Peppercorn and Whitestone grays in the master

June 26, 2015

I started the redo on our bedroom two years ago when I made our tufted headboard for cheap. It kicked off lots of changes in here and I've loved every one of them along the way. 

The paneled gray wall was the next big project and I left the other walls the original color till I had time to paint: 

tornado watch paint color

Apparently I haven't had time in two years. ;) 

I know it looks like I purposely took the worst before photo possible, but this is how the space looked -- a mess. It was a drop zone and the gallery wall I was never in love with -- I just kind of put stuff up. And the desk/console (I thought it was a desk and many of you thought it was a TV console and I think you're right! Ha!) was a paint job gone wrong and it has sat up here since. It was never supposed to be there long and then you know what happens...

The dark gray and the old gray green color didn't look too bad together, unless you looked up close: 

And the walls in here are an absolute MESS. This color has been on the walls for nearly 11 years and it shows. I've hung tons of stuff and over the years so there are a bunch of holes and scuffs and dust and it was a mess. It looked so dirty and gross close up. 

I've decided to tackle one wall at a time in here since the ceiling goes so high. It's a bit terrifying to get the upper corners and the large wall our TV is on, so I'm taking my time. And each wall will get some minor changes along with the paint anyway. 

The color I've had sitting and waiting for over a year is a Benjamin Moore color called Whitestone -- I have all my paints mixed in Sherwin Williams because I just prefer it. I did a satin finish and it took two coats to get the green covered up. I loved it immediately!: 

perfect light gray paint color

I mean, LOVE! So much better! This really is a lovely light gray color. It doesn't lean any weird way like purple or pink -- it's definitely has a darker base that gives you a true gray. 

If you remember, I talked here about how couldn't decide between a dark and cozy bedroom and a light and bright one. So I decided to not decide and do both. ;) The dark headboard wall gives us the cozy and these walls are a welcome change that completely brighten up the rest of the space. 

I pulled a skinny bookcase from the living room (I have a new project in mind for the spot it was in) and this works SO much better here:   

sitting area bedroom

I absolutely love it all -- the new wall color is wonderful and I seriously can't wait to get moving on the rest of the walls (even though my hands are sweating at the thought of climbing the ladder that high). And I just love that etagere there! It was so busy and crowded before. 

This opens up things considerably: 

bookcase with cut outs

I literally just threw some stuff on here to share it today -- but I'm actually pretty happy with it. We have a TON of books and are running out of room for them on our huge DIY bookcase in the old dining room (because I like to have a little decor on there as well). Since we read so often in bed it's nice to have a spot for them here too. 

I've been thrilled with the transformation every step of the way and this new wall color has me so excited to get this space done. I am sloth-like when it comes to making over most rooms but it helps me to make decisions that I'm happy with long term. :) 

I'm adding the new wall color to that list! Here's the before again as a reminder: 

tornado watch paint color

And the after that I love so much more: 

whitestone paint color benjamin moore

The bonus is I didn't spend a dime to do it! :) I mean, other than paint. But if you buy it a year ago does that even count? 

If you have any questions about the master bedroom you can see the progress here or feel free to ask in the comments. :) Hope you have a wonderful weekend!! 

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  1. Sarah....if you were going for 1 shade darker than the BM Whitestone, what would it be?

  2. Oh my! YES. SO much better! I love it! :)

  3. Wow what a difference! It brightens up the space so much, and it pairs much better with the dark grey focal wall. I love the light & white accessories you paired with it, a great little vignette it opens up the space huge! Can't wait to see the entire room :)

    Lauren Baxter | LB Designs

  4. Does the bookcase look as creamy in person as it does on the monitor? I always get wiggy about mixing whites.

  5. Beautiful, Sarah! Love the new paint color and bookcase to the space!

  6. Wonderful transformation of this area! Shows the power of paint and some re-arranging. I like the tall bookcase. It highlights the beautiful (sloped) height of your ceiling. The paneled wall is fabulous!!

  7. I absolutely love the color that you chose for your bedroom, it's so clean and fresh!

    xoxo, SS

    The Southern Stylista

  8. I really LOVE the bedroom's new look! I'm almost to the end of a redo on mine -- switched from dark wood to white -- some pieces I replaced, some I "shopped" the rest of my rooms for and a few pieces I painted - I tried to do it for as little expenditure as possible, and for the most part, I did (altho' it WAS challenging -- I love to shop)! I adore your tall bookcase -- I recently repainted a dark wood ladder shelf-type piece (that had seen better days, for sure)! white and if I do say so myself am very pleased with the end result -- (I love to breathe new life into things that are somewhat past their prime, don't you)? It is so much brighter now -- I'm very happy with my light-filled nest!! Next on the agenda: my craft room (but I think I'll need a L-O-N-G siesta before I tackle THAT mess)!

  9. I love, love, love the bookcase. Where is it from?

  10. What an incredible transformation! Love it!

  11. I have to know what window treatments you have in here. I have similar colors in my bedroom: light grey, linen, navy and am struggling to find curtains. Can I get a peek at yours?

  12. What a difference a great color makes. Thanks for sharing. We're always looking for ideas.

  13. Bookcase source, please. Nice job!


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