Upcycled blanket ladder

April 15, 2016

Hey all! I have a quick post for you today that I'm kind of excited about! This project involved very little work on my end, which is always a bonus. ;) 

We've had this little garden gate for years -- I put it at the entrance of our patio: 
Stone patio landscaping
(You can last year's tour of our outdoor spaces and garden here.)

I got it for a deal at the end of the season and it's a good thing because it fell apart pretty fast. I was always fixing it and then one day it fell over in a storm and was finally toast. The wood had split at the top where the pieces connect so it wasn't salvageable. So I did what any normal person would do -- I dragged it to the side of the house and it stayed there all winter. I told you about the ugly side of our house and obviously nothing has changed yet. ;) 

As I've walked past it numerous times over the past few months, I started getting an idea of how I could reuse some of the pieces. See, I've wanted a vintage ladder for the family room for some time. I just love them and think they are pretty and functional. We have an open area on the wall behind a chair in there and I knew it would be a perfect spot. I was toying with the idea of making one, but this idea was even better.

Sooo…the more I looked at the top piece the more I wondered if I could make it work. The other day I took the whole thing apart and removed some of the slats from the top. And wouldn't you know, it worked!: 
Rustic blanket ladder

It's way more rustic then I would normally use in this room so I originally planned to paint it. Now after having it in here for a few days it's growing on me as is: 
Rustic blanket ladder

I kind of love the patina with the more finished accents in this room. 

It's such a great spot for all of the blankets we like to have on hand!: 
Repurposed wood blanket ladder

I do plan to use the pieces I took off to stabilize it a bit more. I'm going to cut a couple of them down and attach them behind the current "rungs" to keep it from wobbling. 

I was pretty darn excited at how much I liked it! And it was a cool way to reuse the wood instead of throwing it in the trash. I also kept the sides of the gate to use as trellis in our garden somewhere -- I'll let you know how that turns out! 

I'm going to wait to see if I want to paint it or not. For now it will stay as it is, which I'm quite happy with: 
DIY blanket ladder

Have you reused something that was going in the trash? I'd love to know how! Have a great weekend my friends!!

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  1. I really love the idea of repurposing ladders for storage and display. You did a great job on constructing yours from the damaged gate. It looks just perfect the way it is!

  2. I vote for no paint - looks great as is against the white wall and adds even more texture.

  3. Lol, I literally just took apart a ladder that belonged on my kids playground. I was always going to do what you did with it but leaving it on the ugly side of my house for too many months... Ok years, the "patina" got too it and about all that it's good for is fire wood. 😊 Yours looks great and I think I have you beat on procrastinating! 😁

  4. Good job on repurposing something that might have gone in the trash and I really like the blankets/colours you've chosen to display on it.

  5. I absolutely love it! I too have been daydreaming of a blanket ladder and love your upcycled one!

  6. Beautiful!! I love this!!

    Mel | www.thegossipdarling.com

  7. Love this idea and LOVE your blog!

  8. I would love to have one in my bathroom for the do not touch towels....lol


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