Shiplap walls & farmhouse door trim

August 17, 2016

Oh MY. I've been nailing, filling, caulking and painting for what feels like weeks. It's only been three days but I am worn OUT. :) 

I've been focused on the "hallway" part of our loft for the past week or so. This is the open space at the top of the stairs and I want to make the most of it. Here's how it looked back in June before I started replacing the door trim: 
open hallway with doors

This space isn't big but took a lot of work! Gah. I'm SO HAPPY this part is done. 

Here is the pretty DIY farmhouse door trim installed (just not looking so pretty yet): 
DIY farmhouse door trim

I've added this trim to almost all of the doors in the house and it makes a BIG difference. They look so much more custom! 

I showed you how I add the look of shiplap for less on this wall: 
how to add shiplap walls for less

But I still had a lot to finish up. Most were smaller walls but it just takes a ton of time. As I've mentioned, this is not a hard project, it's just very time consuming. Painting three coats on everything takes eons, for real. 

I had to finish up the planked walls along the rest of the hall and then add trim and baseboards everywhere. I also finished up the baseboards around the stairs and over on the other side of the room (that I still haven't shown you because it's kind of boring right now). 

This is how the luan looks before painting: 
adding planked wood walls

As you can see all of our security system stuff is on this wall. Not pretty but not much I can do about it. I do need to patch a small hole up there but that will have to wait. 

The first day I finished up the wood walls, the second day I filled and sanded all the holes, the third day I painted (forevvvvver) and caulked, and this morning I finished up with one more coat on everything and a little more caulk. 

Thankfully I'm THRILLED with it!: 
tall white shiplap walls

I can't even tell you how much it brightens up this space. I told you before that these white walls have me considering doing it everywhere but I'm not sure I could take that leap. I do love contrast -- though the dark floors against the white walls sure is yummy. 

By the way, speaking of white walls, those stairway walls will go light sometime next year. I have a big project in mind for the entire staircase but it will be some time before I start it. I think it will pull everything together beautifully. 

I am looking forward to adding art up here and can't wait to see how it will add some pops of color and fun to the space. I think the white walls will make the art stand out even more. And now I cannot WAIT to paint those doors black. I've done the rest of the house but still have the upstairs to do. They are going to look so amazing!: 
white shiplap walls around doors

I'm not sure I'll get that part done for the reveal but I'm going to try! I still love it just as is so I'm not going to be in a huge rush. 

I took the trim down around the "hall" to the book nook -- this is the closest we come to a hallway in our open concept house: 
DIY book nook closet
I think the new door trim and wall treatment make that little closet shine even more. :) 

I'm just so happy with how this has all come together -- these walls have completely transformed this room. All for just a couple hundred bucks and a lot of sweat equity. Now I am getting really excited to get the room done and start decorating: 
Today I'm finishing up the caulk and paint on the baseboards in the rest of the room -- this is the tedious stuff that is not much fun. Although sometimes if I have the time and a good show on TV it is kind of relaxing. 

I've made a deal with myself that I MUST finish up this small stuff before I can move on to the last few bigger projects in here. I'm so excited to start the one that will go above the cabinets: 
large shiplap walls

I also plan to at least prime those cabinets and doors this week. The final painting may need to hold off till the weekend. 

After the cabinets are done I can move on to the desk and one more small storage spot I'm incorporating into that. I had a goal to finish this before school started but that didn't happen. I do think I can get it all done by the end of the month though. Then I can focus on other smaller projects and FALL! Heart eyes. :) 

For now I keep standing back and enjoying the pretty white walls I've finished up. Here's a reminder of how this spot looked with just the new door trim: 
farmhouse door trim

And here's how it looks today: 
shiplap walls and farmhouse door trim

Love it! Hopefully I'll have another loft update for you next week! 

I'm off to wrap my right arm with a heating pad and then get back at it. I think a massage may be needed as my reward. :)

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  1. what are you doing with the small wall behind the sofa?

  2. Love it! Now you only need to paint the walls around the shiplap the same blue as your back door! ;-)

  3. It's looking so good! I'm so glad you're not painting all of your walls white. I'm like you - I need and love contrast. To each their own, but all the white walls I'm seeing everywhere just look stark and boring to me. Can't wait to see how it all turns out!

  4. This looks wonderful,can't wait for another update. I love how your doing this one project at a time. If I tried this everything would be in the middle of the room for months. So much easier your way.

  5. Love this look! You've more than earned a massage!

  6. I have been filling, sanding and painting trim on my days off these last two weeks so I feel your pain. I have been listing to the Young House Love podcasts while I work which is fun.

  7. Hi Sarah I am having some trouble getting your email updates. I have tried re-subscribing but it tells me I am already subscribed but I am just not getting anything from you. My spam box is empty and you are definitely not going there. I love your blog and am currently catching up on what I've missed, it was some time before it registered you weren't arriving then I thought 'ah holidays in US!' but it seems not. Not sure if you can do anything but if I am having trouble maybe some others are too. Cheers Lindsey, Brisbane Australia.

  8. Love the contast!! And that fig tree again! LOL!! I know I already asked but is it real or fake? I need another one!! The one I bought lost all its leaves. :(

  9. Looks amazing! I tried to make the craftsman style door trim once....only after I nailed everything in and painted it did I realize I did it wrong. Looked okay, and no one noticed, but it sure bugged me every time I looked at those doors! LOL.

  10. What color are the walls

  11. Well done you! I'm duly impressed with your DIY skills and perseverance. There is so much to appreciate even before the fun decorating bits. Cheers, Ardith

  12. I don't know how you keep going! It looks awesome. What color do you use for your white? Planning on some shiplap soon and want it bright white but don't know if I should go for just what's in the van or tiny it.

  13. Sorry, one more thing? Would it have been easier to paint it all before you got it on the wall? Also, I got the Graco sprayer you recommended for when I do my cabinets. Did you consider using it for this and if not, why so? Too messy? Thx!

  14. Love to read all your comments before getting into my own comment. Have so much regard for your talents, ideas, perseverance, skills, just blow me away girl. If I just wasn't kinda lazy in my old age (76) and had lots more money, lol. Going to go back to post when you installed luan for shiplap in your loft. Will pin it for future reference. I keep trying to get hubs to go to OK to visit his family.
    If I could get hubs to put up luan for shiplap that would be more affordable alternative for us. Would love having shiplap in our room and bathroom.
    Hubs did do some nice trim around interior doors similar to yours, makes such an incredible difference.
    Am always wanting to make improvements but do not have cooperative/willing husband, rats. If somebody else did work, paid for supplies he'd be willing, just not him. Over almost 48 yrs. this has been quite frustrating for me. Talking or hollering don't do anything except make him more determined not to do what I want.
    When we lived in KY I did painting, making things, rearranging cause he was gone all week, same thing in MT where he was gone for weeks on road, loved that freedom. Am person which tends to like alone time, staying up half the night making things, poor hubs stuck with me. Got very independent being alone middle of nowhere in MT for weeks at a time all 7 yrs. we lived there.
    Also loved going with hubs in truck for weeks at a time. Might be bit of a gypsy, ya' think?, lol. Sorry got off subject of your post.
    Give yourself break if that's possible. Might be you are person that can't let jobs hang, need to finish to enjoy results? Nothing wrong with that, you get on it and do it up royally. Enjoy your weekend

    1. Sorry you have problems with hubby helping with you want to achieve.

      Please don't feel bad and compare yourself to Sarah. Home improvement projects are her "job". She needs to do them to keep her blog going for which she makes money.

      Take care.

  15. Sarah, that looks beautiful! I am really impressed with your DIY skills. I have been following you on your blog and IG for the last two years and I just love everything you do. I moved in my house about 4 years ago and I really want to make it look custom like you have done with yours. You are such an inspiration! Thanks for sharing!

  16. This looks awesome. I love your home. I wish I could send you a picture of my hallway for ideas! I'm certainly not as good at this home décor thing as you are.

  17. Wow! What a difference already and it brightens the space up so much. Love the contrast too can't wait to see what else you do!!

    Lauren | Lovely Decor


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