Super Cute Spring Decor!

March 11, 2016

I was out the other day looking around and found some really cute spring and Easter items and decided to do a little more digging to share a few more with you. These all make me smile and are perfect for this time of year!

I mean, come on. Baby chick measuring spoons?? Come. on.
chick measuring spoons

The cup they sit in is a measuring cup as well. That is precious.

I've seen this little spring tree on the Target site many times but it doesn't sell online and our location doesn't have it in stock. Hopefully your store will have it? This is such a perfect decorative tree -- it would be adorable with little Easter eggs hanging from it:

Spring craft tree

I keep at least one boxwood wreath up all year round, but they are especially pretty at the holidays and in the spring. This is a recent pic I shared on Instagram that shows how I have mine hanging on our pantry door:
Black pantry door with glass

These are not cheap -- but the great thing is if you spritz them with water occasionally they will last for YEARS. I've had this one for about four years now and it's just now turning a little yellow in spots (you can snip those out easily).

Here's one I found in the same size:

Preserved boxwood wreath
Remember these are preserved boxwood -- so it's real! It just lasts years longer than if you cut it yourself.

I love green and especially this time of year. This jade colored stand is soooo pretty and would look lovely in a kitchen or bathroom:
Jade-looking pedestal

That color is beautiful! 

I thought these egg vases were adorable: 
Egg vases
They come in different sizes -- two, three or five eggs. Super cute for flowers or little plants on a windowsill. 

And come on again! Bunny and chick salt and pepper shakers? Yes!: 
Bunny and chick salt and pepper shakers

They are glued to the bottom so they don't rattle around in there. You just fill it enough so they peek through. Super cute.

I've always thought this mason jar measuring cup set was so fresh and pretty, but it would fit in especially well this time of year:
Mason jar measuring cup set
How cute is that? Perfect for a farmhouse kitchen.

I'm always looking for something fun for the front door this time of year. I've used wreaths and sometimes I'll hang a bucket with faux flowers, but I love changing it up.

This little guy caught my eye the other day:
Grapevine bunny for door
I just love him! The reviews say the lights aren't too bright (they are battery operated) but my goodness, he's adorable. 

I walked through our local At Home (used to be Garden Ridge) a few weeks ago and they had some fun spring stuff. I grabbed these moss covered eggs
Moss covered eggs

Those would be a great craft for even cheaper, but when it comes to the mess moss makes, sometimes it's easier just to buy. 

You may remember seeing them in my spring foyer display
Free spring printables

I love moss-wrapped stuff this time of year. :)

These wooden eggs are supposed to be for crafts but I'd leave them as they are: 
Wooden craft eggs
They'd be lovely in a white bowl, in a nest or on a pedestal with some moss. Love them. 

The mossy eggs or these would look so pretty in these egg pedestals too -- spray paint them white or pretty pastel colors and line them up: 

Egg pedestals

That would be such a simple but pretty table display!

And finally, this cutie came home with me from the At Home store: 
Wood and marble pedestal by stovetop
See the bunny ears? It's a little pedestal and the lid has the ears. I couldn't pass it up!

I'm all about the spring decorating this year -- I'm not sure why I'm so into it. I think because my house is more settled than it's been in a long time. I love the feeling! I want to keep that up for the next six months so I feel the same when fall rolls around. :)

Have you started freshening up your home lately? Hope you have a wonderful and safe weekend!

Some affiliate links included for your convenience! 

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  1. I love real boxwoods and moss too! I actually just made my own DIY Moss Balls (not eggs unfortunately!) and they turned out great. You're right though, moss is so messy!

    -Jenna @ Wife in Progress

  2. You had me at the chicks measuring cup. So stinking cute! And I've had my eye on that Mason Jar set for some time now.


  3. Love the tiered jade color stand and the wood eggs!!Designer-Peeves/cmbz/5697dd6a0cf2e94e3fb7a77c

  4. Oh yes! On March 1st, I cleaned the greenery, birch logs and pine cones out of the outdoor planters, put away the dark colors of winter, I even switch out my pillows on the sofa. I need lots of color this time of the year, I am ready for it!

  5. Soooo cute!! Bunnies are so adorable! Such wonderful inspiration.

    Mel |

  6. Sarah, I like your S&P shakers on your marble pedestal. Can you tell me where you got them? They are nice and smallish and I like the round shape. Thank you.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.


  7. Last Christmas, I found birch trees with LED lights & a timer (6hrs on-18 off). I got two small ones and put them on my dresser. After I took the Christmas decorations down, I put little hearts on them. Now there are pastel eggs. I was wondering what I'll do next. Getting some small leaves might do the job. It's so nice walking into the bedroom glowing with soft lights.

    I see another Hobby Lobby run in the near future.

  8. I bought the wooden eggs from
    target and trust me this non crafty girl is leaving them as is!


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