Outlet with built in USB -- a must have!

July 22, 2016

What's up and happy Friday! I've got a quick post for you today with an item I've been meaning to share with you for some time because we love it so much. 

I was reminded of it when I shared this photo of our kitchen earlier this week: 
dark gray island in kitchen

It's the outlet on the side of the island, but it's not just any outlet. It's an awesome outlet. ;) 

First up, I know it bothers some of you that the outlet is white on the dark island. Honestly I don't even notice it -- it doesn't bug me. I've tried painting outlets before and they always end up getting scratched up and become a mess, especially one like this that we use so often. 

If it was a regular outlet it would be easy to change out to a darker one (but nothing matches this dark gray anyway), but as I said, this one is special. ;) There are two usb plugs in addition to the regular plugs: 
Outlet with usb for charging

So you can make any spot with an outlet into a charging area -- with no plugs. It's crazy convenient, no more searching for the little adapter when you need to charge gadgets! We use this one ALL the time. 

I got this (the brand is TopGreener) from Lowe's but this is the same one online: 
Outlet with usb charger

It's nice if you have little ones because the plugs are tamper-resistant. This outlet does come in a few other colors online but I didn't find those in the store. Also, they say it charges super fast (faster than a normal adapter) and I have to agree. 

It's installed just like a regular outlet -- if you know how to do that it will take a few minutes. If not, it's a matter of disconnecting a couple wires from the old outlet and inserting them into the receptacle. Make sure you turn off the power at your breaker! (They give you photos to follow at that link.) 

Obviously these are more expensive than a regular outlet but by the time you buy two or three adapters you make up the cost. I plan to add one of these in the loft to create a charging station up there as well. We love it! 

As you know I like to share items that work well and this is one of them. Have you tried one of these outlets in your home? Have a great weekend my friends!!

Affiliate link included for your convenience! 
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  1. That link you shared on Amazon has a black one. Maybe you could buy that one for your island and move this one to the loft. ;-)

  2. I've been meaning to get these!
    We LOVE our light switch in our Master... it's a dimmer... but it has a REMOTE CONTROL! No more "You were up last!" or "But you're closer!" Just point the remote at the wall and BOOM - lights dim out!

  3. Such a good idea! USB ports anywhere is necessary these days :)

  4. Luv those. We have them in our bedrooms. A must have!!

  5. We have one too!! Best thing ever.

  6. Wow, that is such a great thing to have, especially with more than one computer/tablet/I-pad etc. in a home. Hadn't heard about these so thanks for spreading the word. Will get one a.s.a.p. Hope our Lowes has them as want to go to Lowes anyway. Want to check out something else heard about on a blog the other night. Have wonderful weekend

  7. Did not know about those but they are awesome! I think they will make great housewarming and Christmas gifts too! Thank you for sharing :)

  8. Okay that's brilliant!!!! and honestly this day and age... who couldn't benefit from one?
    XO Ellen from Ask Away

  9. Beautiful decor!!


  10. Beautiful kitchen! Just yesterday, we were discussing the need for a better outlet. This one solves our problem of slow charging phones. Thanks!

  11. Wow, that's really cool! Is it a GFCI outlet, too (since it's in the kitchen)?

  12. Where did you get the stools? I'm looking for some just like that. Thanks!!

  13. I totally regret not putting one of these in in the kitchen. You may have pushed me over the edge to do it already.


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