DIY wood bead garland

April 18, 2016

I'm actually joining in on this wood beaded garland trend when it's happening -- I can't believe it! I am not one to incorporate a lot of trendy stuff in our decor but sometimes something catches my eye and I want to use it. 

I've seen the chunky, wood strands of beads around for a long time now and love them. I think they're such a pretty and simple accessory. Sometimes you're looking for that one small thing to finish off a spot and these are perfect!

I figured I could do these myself and it was even easier than I thought. I gatherer my supplies from Michael's -- three different sizes of wood beads and some leather cording: 
DIY wood bead strand tutorial

I originally planned to use jute, but I knew that would be a pain to weave through the beads so I found this stuff instead. It was SO easy to use and it allows for some give when the strands are finished up. (And it just looks nice too.) 

The larger wood ones did not have holes, but that was an easy fix with my drill and a bit: 
Wood bead decor tutorial

As you can see, I didn't always get the hole exactly centered on the wood ball but it was fine in the end. No worries if they aren't straight. 

Here are the sizes I used and links to them online if you want to just order them: 

1 1/4 inch wood ball (no hole, 100 count) 
1 inch wood bead (30 count)
3/4 inch wood bead (50 count)

Most of these prices are WAY better than what I paid and for a bunch more. I'm ordering more today. :) 

After the holes were drilled in the larger ones it was super easy -- you just have to decide what pattern you want. I went small, medium, large, medium, small for both. The second one I had a few extras to use up so I changed it up slightly. Remember if you do this pattern you'll want to order more of the medium size than the other two. 

They would also look lovely just with one or two sizes. Here are the finished strands -- each one took a few minutes to make: 
How to make decorative wood bead strands
It was nice, mindless work. Very relaxing. :)

I played around with them in a few spots in the house. I love them!:
Wood beads in decor

I love that stand but always struggle with what to put up there. The simple, natural look of the beads is lovely in our kitchen
Wood and metal kitchen shelving

Since Easter has passed I'm slowly switching out the egg decor on our foyer table. I do love those printables so they're staying a couple more weeks: 
Spring decorating

I think my favorite spot is just draped on a stack of books: 
DIY wood bead decor

I love how effortless these are -- it looks like I just casually tossed on it top. Because I did. ;) 

I think they are a pretty little accent that would go just about anywhere: 
Decorating bookshelves
Problem is, I want them everywhere now! I want to add another set to the built ins somewhere. 

I spent $22 on two of these with a 20 percent off coupon (the string was the most expensive part) and I still have a ton of the cording left to make four more. I will be making more soon but I'm ordering the supplies online next time! I think I'll spray paint one white -- it would be a nice contrast in some of my decorative wood bowls. 

Lovely! I just adore them and love that I could create them on my own. It was such a simple, quick project! 

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  1. Nice idea ,they look nice just laying around
    Have a fun week

  2. Iu was thinking of spray painting a string or two in aqua to g on our shutter shelf and old wood window leaned in back, mix them with some shell strings I have. Love how yours look just casually lying in gorgeous barley twist stem compote bowl, that is gorgeous and other strings here and there. Such a simple thing to have such an impact. Glad you shared, can always use some new inspiration. Have wonderful week

  3. Great idea Sarah! You could also stain them though not sure how labor intensive that would be! I have the stained wood beads from Pottery Barn, which made me think of this.

    1. Yes! They actually come that way at the craft store too -- check out the jewelry section! :)

  4. Love, love, love them! I am always looking for simple, yet interesting looking accents for my display table and to use as photo props for my handmade jewelry and those will be perfect! Can't wait to get some of them made! I agree with you on using the leather cord!

  5. If you only wanted 1-2 you could purchase men's rawhide boot strings. I have used these for projects as a natural rawhide hanger pretty inexpensive :)

  6. What a genius idea. How long did you make each strand?

    1. I'm not sure! I just kept going -- one was about a foot and a half and one was about two I believe. :)


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