Five IKEA Favorites (for Under $10)

March 25, 2016

Hello and happy Good Friday to you! I hope you have a wonderful weekend planned -- we have family visiting for Easter dinner but it will be low key and relaxed, just the way we like it. :)

Last Sunday I got a wild hair and decided to take a last minute trip to IKEA -- I called a girlfriend and we packed up the kids and headed out. The two hour drive is much more bearable with someone to talk to! We got the news a few months ago that Indiana is getting an IKEA (I may have cried with joy) but we've got another year and half before that one is ready. 

I've purchased a number of items from this wondrous place, from less than five bucks to furniture for a few hundred, and I've been really happy with every one. I can't think of one thing I was disappointed with. I like mixing in pieces from IKEA around the house and I think my favorites are some of their most inexpensive. 

I've pulled together a list of my five favorites and it turns out all are under $10. Actually all but one are under $7 -- so good! 
IKEA favorites under $10

I LOVE love love these FRASERA glasses. I grabbed a few of the smaller ones a few trips ago, then got the taller versions on the next trip. 

They call the smaller one a whiskey glass but we use it for juice and milk: 
pretty IKEA glasses
They are really beautiful glasses. I just love them. I replaced most of our mix matched glasses with these. The price is great -- $2.50 for the smaller ones and a dollar more for the large. 

They are nice and heavy too -- very substantial feeling. The taller ones are perfect for margaritas. :) See how pretty they are?:
FRASERA glasses
We've had them for about two years now and they've held up great -- although I did find a small chip in one literally within an hour of getting home from IKEA. Of course.

I think faux plants are coming back! That's a whole other post but these little faux FEJKA plants have always been a favorite!:
FEJKA plants
They are honestly some of the most realistic faux plants I've ever seen. I especially love the one on the right -- it has fuzzy leaves that look really natural. That is one I have in a couple places around our house. I love it in our laundry room that has no natural light!

Of course they have super cute planters that these fit into perfectly:
faux plants IKEA
This next one is a new fave -- I got it just last weekend but as soon as I placed it down on the floor I fell in love. It's the SINDAL door mat:
natural rug IKEA
I don't find this photo that they use to be a good example of what it looks like. This picture looks more like a jute woven rug, but it is actually much thinner than typical jute. 

This is exactly what the texture looks like: 
natural door mat IKEA
I love it because it is so thin -- it makes it easy to open doors. Also, the fibers don't slough off like some natural rugs. And it has a backing underneath that prevents water from going through to the floor and keeps it from sliding around (no rug pad needed!). 

I am kicking myself for not grabbing at least one more -- next trip for sure! And oh yeah, it's only $5!

Here's one that's purely functional but I love it. The VARIERA iron holder works great: 

iron holder IKEA
We have two irons -- a nicer one for clothes and a cheaper one I use for sewing and craft projects and I use this in a closet upstairs for that one. It's so easy to slip the iron in there and the cord hang on the bottom part (it looks like it would hold a ironing board but it doesn't). I also like that it holds the iron upright -- it's just easier to stash it away with this.

And finally, one of the best deals you will find at IKEA -- the FJADRAR feather insert. I only use feather inserts in our throw pillows (I just think they look better and are more comfy) and the day I found this one at IKEA I swear I heard singing:
pillow inserts from IKEA

If you go to a fabric store (or somewhere like Pottery Barn) to buy them you'll pay around $20 for a 20x20 insert. These are SIX BUCKS. That is crazy, crazy good. And I'll tell you what -- I actually like these better than the more expensive versions because the feathers on those will poke through the covers. It drives me crazy. IKEA inserts will do that occasionally but not nearly as much. I LOVE them. 

There you go! Five of my IKEA favorites for under $10! Have you tried any of these? Any inexpensive items you love that I didn't have on this list? Do tell! 

By the way, here's how I use the $6 feather inserts to make "Pottery Barn" pillows (for way less): 

pillows made with napkins

Have a great holiday weekend!

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  1. I use the plants and feather pillows too and love them! I also love their frames - $7.99 for the 12 x 17 (matted for an 8 x 10).

  2. I love this list. Unfortunately the closest IKEA is in Atlanta. Approx. 5 hours from Memphis. However we are getting an IKEA in the burbs and passed by there on the way out of town and they have poured a slab!!!! I was clapping and may or may not screamed. 😉 My grandkids looked concerned. Hah. I can't wait!

  3. I think fake plants ARE ok to use these days. I have purchased a few--PB though--with coupon dollars. Still expensive. We have some low light areas and I love the fake for that. Looks like I will have to visit our store here for the ones you show. Not available online. Thanks for the pillow tip! I make a ton of pillows!I have purchased more expensive items from IKEA. We changed over the girls craft room into a "hangout" room. A bedroom that now has an IKEA small sectional and a very narrow white lacquered desk for two computers under the large screen TV. I really love the desk! It is really heavy and sharp looking! I do know that the drafting table works great as a sewing/cutting table if ever needed. As always your tips are awesome!

  4. I'm obsessed with IKEA! Great quality at a low price! I bought my white table I use to take all my blog photos for $5.99!

    Mel |

  5. I use a Sindal doormat outside (on a covered front porch) and it has held up very well for several years, although it has unraveled just a little on the sides; I trim it with scissors to neaten it up. Can't beat the price! 'My' IKEA is several hours away, but I have to go visit those grandkids anyway, right? I just love IKEA!

  6. oh man!!! i loved those faux plants the minute i saw them and went to the site to place an order - only to find out that they are NOT available for sale online! :( bummer. you can't even order over the phone! i would love some for our bathrooms that do not have windows. and my "local" store is over 4 hours away in Atlanta.

  7. girl. my most favorite thing that I have ever bought was $6. yep $6. Bonus that it was from IKEA. it is a little pan lid organizer. it is small, and soooooooo perfect. MY FAVORITE THING EVER. and how can you beat $6!?!?!!?!? LOVE IKEA.

  8. I feel like every time I go to IKEA I leave with another fake plant. I LOVE their fake plants. I don't have to water them, they look very real, and they have cute planters. Win. Win. Win. WIN! I'm kind of addicted to them. I may need to look for those glasses next time I go. We've broken quite a few of ours. I say we, but I mean I've broken quite a few of them. Those look nice! We just had some libby brand ones from Marshalls or something? I dunno, anyways....I need throw pillow inserts and you to come meet me and make me cheap pottery barn throw pillow covers. ;)


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