Table turned DIY bar cart

October 24, 2016

I finished up a quick DIY over the weekend that I'm just tickled about. It turned out even better than I had hoped. This sweet little bamboo console table became a pretty bar cart with a few easy changes. 

 I found this small, skinny table at our local Habitat Restore a week or so ago: 
bamboo table makeover

I've had a spot in mind for a bar cart in our dining room-turned-library for about a year now. I've almost bought one in various stores many times now, but none of them felt just right. Most were too industrial or way too fancy for what I wanted. 

I found one a couple weeks ago and loved it, but didn't know if it would work in the spot. I went home, measured, couldn't stop thinking about it and crossed my fingers that it would still be there a couple days later. Thankfully it was and I took it home for $15! 

I'm assuming there was a glass top on it at some point but I had a different idea in mind. The finish was that speckly faux wood look that I don't care for: 
bamboo table
The wood wasn't in great shape in some spots so between that and the finish I knew I was going to paint it. My go-to is usually black, gray or blue -- this area has plenty of blue and gray so I knew I wanted black. I thought it would look great but it looks SO great. :)

Before you spray paint anything you need to clean it really well. If you leave any residue on there at all the spray paint will not cover it:
prepping furniture for spray paint

It was filthy! I wiped down every little crevice. If you have stubborn sticky spots (not unusual on older furniture) you'll want to sand those down a bit and then wipe again. 

I'm taking advantage of every single spray paint day we have left this year! :) I took the table outside and started the process of spraying. I used this stuff just because we had it and I didn't want to go to the store: 
gloss spray paint and primer in one

It's great for metal but can be used on wood too. I was happy it was a primer and paint in one. Normally I would have sprayed some kind of primer on the table before the black. 

Later on I went to the hardware store and had a piece of wood cut down to fit the top and then picked up a wine glass rack from Pier 1. (This one is similar to mine.) I used some scrap wood underneath to build up the wood because it wasn't thick enough for screws to be installed from underneath: 
wine glass hanger

You can't see the scrap wood when you look at the table but I went ahead and sprayed that underside black as well just in case. 

I secured the top to the table with my nail gun and then hung a few of our wine glasses. Then I added some of our favorite barware that has been hidden away in cabinets:
repurposing an old table into a bar cart

We LOVE it! I'm sure I'll change things up a bit eventually but I'm so happy with it!: 
making a table into a bar cart

It's perfect in this spot -- we needed something there but I didn't want it to feel too heavy.

NOW I just have to keep the Nerf bullets away!:
bar cart makeover

Someday I'd love to find some wheels that fit over the legs -- I think that would finish it off perfectly!

I love the design. The bamboo look is a classic. :) I spent less than $30 to redo the table -- $15 for the table and about $12 for the wood: 
DIY bar cart makeover

It's been awhile since I've made over a thrift find -- we just don't need a lot of new furniture and I love pretty much everything we have. This one took some patience to find but it's just exactly what I wanted for this spot! 

Have you shopped the Habitat Restore Store? I love checking it out every few months -- you can usually find great pieces of furniture and they always have cool lighting. Our location even had some beautiful tile and flooring that would be perfect for a smaller space! 

Affiliate link included for your convenience! 

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  1. Hey Sarah,

    How are your spray painted doorknobs holding up? I am dying to change my shiny brass ones, but am not sure. By the way, I just LOVE LOVE LOVE all of the recent changes you are making to your home. :)

    1. I actually link to that post in the spray painting post -- most did not hold up great but I've heard from some that say they last forever. I think it's worth trying!

    2. Here's the link to my results! :)

  2. oh my gosh, do i love that?!?! gorgeous!

  3. This is such a great makeover, Sarah!! I love the new color. It works so well as a bar cart.

  4. Such a great project! It looks awesome, and it will be so useful.

  5. Love it! Have a bamboo sofa table in storage - think I will tackle that now.

  6. I love spray painting. :) Cute table... and I never would have thought to put the hardware on to hang wine glasses. I'm gonna be looking for a table to do this to! :)

  7. I love this project and you did such a great job. I am guessing that you went with a wood top instead of having a glass top cut to fit due to your budget. The glass on top would make this a real stunner and I hope when the funds allow, you take that next step. Of course I realize that you would not be able to have your glass rack then, but to me, the glass top would make this a real stunner of a piece. Don't paint your mirror décor. You need that contrast.

    1. I was going to have glass cut at first -- the cost isn't that bad. But I wanted to be able to hang the glasses. :)

  8. Stunning!
    The white catch-all on the table, is it DIY or store bought?

  9. What a great find, and adding the wine glass rack is genius!! Size, color, styling — all gorgeous! Your room looks so cool.

  10. Sarah, Please try a different approach to decorating other than restyling thrift store items. Your blog could be different from all the rest and could raise the consciousness of middle class people to the fact that Habitat Restore, Goodwill and other second-hand stores are for the poor. People forget this. I think you could start a trend even a campaign to allow the needy to have a chance at buying such merchandise which, by the way, people donate for a tax credit because these stores are thought to help the poor.

    1. Oh I could not disagree more! Thrift stores and places such as Goodwill employ those that are hard to employ and/or provide monetary support for non-for-profit organizations. They provide income and a second chance (or sometimes first!) to those that would most likely not be working otherwise. They are absolutely not just for the poor. I have shopped the stores for all of my adult life, no matter what my financial situation, and will continue to do so because they support worthy causes.

  11. What an amazing restyle! Brilliant, and fits the space plus is usual!!!

  12. I love the lamp on the bar table--do you have details? Please say you do, and it's still available--swoon! :)

  13. Sarah, once again, "you've knocked it out of the park" even with this small project. I only comment every once and again, though it turns out I love everything you've done with your home...inside and outside.


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