The ultimate craft room DIY storage

February 08, 2017

It's been about six months since I finished up our loft makeover and I have to say, beyond our kitchen and basement projects over the years, this redo is the smartest and most used in our house. I LOVE that because we barely used this room before. 

I gave up my office when we took down a wall and extended our family room years ago. For a couple years I didn't mind not having a true work space and would just sit on a chair and work from there. But I was starting to crave a dedicated office again, but I wanted it away from our living spaces.

This unused space was a PERFECT fit...we didn't realize how perfect until after it was finished:
Office with huge DIY desk and built ins

My husband has a studio set up in the basement but craves natural light during the day when he works (I don't blame him). So now most days both of sit at the big desk together and work. I love it! The desk has worked SO wonderfully. This morning I took a pic of it covered with stuff to show you -- he had his keyboard and computer there and I had my sewing machine and fabric all over, and we still had plenty of room. (I accidentally detailed the picture, dangit.) 

Anyway, this room works smart for us and I promised months ago that I would share more about the awesome storage and organization in here. First up, that huge window seat that serves double duty:
Desk with window seat in office/craft room

Window seat along wall

It spans the whole wall and when it was built I had them break it up the inside into three sections. 

One I use for wrapping needs like boxes, bows, bags and the like: 
Storage area inside window seat

I found the bins at the dollar store and they hold smaller stuff like bags and boxes. 

The middle section is where I store my sewing machine and extra fabric:
Storage inside window seat

And the last one is for toys, games and gifts that I buy when I find them on clearance or duplicates we get as gifts: 
Window seat storage holds a ton of stuff!

I had gathered so many little gift items over the years -- and didn't realize it because I had everything stuffed in a drawer before. Now I'm trying to get this section emptied out and I'll used it seasonal pillows and inserts.

I have found that window seats are such a lovely combo of form and function -- they look so good, give you another place to sit and offer so much storage inside!

Another area of this room that we are LOVING is the huge DIY chalkboard:
Large DIY chalkboard

We use it for lists a lot -- I'm a visual person and need to see my list in front of me. Back when I finished the room I drew a calendar on the wall with chalk, just to see if I'd really use it. 

Turns out I love having it so visible so I went ahead and used my level and a white Sharpie marker to make it permanent: 
DIY wall calendar on chalkboard wall

Now I can write in the dates and appointments on the calendar and when I erase the calendar stays put. It's such a little thing but it really has helped me stay on top of things. 

By the way, I use a cup pull turned upside down to hold the chalk. :) I just hot glued it on there:
DIY large chalkboard

I had the sticky letters for years in my craft stash and thankfully there were enough to add the days at the top. 

The wall of cabinets (kitchen cabinets are crazy versatile!) gives us a ton of storage for craft and office supplies:
Large DIY desk with cabinet storage

I've had these bins forever -- they are just the canvas square storage bins you can find at most stores. I have craft stuff organized by topic -- glue, Christmas, fall, wood, paint, etc: 
Hidden craft room storage

I had a bunch of wood tags I used years ago (when this was the Bub's playroom) and spray painted them with chalkboard paint: 
Hidden craft room storage

I just glued them on the back of the cabinets and I can erase and change the name if needed. 

I LOVE that I have empty space in the cabinets: 
Canvas bins for craft supplies

As you can see, I configured the cabinets so that the doors under the desk open the opposite way. I put seasonal stuff in these and don't have to access them often -- even though they are still easy to get to. 

We have our extra office supply stuff down in my husband's studio but I'm thinking I'll move it all up here since we have plenty of room. The bookcase at the end of the desk holds more craft storage and office supplies: 
Large desk with bookcase

And for stuff that we need to reach for while working (things like tape, stapler, notepads), I use a tray to corral it all: 
Pretty tray for office supplies

That plant was looking sad when I took this...we hadn't had sun for what felt like weeks. We had three days of sun this week and he's looking so much better. ;) 

I think (other than the kitchen) this room is our hardest working in the house. That kind of blows my mind because we didn't use it much before! I take forever to tackle and finish rooms in our home but I know it works in our favor. Our rooms function so well for us, which is worth the long makeovers! :) 

To see some cute craft storage pretty enough to keep out, be sure to check out this post. Have you incorporated any of these ideas into your work spaces? I love to hear how people organize! 

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  1. It is such a great space. So glad you are enjoying it. I am loving the loft space in our new home. It has become my office too and it is perfect.

  2. This is my favorite space you have created!

  3. I love this space! Can I tell you something kind of funny...? I was the reader who suggested you take down the wall in the family room and move your office to the loft. I feel responsible for these great spaces :) YOU did an amazing job!!!!!

  4. I love what you've done with the space. We also just took a totally unused room and made it the most functional room in our house. I think I need a calendar like yours! You can check out or new mudroom at

  5. Love the desk and would like to do this in our office. What height is the table and chairs? They look counter height and am wondering how you sew and reach the foot pedal? I lost my sewing area when we replaced our dining table with a pub height table. Thanks for all the inspiration, you are awesome!!

    1. Thank you! I believe it's about 36 inches tall? I can reach the pedal fine! :)

  6. Love, love, love this space Sarah! Looking forward to a day when we can create a space like this!

  7. Love that space.

    Love the clock.... where is it from? thx

  8. I *wish* i had a space like this in my house!... I love it!... and I love the lights - where are they from?...

    1. Thank you Alex! I link to them at the bottom of this post!

  9. Its such a great space. So glad you are getting use out of it now. Love it!

  10. Just want to let you know how much I enjoy your blog. You have a beautiful home and such great advice! Also want to let you know I appreciate how genuine you are. I've just recently dropped a couple of other blogs because their sponsored posts were becoming an almost daily occurrence. Thanks for taking the high road!


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