! Or just do it for you cause it’s CUTE!

Have a GREAT weekend my friends, take care!
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  1. Super cute! BTW- you can order standard light switches & outlets in black for under $5. You can check stock at Lowe's but they probably don't stock black in the store, not sure about HD...

  2. Love the red against the chalkboard----soooo cute!

  3. I agree with Jordyn's comment. These do make a huge impact. It's a bonus that they're so easy to make from year to year; you don't even have to store them until next February.
    I don't know how good your electrical skills are, but are you aware that black outlets, switches and covers are available? This would seem like an easier fix than painting the covers. In my experience with that they seldom hold up well.
    Hope you and your family have a happy Valentine's Day and a great weekend.

  4. Cute idea!


  5. Would looove to know how you keep your fridge so darn shiny!

  6. Such an adorable idea! I love it and love how you decorated with them!

    Have a great weekend and valentines :)


  7. You are officially adorable. Honestly. I love this idea--what fun and what a smile they could bring to a loved one's face! :)

    Hope you and your beloveds have a great Valentine's Day!

  8. Love the hearts and your chalkboard wall. Now if I can make a bunch before dh gets up!
    PS covering switch plates with paper softens them and you can relate to both the switch and the background.

  9. really cute! i'm thinking of sticking two of these together then hanging them using a thin needle :) thanks for sharing this!

  10. Could you spray paint the light switches all over with plastic adhering spray paint? I'd try it on a switch plate first ~ they're inexpensive. Just a thought. I've enjoyed visiting your blog.


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