This trending color is my favorite

January 27, 2017

I kind of can't believe it but it's true...I am ahead of the game with a decor trend. This NEVER happens. Usually I'll sit by and watch to see if I really like something -- for years -- and buy into some of them when they're not even trendy anymore. It's my thing. 

But THIS time I am right there in it and even though I don't find it "trendy" at all, the color BLUE is all the rage this spring. I think it will continue on throughout the year so if you are a blue lover, rejoice! We are cutting edge my friends! :) 

What I think is particularly funny is I used to say I'd NEVER add blue to our home. I disliked it very much. But minds can change and for years now I've been obsessed with it. You'll find various tones of blue in every room of our home. I also think it's funny that just in the past few weeks I've deliberately been adding in some different colors (that I'll show you soon) other than my beloved blue. I'm always missing the mark. ๐Ÿ˜‚

But I could care less and could write a whole post just on trends. I say if you like them, use them. If you don't, DON'T. Who cares, it's your house! 

I've noticed blue in many places lately and had to share some of my favorite instances of it and how to use it well. I was at the fancy mall yesterday and was drooling at all of the pretty blues used in the Pottery Barn displays. You can see some beautiful ways to incorporate in their latest catalog: 
Traditional blue decor Pottery Barn

Blue is a chameleon. It looks clean and crisp with white, and can easily go nautical. But with the right touches it can also be both traditional like the photo above, and contemporary like below: 
Blue contemporary decor Pottery Barn

It's all in how you style it. There's something wonderful about this color -- it's grounding like black but with the punch of color. At the same time it's very soothing and easy on the eyes: 
Using blue in decor

We visited the Indy Home Show last weekend and the model home this year (by Fischer Homes) was gorgeous as always. It had a slightly nautical feel but it went much more modern than I've seen before. There was blue everywhere, which I loved!:
Dark blue grasscloth walls

The walls in the bedroom were navy blue grasscloth -- stunning! 

I was obsessed with the dark blue vent hood in the kitchen: 
Dark blue vent hood white kitchen

So lovely against the white cabinets. What a great statement piece. 

The best part was this dark blue wall with chunky cedar shelves in the family room: 
Dark blue walls with chunky shelves

I just LOVE a navy blue wall! (Check our our son's navy blue bedroom here!)

The decor stores at the fancy mall were filled with blue. This tablescape at Williams Sonoma really caught my eye:
Blue tablescape

So gorgeous! 

Blue is a beautiful color alone but works well with every color -- I honestly haven't seen a blue combo I didn't like. I always lean towards a more classic/traditional combination with white or neutrals, but this color really does work with anything. 

Do you use this color in your home? Are you ahead of the game for once like me? ;) I'm totally reveling in this happening once in my life, ha! 

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  1. I actually really like blue in decor (only after pink!). Like you said, it's like a chameleon, and it works well with white, which is my favourite colour for rooms.

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  2. Green has been my favorite color forever. I love soooo many shades of it. I prefer neutrals but need some color added and green has been it. We will be moving this summer and I was already thinking some crisp navy thrown in. I really want to do a half bath with shiplap on the bottom and navy and white checked wallpaper on the top!

  3. I've jumped on the gray bandwagon. It's very relaxing with bright white trim throughout the house and white cabinets in the kitchen.

  4. I was one of those who didn't like blue in my home. Until recently. It started with a painting that had lots of blues and greens I fell in love with at the thrift store. Then some curtains with blues and greens to go with it and painting the downstairs (pale grey.) And a new rug with just a bit of blue, and a new beige sectional, and then painting the lamps. I really like how our family room turned out.

    1. Lynn S: That sounds wonderful. I also never used blue before, I was am aqua and turquoise or green gal. Now I am in love with Royal and navy Blue and am planning to incorporate it into my decor for summer. I would love to see pictures of your decor.

  5. Fancy mall. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ you been hitting up keystone? When we were little, we used to call keystone the fancy mall ๐Ÿ™ˆ Of course, I only got to go there with friends. If we made the trip to the big city (๐Ÿ˜‰) over an hour away, we'd go to castleton.

  6. I've always loved blue & white forever - even when I thought I needed a change, I've always found my way back to blue & white. :-)

  7. Nope, not gonna use blues in my home, never have. I'm 73 and don't think I'll change my mind now. I can see pictures and think now that's nice, but no way I'll use the color. I'm an earth tone gal, from the soft quiet tones to some deep tones, but no blue.

  8. THANK GOODNESS that gray is going away! I live in Alaska, which is just a stunning place to live. However, 50% of the year it is gray and white and blue sky outside. The last thing I want INSIDE my house is more gray and white. Fun fact: Most decorations INSIDE older Nordic/Russian homes include LOTS of color as well as nature motifs like rosemaling, Khokhloma, and red. I am pretty sure that these cultures have figured out how to live well in places with extreme winter over the past 2000 years and that includes bringing bright colors indoors. Blue all it's glorious pallet.

  9. I love to put contrasting colors by each other, just seems to wake up a room, give it something to be happy about. I love aquas and greens together, aqua and coral with white, very soothing. Blue and white are so clean looking. For me need color in my home. Just depends on what strikes the right cord and you let yourself get used to, good to try different ideas now and then, challenge yourself. Enjoy.Have wonderful weekend

  10. I was exactly the same. I hated blue in the house. I think it stemmed from the blue and yellow trend of the early nineties. But now, I am all over blue. Especially navy with white and blonde wood tones.

    Nat @ This Little Yellow House

  11. Have always loved blue! My bedroom is blue/white, but it has been difficult to find anything to coordinate for a long time. I'm finding new things, slowly but surely! Yay!

  12. I LOVE blue too. So glad that I will be seeing more of it around.

  13. Great post! Please do more posts on Blue.


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