40 Stunning DIY Bathroom Makeovers

March 24, 2017

TONS of gorgeous bathroom makeover inspiration!

I'm sharing some of the prettiest bathrooms around blogland for inspiration. You can visit these bloggers at the link below the photos.

I have to start with a stunner. I mean, come on. Courtney's bathroom is drop dead gorgeous:
French cottage bathroom transformation

You know what's funny? It's timely because the gilded touches remind me so much of Beauty and the Beast. This looks like it could be Belle's bathroom. ;) 

Jenna's serene powder room is another one I always go back to because of the simplicity: 

That floor is beautiful!

I loved this transformation from The Handmade Home: 
Penny tile floor in bathroom with gray vanity

The floor and the simple dark gray vanity are on point!

Jennifer always uses color so well and I loved this daring powder room makeover

That door...😍 Love how she brought all of this together! 

Jenna made over this bathroom by brightening up the accents and changing a few things out. I think bathrooms are one of the rooms you can make a BIG impact with little money:
light blue stripes in bathroom budget makeover

I LOVE that light blue stripe accent! And just changing out the hardware made a big difference. 

This bathroom was redone top to bottom and I just loved the end result!: 
black and white bathroom makeover

I love every single bit of it -- the floor, the black cabinetry, the modern mirrors...all of it! 

This was another HUGE transformation...you really need to see the before to even appreciated how much they did: 
black hexagon tile bathroom mint door

The Chelsea Project

This bathroom looks completely different with some simple changes -- white paint is the game changer in this room!:
Budget bathroom makeover with paint

My favorites -- the dark navy vanity with rustic hardware combined with the wood framed mirror. 

Cristina hit it out of the park again! This bathroom makeover at Remodela Casa is beautiful!:
Bathroom makeover with cubby storage in walls

Check out the storage cubbies she created by building into the wall on the right!

Cyndy sent me photos of her bathroom reno and my mouth dropped open when I saw them. She shared them with me because they opened up their two-room bath as well: 
Gorgeous bathroom makeover with dark walls

Holy cats, right? I mean, what a difference! Opening up the tub to a shower made a big difference too! I love the dark grasscloth walls (yummy) and that tile floor!

I LOVED this simple update that could be used anywhere in the house. Katie gave her walls the look of wallpaper without hanging the real thing:
Adding design to walls without wallpaper

Isn't that so pretty? I'm trying to think of where I could add it. 

I've always loved Christina's small bathroom makeover: 
Dark walls subway tile bathroom

Again, don't be afraid to go for dark walls -- I think bathrooms are a spot you can do something more dramatic and get away with it.

This transformation was pretty big too -- love the light gray and wood tones together:
Light gray bathroom with wood accents

What a beautiful, bright, updated space!

This farmhouse bathroom makeover is a beautiful example that it doesn't take a fortune to transform a room into a beautiful space:
Easy changes in bathroom that don't cost a fortune
Simple updates make a big difference and won't break the bank!

I didn't even realize Jen's bathroom was in the basement until I read more: 
Furniture as bathroom vanity

I adore that cornflower blue on the small vanity! What a great way to reuse a piece! 

This makeover Chris did years ago is still one of my favorites: 
Coastal bathroom makeover

My favorites -- the black vanity (love) and the light blue ceiling. :) 

I thought this was brilliant -- have you considered transforming a long closet into a powder room? Kristi did just that!:
Transforming closet into powder room

And it is the prettiest tiny bathroom I've ever seen! You must check this one out.

Rhoda's bathroom underwent a big transformation, but the shower is my favorite: 
Black and white tile design in bathroom

I LOVE how she combined the black and white different tiles here -- so classic. If we could get away with doing a full shower and no tub I'd do it. But for this house and resale someday it's not the best idea. 

A new vanity made ALL the difference in this makeover: 
Dark gray vanity in bathroom

My love for dark gray will never waver. Love it. 

I also loved this fun bathroom makeover that Laura did for her kids:
Aqua penny tile with subway tile

The shower curtain is adorable and I'm such a sucker for penny tile. I like how she used it as an accent in the niches. 

And one of my absolute favorites -- my friend Beth completed a gorgeous makeover of their master bath:
Modern farmhouse bathroom makeover

There are so many beautiful details in this room, you have to check it out at the link! Wow. 

Stephanie's white and blue bathroom makeover turned out so well -- all the details make this space:

These get me even more excited to keep the progress going in ours! I love every one of these!

There were a couple lovely bathroom renovations I had to share with you! First, the star of Katie's bath is that beautiful tile
cement tile floor in bathroom

budget farmhouse bathroom makeover
I love her simple industrial touches too.

Carrie's bathroom makeover was a BIG transformation!: 
Beachy bathroom makeover

You really have to check out the before to see how much it changed!

Rhoda's bathroom makeover is SO well done:
classic black and white bathroom redo

The colors are great and I want that tower! So pretty and functional for a bathroom!

Gillian made over their small bathroom and simple updates made such a difference:
simple updates for small bathroom
You really have to see the before to truly appreciate their work -- it's a beautiful little bathroom now!

And Christina showed the same in her mini bathroom makeover -- the walls and painted vanity make a HUGE difference:
small bathroom updates

Jaime's bathroom underwent a makeover and it is so bright and modern now, with antique touches -- my favorite!:
white tile dark metal bathroom
I say this a lot but you really need to check out the before pics to get a full appreciation for this makeover! It is a completely different space. 

I was absolutely swooning over Beth’s powder room redo – it is stunning!:

This dramatic redo was largely courtesy of wallpaper – both the beautiful blue design on top, and the beadboard wallpaper on the bottom. Fantastic!

Lynda recently moved and wanted to dress up their rental bathroom. Check out how she created a beautiful space here:


It’s gorgeous!

I was drooling over Courtney’s bathroom redo
white marble bathroom
They DIY’d this too! Totally impressed. 

Myra knocked it out of the park with her gorgeous bathroom redo

subway tile bathroom

SO pretty right? It makes me want to tear out our bathroom and start over.

Laura’s bathroom renovation turned out beautifully:

black and white tile beadboard bathroom

That tub!! Love the smart hidden storage they added when the lost a linen closet in the space, be sure to check that out.

Karah’s new rustic bathroom is a beauty too:

rustic wood vanity with shelvesI’ve always been drawn to an open shelving vanity like this. If you are a DIYer this is something you could definitely make yourself to fit your space perfectly. 

Jenny has some major painting skills -- you should see how she transforms kitchens! I loved her master bedroom makeover

dark gray bathroom vanity

The real star is what you don't see -- all the wallpaper that was there. After that is was a fairly simple redo with paint and lighting. But what a difference!

Gretchen's black and white bathroom makeover is all kinds of sexy: 

I'm loving the contrast and her styling. She was able to fit a gorgeous dresser in the room which I never would have thought of -- but how awesome for bathroom storage?

I adore Jennifer’s pick of wallpaper for her basement bathroom:

black and white star wallpaper

Heck, I love all of it! But I love that she was daring with the wallpaper – it paid off.

Jennifer’s bathroom redo was gorgeous, I couldn’t decide on just one picture: 

white and aqua bathroom

So serene!

You must check out the before of Virginia’s bathroom to truly appreciate this beautiful space:

white gray striped wall

They didn’t replace anything big though – it’s all the power of paint! That one small striped accent wall is perfection.

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  1. Thanks so much for posting these great makeovers. I love that they are all doable changes of typical bathrooms that most of us have in our homes. Spring is always a motivational time for me. Can't wait to see the next step in your own bathroom transformation.

  2. Talk about incredible wowsa changes, makes me want to do some re-doing in our bathroom. Oh to get hubs to see the light. Your posts are always so informative, especially inspiring and downright great.
    We have typical older mfg. home master bath. Big garden tub which I only get to clean as it's too expensive for water to fill even half of it. Would love to take it out put nice glass enclosed shower and make linen closet of present shower space. Forgive me if have already told you this, old woman syndrome, lol.
    What would really love is new modular home but they've gotten very expensive, especially here, just not in our cards. Especially when we get $2 COLA raise after 3 yrs. Hubs got $4.Guess trip to Paris is out.
    Looking at what people did with smallest bathroom to last one shown is an inspiration, little things do make big difference.
    Would love to make buffet I bought to house canned goods etc. into really nice vanity. Maybe someday, if we last that long, lol. Did buy new toilet at Lowes recently and hubs finally consented to taking horrible nasty shower door off. No matter how much I clean that door it still is disgusting, (at least to me). Owner before us was not clean person, was gagacious, whole house was.
    Sure appreciate all the work you go to finding examples for us to see. Look forward to seeing your son's bathroom, know it will be awesome.
    Enjoy your weekend

  3. Thanks for sharing Sarah! Can't wait to see what you do! I know it will be fabulous! ;)

  4. Thanks for including my bathroom in these amazing bathroom renovations!!

  5. I love all the transformations but I particularly like the second one because of one smart choice that I so often see missing..it looks like there is a small tile backsplash. It freaks me out when people put a sink right up against a wall with nothing to protect it from water. Smart choice on the tiles, IMO. They are all beautiful though. I love the rustic one.

  6. Thank you for sharing! These are some awesome transformations!


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