Magazine Dump

August 28, 2015

I've decided to start sharing some of my favorite magazine and catalog images here with you, and I'll group them in similar categories -- today it's decorating bookcases. These are actually all from catalogs, which I enjoy more than magazines. They are pure decor -- no fluff, no articles, no recipes (although I do love those occasionally too). And the best part? Totally free. Blogs and catalogs are where it's at!

This one is from Birch Lane -- I just started getting this catalog and I LOVE it. The prices are up there with Pottery Barn so I don't know that I'll purchase a lot from them, but the pages are just gorgeous and chock full of inspiration. The bookcase in this one isn't the focus of the picture but I had to include it:
styling bookcases
So well done! I love the mix of industrial-type items and more traditional ones. Love the layering as well. 

This simple one is from CB2 has a more industrial/modern feel. I love the use of plants: 
bookcases with plants
They definitely add some softness to this look, right? I'm a plant lover and find that they are the perfect addition when accessorizing. They fill in spaces so nicely and add some much needed life. 

I love this idea for a bookcase -- this is more of a hutch but why not turn it into a wine bar?: 
bookcase wine bar
Install some glass hangers, add cutting boards, cookbooks and it would look lovely in a den or dining room. The custom wine storage isn't really needed -- look for bottle storage that would fit into your shelving.

I love the use of accessories and baskets in this Pottery Barn image:
decorating bookcases
They help to hide the not-so-pretty stuff. And look -- they have a magazine obsession too! Ha!

Speaking of baskets -- who's to say you can't use them on every shelf? I quite love this look: 
baskets in bookcases
This would be great for office storage or in a craft room. You can find inexpensive baskets at Marshalls, TJ Maxx and HomeGoods all the time. The plant in the basket is another go-to for me as well. :) 

Here's another Birch Lane image that I loved: 
how to decorate bookcases
This is more of an etagere and they treated this with a lighter look that is really well done. 

I think this may be one of my favorites -- again, I love the layers. When decorating in general you want to layer and vary the heights of items whenever possible: 
decorating bookcases
You want your eye to travel up and down when looking at it -- it's visually pleasing for most. :) This one is a little busy but feels right for this time of year. I showed you how I've been adding more layers to our home in anticipation of the fall season. 

I shared my tips on decorating shelves here -- it took me a while to figure out what I wanted on our library bookcases but I've been really happy with them: 
And when I get it the way I like it, I don't change it for a very long time. ;) 

Do you have any magazines or catalogs that you love? Do you hang on to them too long like I do, or do you go through them pretty quickly? I want to be you if so. 

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  1. I go though the magazines and take out the pages that I like and save the in a file thing that I have. I love BHG, Country living, This Old House and HGTV.

  2. One thing I do to cut down on magazine is to tear out the pages I want to read and compare to the total size of the magazine - makes it real easy to stop the subscription.

    I found some inexpensive file folders (cute, plastic, five sections, cheap Target dollar section!) and designated one for each room that I want to redo. Then I went through my backlog of magazines, tearing out the applicable pictures. Now, I am going through the folders and analyzing the pictures, tossing out the duplicate ideas and highlighting what I like about the remaining pictures. Hopefully, by the time I am ready to do the renovation, I won't be waffling on choices.


  3. I too love magazines and catalogs! Just got my first Birch Lane this week so it must be kizmet. I only save my HGTV magazines and only for about a year at a time. Then I recycle them. For catalogs, I look through them and recycle immediately. The only 1 I keep is the current year IKEA.

    I find this method frees me up to be excited about the next catalog in the mail!

    Love your blog and you have very good taste,


  4. I, too, have a love of catalogs and magazines. I love Ballard, Grandin Road, and of course, all Pottery Barn catalogs. HGTV and Do It Yourself are keepers.

  5. One good place to donate old magazines; nursing homes. Residents often enjoy looking at them and so do the staff. I've been sending mine along when my husband visits his old friend. Sometimes it's easier giving them to someone else who can enjoy them.

  6. I donate all my old magazines to our local thrift shop who do so much for the community. I don't live in that town but spend money in it and go to library and several other places of business. The thrift shop sells all magazines for 10cents to 50cents depending on what it is. Feels good to know I can help out with things I'm getting rid of anyway. I also buy books, clothing, crafts, magazines, sometimes furniture at that thrift shop. My husband has gotten like brand new name brand shorts for $2.00. It's a win/win.
    I tend to keep my crafting zines for way too long, need to purge more of them, thanks for inspiration.
    Love your blog, it's fantastic. Happy weekend

  7. I am in the minority as I have no magazine subscriptions ... zero. I get a few free catalogs at home and that work mail. I started a DIY To Do Journal and in it that I find in the catalogs or online with notes about what parts I like and where to.use. DIYing is addictive! I have sections for every space in my house!

  8. I used to get so many magazines. Still get a few, although when I look in the store I rarely buy one because it is usually a home décor or cooking magazine, and with the internet you can pretty much find what you want online. I don't think the internet is quite like having the actual printed version, but it doesn't clutter my home like the actual magazine does. I have a hard time parting with those, but if I keep them or tear pages out I feel I want to keep, I rarely ever refer to them again.

  9. I've gotta say -- of all the photos you posted, your bookcase styling is my favorite! I have lots of magazines, but I find myself opting more for Pinterest than print. Which means my magazines and catalogs pile up! Once I go through them and take out what I want, I donate everything to the interior design school I went to because we used a TON of magazines.

  10. I'm with Maria - your bookcase is definitely my favorite.

    I used to be a magazine hoarder but now if I really love an image, I take a moment to find it on the web and pin it. It takes a couple extra minutes but it's worth it because then I can find it on my boards. If I can't find it quickly, I take a picture and pin it to the correct board.

    When we moved, I went through my BINDERS of cuttings from magazines and got rid of almost all of them. It was the beginning of a new era.

    And it also makes me feel good because I donate all my magazines to the library, so at least I know someone else will enjoy it.

  11. Those are some great uses for baskets. But, in my house, the baskets are reserved for my 2 kitty cats. So glad you found the perfect countertop. That is a huge accomplishment.

  12. I love the look of the bookcases in your post, but it will never be me. As a book lover (and librarian), I don't get to decorate my bookcases because they are too full of books! I keep whittling away and getting rid of books I think we won't read again but sometimes the husband and child overrule me and back onto the bookcase it goes. I'm the wannabe minimalist with the book hoarding tendency.

  13. Love al the images you shared! I too am a hoarder of magazines... used to be of books as well... it just tears my heart out to rip magazines' pages... but my husband refuses to move them once more if we ever move again... but they look gorgeous on shelves, now I just read lots of blogs (like yours, which I love!) and save the images I like the most...

  14. I love home décor magazines & books and lately I have been collecting them. Some of favorites are Anthology (by Anthropologie), house& home, BHG etc.

    Lauren Baxter | Lovely Decor

  15. I read magazines on my iPad and just take a screenshot of ideas I like. I still get a few catalogs, but I take pics of what I like in them, too.


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