Mini family room makeover complete!

June 02, 2017

I'm so exited to share our mini makeover in the family room with you! I mean, it's not mini I guess, since we got a new piece of furniture. But overall I've just finished the space and moved things around, so they aren't huge changes. But I LOVE. :) I've been working on bits and pieces of this space since early this year. We picked up a couple inexpensive chairs that really brought the room together. I also changed up the drapes with lighter and higher versions that really brightened up the space as well. 

I shared a review of our sectional earlier this year as well -- the store actually saw the post and offered new inserts which was SO gracious. I was thrilled. We had been discussing moving this sectional down to the basement and getting a smaller piece for this room for some time, and decided to pull the trigger months ago. 

I did a ton of research and knew I didn't want to spend nearly as much as we did last time. I've learned that with kids and cats and's just not smart for us to spend that much. We found a small sectional at Macy's and ended up getting the Radley sofa when it was on sale. Unfortunately I measured wrong and later realized the old sofa wasn't going to fit down our basement stairs. 😩 I was so bummed out. I totally measured wrong. 

We ended up selling it to a friend and it worked out great since we used that money towards the new one. It worked out great in the end but I'm still kicking myself for not measuring correctly. 

Anyway!! We are obsessed, in love, totally adore the new sofa. I went much lighter in color and it's got a much smaller profile. I LOVE IT. We lost a "seat" at the end that's now a chaise, but we don't miss that at all. I love being able to stretch out on the chaise and that it's open at that end. 

When we knocked down the wall in this room years ago we didn't buy new furniture to fit the space, so it's been nice to finish it with items that work perfectly in the room. It's a long room and the seating area is narrow so this set up works so much better! I'm so happy with how this has all come together -- it feels serene and pretty. I'm in love with this space!

Here's how the room looked after the renovation:
Decorating TV over fireplace

The first thing I did in here was taking the rug from the library and moving it in here. It's much smaller than the old blue one and fits this room so much better! 

Here's a look at that same view now:
Great room makeover with kitchen and family room

Funny how a smaller rug makes the room feel so much bigger! The new sofa with the lower arms helps open it up a ton too!:
Dark fireplace in family room

I changed out that light last year -- it was hanging a little too low for the room:
Dark gray fireplace with built ins

It's a flush mount now and matches a light in our foyer as well: 
Sectional and dark gray fireplace

Radley sofa Macys

Over the past couple of years I've added to the this wall with the table -- here's how it looked right after the reno:
Everett table from World Market

And here it is now:
Decorating a hall table in family room

I'll source all projects at the bottom if you're interested in anything you see! 

I love those hanging vases from the Magnolia line! I love that pop of black on the wall:
Light wood hall table with open shelves

The room used to be split down the middle with a wall and my office was back where the windows are. This was how this view looked when we finished that project:
Board and batten in family room

 Here's how it came together this year!:
Gray green and blue in family room

I used to use that chair in the corner for my "office" -- I'd pull up a side table and work: 
Family room with board and batten

I finished the office/loft last year so I didn't use it anymore, and it made more sense to have additional seating centered in the room: 
Hanging drapes high on wall

Sunburst mirror over dresser

Those frames have hung for months with stock photos. ;) I just got these printed out yesterday!:

Black and white photos on wall

Blanket ladder

Long and narrow family room configuration

I've been pulling in more green in the room to break up my blue obsession. ;) I added some green pillows and of course the plants add some warmth. I just love how calming the grays, greens and blues are together. 
Fireplace with built ins for electronics

Small sectional with chaise

Fireplace with shiplap

I love this corner! I loved having this little spot over there, but I love having the chairs closer to the sofa even more. Here's the "old" corner:
Corner windows with chair

And here it is with my DIYish drapes hung much higher! Funny, but bringing the furniture closer together makes the room feel bigger! I love that there's some open space to let the room breathe a bit: 
Roman shades and tall drapes

Here's a view the other way, towards the kitchen. Check out the old cabinets! :)  
Arhaus sectional

I finished the reno in fall so the room was decorated in warmer tones. I bring those back in the cooler months but for spring and summer I love the lighter look, and you know how much I love my blues!:
Open family room and kitchen layout

I loved the way it looked then and I love it now! It finally feels finished. We waited a few years to make these changes but I'm glad we did so I could find what worked well in this space. I absolutely adore it! It is my favorite room to be in for the past few months.

So far we are loving the sofa -- I didn't go with down filled cushions this time and so far so good. (Even with the dog sitting on the back!) I'll let you know how it holds up.

I hope you enjoyed the before and after pictures, you know they're my favorite!! I've linked sources and projects below -- if I forgot anything please let me know! As always it takes me years to get to a "final" in a room. I just have to live with it to figure out my plan and when I do that, I'm always happy with the result.

Have a great weekend and I'll see you next week! :)

Sources and project links: 
It's good to be home DIY sign
Board and batten tutorial 
Lighting sources
Coffee table, hall table: World Market
Paint colors 
Side chairs
Black Magnolia vase art 
All pillows: Target and HomeGoods
Window treatment source and how to make store bought drapes custom
Rug name and link
Candle holders: Target

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  1. Wow, it looks amazing! I love the touch of green accessories - they go really well with the blue ones but add a hint of subtle variance. Nicely done!

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  2. I bought that same couch last fall & I LOVE it! (Funny story - when I was researching couches before buying that one I looked into your old one but it was too big!) So far it's holding up well...the only thing I worry about is not being able to flip or swap the chaise seat cushion. I went from a loveseat with 2 chairs to this so it was a dream to be able to have a couch that my son & I could both stretch out on at the same time! Great for naps :) Your room looks great with the updates!

  3. I just bought that same sofa as well and love it! I configured it differently-I have 4 seats plus a chaise. I love the color too, so far , so good! I am actually considering getting the same (smaller) sofa for my small family room.

  4. Green, blue and gray are my favorite color combination! It looks so cozy and inviting, but bright and airy too!

  5. wow just love your style. I can see you standing in the kitchen staring at the finished room

  6. So amazing!! You have an eye for this for sure!
    XO Ellen from Ask Away

  7. Love the couch! Where is the neat wire thing on the dining table from?

    1. Here's a post with what I used! :)

  8. Hi. May I ask what sectional you purchased? Read through the whole post twice and did not see the name or where you bought from. Thank you so much in advance!

  9. It all looks so nice and put together! Good call!

  10. We have had the Radley for a year and a half and couldn't be happier with how it has held up. It's abused daily and looks fantastic!

    1. I'm so happy to hear that! They said it was their best seller.

  11. What brand and color is the wall paint in the living room?

  12. Looks lovely, Sarah! It looks even more light and airy! :-)

  13. I love your style! So warm, cozy and inviting! :)

  14. Hi, can you please tell me what fa bric that is for the Radey sectional. I am considering ordering the same sectional in the custom Malibu linen fabric that Macy's offers. thank you!


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