Easy house warming gift idea

August 12, 2015

So this is a season of new beginnings, yes? School for the younger ones, college for the older ones. New freedom for some of the parents. (Sad at first but embraced more later.) :)

I'm feeling all the feels lately with school back in session and new starts happening all around us. I worked with Better Homes and Gardens to show off their products every couple of months and this month the theme was "on the move." I think this applies more than we realize this time of year. 

I almost put together a basket of items for my son's new teacher, but I didn't want to do so until I knew her a bit better. Then one of my sisters announced she had decided to move out of state so I decided to make it a package for her. She is packing up and starting her cross-country trek to Colorado today so this really was perfect timing.

My son and I had SO much fun picking out these items for her new home! I wanted to be cognizant of the fact that I don't know how she'll decorate her new place -- gifting household items can be tricky sometimes. But I found some really cute stuff that I am pretty positive she's going to love.

The fun part was that I went with a bit of a rustic theme to fit her new state of Colorado (it makes me sad just typing that) -- the items are warm and cozy and also perfect for fall! I think you'll like them too, and maybe you'll get some ideas of your own for anyone in your life making a new start. (Or for your house, that's allowed too.)

I saw these "words" bathroom items and fell in LOVE:
white bathroom accessories with writing

How fun are those? She's lived on her own for awhile now so I knew she'd already have some bathroom accessories. 

I went with this cute tray from the set instead: 
stuff tray
I figure she can use this anywhere -- bathroom, nightstand, for keys when she walks in the door. So cute. I did pick pick up the pump and the brush one for my son's bathroom. :) 

Home smells good, or at least we hope it does. I adore these candles -- I've purchased them before for myself because I love the pretty design in the glass (and they smell great): 
That sticker comes off easily so it's super pretty. These were on clearance, I hope they're not getting rid of them! I am going back for another one of these for myself -- it smells like fall to me. :) I'll also pick up a few for smaller housewarming gifts as well. 

Of course I couldn't pass up my favorite -- their wax warmers are the best and come in the cutest designs. I had to go with the tree for this theme: 
plug in wax warmers

This frame is another favorite of mine -- I showed you how I used one like it in our guest room

BHG does the coolest thing -- you just flip the paper around inside and it's a pretty photo: 
rustic wood frame BHG

I'll put a picture of the family in it but I love this option. 

I had to throw something cozy in there and this blanket is perfection:
soft plaid blanket
It is literally the softest blanket I've ever felt. It will be reeeeally hard to put this one in the box and actually send it away. I love the colors for fall and winter and it is so warm and toasty. I would totally use this as a big throw (I find most throws are too small) so if it doesn't work with her bedroom I know she'll still use it.

This is another item I'm trying hard to resist getting for our home but I think I'm going to fail on that one. :)

And of course I had to get something to wrap it all up in. Their storage cubes are great and are actually quite large when you open it all up:
striped storage bins
At $6 each it's way cheaper than a big decorative basket. 

I was quite pleased with what we pulled together. :) I wanted everything to make her feel at home in her new place. Photos, warm scents and a soft blanket will sure help: 
housewarming gift ideas

I thought about sending him off too, but she already has a crazy one of her own: 
new home gift basket ideas

We are a cat family. :) 

I think she'll love all of it! I can't wait for her to get her housewarming package. I hope she'll feel our love from Indiana: 
housewarming basket ideas
Now I have the sniffles. It's an emotional week! :) 

Do you have any go-to items you use for housewarming presents? I went a little overboard but this is for my sister. I think a throw or a candle or wax warmer is a perfect little gift -- even for a college student. (Although check on the latter for dorms.) Include some homemade cookies too. ;) 

The frame and little tray would be great little gifts for new teachers too! Love it all and love finding super cute stuff for a great price!

To see how I used BHG in our living room redo, go here
I added some rustic charm to our basement here
And see our fall kitchen table set up using BHG products here

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  1. I love housewarmimg gifts. My go to gifts tends towards consumables -- coffee or tea usually. I have given a homemade afghan, but it was a gift after they had been in the house a few months and I knew their colour scheme to pick the yarn. I'm sure your sister will love this!

  2. WOW - Next trip to Walmart, Ill be checking some of these things out! Especially those bathroom accessories!

  3. Great housewarming gift, love that plaid throw, so perfect for the upcoming fall season.

  4. Your kids already started school? Here in Minnesota, school doesn't start till the middle of September. August seems way too early to be starting school. It's still the middle of summer! The state fair hasn't even started yet. LOL!

  5. Love all that stuff!! Such a cute way to welcome someone into a new home!! That blanket is to die for and would be perfecttt for fall!! Think I'll have to head out to grab one soon!! Thanks for sharing all these goodies friend!!


  6. Love the word items and the storage totes. The totes are perfect for storing things in the closet. I've been wanting matching bins.

  7. What a loving sister you are! It makes me smile, looking at the collection of things, but a little sad for yo, too....my sister just moved down the road and miss her, too! My Girl is moving to the Big City to start her post-college life on Saturday, so I will tuck a sweet card and a Visa gift card inside - less stuff for her to pack, and I'm sure she will need things once she gets there. The end of summer DOES have a lot of feels, I agree!!

  8. I'm in love with the tray and frame! Those may become gift to me! :) I'm sure your sister will love everything and think of you every time she lights that candle. :) Hang in there!

  9. Yea! A Colby sighting. What a lovely collection of items-you are a great sister. I can picture using all of them when fall rolls around and the air gets crisp. Right now its hot and humid in Houston but it can't last forever....can it?

  10. This just made me in the mood for fall! Also, I wish I was moving to Colorado!
    Best of luck to your sister!! And look on the bright side, now you get to visit. Hello, mountain va-cay!

  11. I will be getting the scent warmers tomorrow! My favorite scented candle of all time is the BH&G Warm Rustic Woods. It reminds me of a manly-man's cologne.

  12. I have the same tree burner in my bathroom. Love it. And love their wax melts, too. My fave right now is the Fresh Pulled Taffy. It smells JUST like a strawberry Starburst. :)

  13. You find the cutest stuff from Wal-Mart! I love the blanket and the tray, those are my kind of go-to gifts for weddings or house warmings :)

    xoxo, SS

    The Southern Stylista

  14. I love all of those items, especially those picture frames!
    Thanks for sharing this great idea.

    Amanda B.

  15. thank you for sharing your new 'season'. I have been bombarded with new seasons these last few months and it is nice to know someone else is experiencing the same thing. Only child goes to first grade in two weeks, just got a puppy, one among many other stressors these last few months, (thought it would be good for him to have a 'playmate') and I am having a very hard time adjusting to it-haven't had an animal in the house for a long time. But then I thought of you, sharing about all your animals and you still have a clean, beautiful, welcoming home, so I just need to adjust to it. So glad you share your talent!

  16. Love your lovely home! Looks so nice and comfort! Thanks for sharing!


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