Friday, September 18, 2015

DIY Pumpkin Craft

Hey there! Are you ready for the weekend? Oh yes! We are planning to pick apples and dig up some mums at local farms -- let the fall activities commence!!

As I mentioned, lately I've been purging and decluttering like I've never done before. I'm not finished yet but already our house is staying fairly clean and it's an even more enjoyable place to be. (Check out this post to see what I'm doing.)

Along the way I've found a few forgotten projects -- that's where I get into trouble with decrapifying. I'll find little ten minute projects and get sidetracked. I'm doing my best to keep that under control this time, so I came back to this one later.

I found these extra tiles in my craft stash:
DIY tile coasters
I used some of these years ago to make this craft/gift and had some leftover to do more. I never did it. Now is the time!

This is a SUPER easy and inexpensive craft that has probably been on Pinterest about 1.5 million times now, but I've never shared it so I am now. ;) 

When I've made these before it's been with pictures of the Bub for gifts -- this time I was going for a fall theme and used some pumpkin napkins I picked up at HomeGoods. 

You just cut the napkin into fours and then center the image on your tile: 
tile coasters with napkins
Cut a little on the inside of your marks so the paper isn't hanging over the edge of the tile.

You can just cut them out, but I prefer to give them a fun edge with some craft scissors:
craft scissors
I didn't realize when I was doing it, but this method made it look even better on these tiles when it was all done. This made it blend even better than usual.

Then take a brush (any brush will do as long as it's small enough) and brush Mod Podge liberally all over the tile: 
tile coaster craft
Then while it's wet, lay your cut out on the tile: 
pumpkin tile coasters
Then put another layer of Mod Podge on top. Use your fingers to smooth out any air bubbles, just be gentle. As long as you have a good layer of the glue on there it is easy to spread it around.

When you're working with photo paper it's a bit easier to make things smooth. It's nearly impossible with something as thin as napkins. The color of the tile and the napkins really lender themselves to a more rustic look anyway, so it actually worked out perfectly! The little bumps aren't nearly as pronounced when it's dry.

Make sure to pay extra attention to the edges -- use your finger to press the paper down along the sides:
DIY tile coaster craft
Let them dry and for even more protection add another coat or two (I don't usually do more than three). They dry pretty quick and the application takes no time at all. When dry you can sand down the edges a bit if your paper is sticking out at all. 

Hot glue some felt to the bottom for protection:
Those are about six years old and still going strong!

Or use the little felt jobbies on the corners: 
Both work fine -- the bigger piece gives you a little more protection. 

When they are dry you'll have the cutest little DIY coasters you ever did see!: 
pumpkin coasters
This is a super inexpensive project -- if I remember right the tiles are about a buck each. The napkins were $3 and the image was on each napkin four times -- so you can do a TON with one package. I just did a few and will use the rest of the napkins in the kitchen. :) 

They are a perfect little seasonal gift. And of course coasters with pictures of the kids are a huge hit with the grandparents. ;) 

When you're looking for tile make sure to get something that has a nice finished edge like these -- some tiles (like subway tile) don't have a pretty edge like these: 
tile coaster craft
All of these took me about 30 minutes to do, plus a few more minutes for extra coats later. They hold up incredible well -- if you seal it well enough you can wash them easily. I've scrubbed mine and they hold up fine. 

Have you done this little craft? It would be a great one to do with kids -- make them do the messy parts. ;) 

Have a great weekend!! 


  1. These are super cute and I love how the napkin blends into the tile!

  2. I made some coasters like this and found that in the summer if you have a lot of condensation the coasters stick to the cup sometimes. I think maybe I need to try spraying them with some kind of sealer or something so they don't get sticky.

  3. These are great. I've had good luck finding tile at the RESTORE near us for only 10 or 15 cents each.

    1. Yes - I found some at a RESTORE also for 10 cents each!!!

    2. Yes - I found some at a RESTORE also for 10 cents each!!!

  4. What a fun little many possibilities!

    xoxo, SS

    The Southern Stylista

  5. Hi there. I love how you blend the napkin! It is so adorable! Thanks for sharing


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