Our simple and pretty kitchen table centerpiece

March 01, 2017

So even though I love to decorate and share ideas with you all, there are certain aspects of it that I still find difficult. (Difficult in the scope of putting pretty things around my house, not difficult in the scope of life. 😉) I've told you before I struggle with decorating bookshelves and the tops of things ...like dressers or consoles. So once I get something the way I like it, I rarely change it up. 

I've had a wood bowl with faux apples on our kitchen table for years now but have been keeping my eye out for something new. When I saw this metal and wood basket at the Hob Lob last week, I loved it and stood there holding it in my hands trying to decide how I would use it:
Metal and wood basket with leather handles

Since I purged our home for the last time a last year, I make a point to figure out exactly how I will use a decorative piece before I buy it. Before, I would see something I loved/on sale and would buy it thinking I'd find a spot for it. That stuff started filling our house! I buy a lot less now and am much better about what I bring into the house. It's made a big difference! 

I loved the look of this basket (and it was half off!) so like I said...I stood there staring into space in the middle of the aisle trying to think of how I could use it. Took me a few minutes, but I got there. ;)

I gathered some planters and then bought one of the only plants we can have around with cats -- any type of fern will do fine: 
Fern plants for centerpiece

They never touch these (I have them in other spots in the house) but I always do a search on my phone before I buy a new plant. I actually got one plant and broke it up into the three pots -- this is usually cheaper than buying multiples. 

I've had these faux applies for years and I really wish I could remember where I got them. I'm thinking it was at the decor firm I worked for ten years ago but I'm not sure. They are SO realistic and are heavy too -- they legit feel and feel like real apples. I love using them in our kitchen because of that: 
Realistic faux apples

I found some online and they look pretty realistic too!

I just placed the plants inside and then the apples around. It's super simple but I love it:
Easy spring centerpiece

I LOVE those leather handles on the basket!

I was adjusting the light fixture and thought this was a pretty shot. 😊
Easy greenery centerpiece for table

It feels fresh and pretty for spring and will work well into the summer. It's an easy piece to change up for the fall and holidays too!

I thought some pansies would be adorable and would add some lovely color too -- but those are great to have around cats so I went with the green. You could easily do that or another potted plant like hyacinth as well. So cute. 

I think table centerpieces are HARD. I was just talking with a friend about that other day. You want it to be big enough to make a statement, but not too big that it will take up space on the table. I love flowers, but then you have to keep up with fresh flowers all the time. I also love the way taller items like candles look, but then I feel like you can't see the people sitting across from you. See? Hard. :) 

This is simple and that's why I love it: 
Simple centerpiece for kitchen table

Of course you can take any tray or basket and change it up with what you have. Anything goes! Real fruit would work too -- I like keeping it out so we remember to eat it! :) 

Do you have any simple centerpiece decorating ideas? Feel free to share in the comments -- I love seeing what people add to their tables. It's one of those areas that always stumps me! Does this part of decorating come easy for you? 

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  1. beautiful - just ordered the apples... where did you find the white pots and what type of fern are you using... I love your blog... one of my all time favorites... been following you for years too... :-)

    1. I got the pots at Lowe's (if I remember right) and I'll have to check on the plant name!

  2. I used to be a manufacture's rep for home decor and I have one of those apples in red and a lemon and a strawberry (strawberry not so real looking) Anyway, here's the deal with those, they are made out of crushed walnut shells. I love my apple. I still use it in with other fruit even though it's much more realistic than the rest. As I recall they were rather expensive-even wholesale. nice arrangement.

  3. I have a weak spot for baskets and that one is lovely, as is your centerpiece! I struggle because we eat at our table as a family every night and so I need functional (napkins, salt & pepper) as well as cute!

  4. So pretty and simple! Love it! I struggle with bookshelves and centerpieces too! For the exact same reasons you listed! I love that this one is low profile and skinny so it doesn't get in the way at all, but still looks gorgeous!

  5. Where did you get the basket? I've been looking for something similar. Love the way it turned out!

  6. I was just thinking I want to change up my centerpiece! I'm still using the lazy susan I got when we went to Ikea! Love this idea. Might have to copy you!

  7. I love how simple, but pretty this is. I may do a tropical version of this since I live in Florida and my dining room color is red.

  8. This is so adorable! I love how simple it is, but it pops with the greenery and faux apples. Also -- that light fixture is a dream! Where did you get it? Or did you make it? I absolutely love it!

    1. Thank you! It was from the Ballard Design outlet! You can see more here: http://www.thriftydecorchick.com/2016/10/my-pretty-new-light-fixture-in-kitchen.html

  9. So pretty! I love all the trays Hob Lob has right now. I bought a huge black wooden tray for $30 and it holds my coffee maker and accessories now!

  10. Cute idea but I'd use real apples for the fruit! You don't have to dust them, you can eat them, and they look 'real'!

  11. I love that centerpiece, it's perfect in your kitchen/dining area and plays well with the boxwood wreath on the door!! Nice job, as always!

  12. It really is so fresh for spring! I can't get over how real those apples look!

  13. I've never thought much about whether table centerpieces are easy of difficult. I usually use a candle or plant with shells or stones around it on a doily or other pretty piece of fabric. I raise a lot of house plants so I pretty much always have one that I can use. Also, I often in spring and summer put a single flower in a vase and set it in the middle of the table, with or without other objects. I don't have a very big table so my centerpieces are usually quite small. I also use fruit or squash in season in my wooden bowls on my buffet which is next to the table. I don't do anything really elaborate or complicated. It's just whatever I have at the time. But it does add a nice visual to the table to have something on it.

  14. I love how simple & fresh and practical this centerpiece is! I agree with the not moving stuff a ton once you get something right..Love your authenticity always!

    Happy weekend!


  15. I love that you thought of your furry friends when deciding what plants to use. I tried pansies on a table centerpiece last year since they are edible - came home from running errands and it looked like a goat had gotten ahold of my flowers. Apparently they are pretty tasty :P


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