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November 06, 2017

I've been hard at work getting all of the boxes out of this house! I'm focusing on unpacking right now and just getting items in the right rooms. Then when every box is unpacked I'll start organizing everything. I'm guessing that will be right on time for the new year. ;) 

Today I'm sharing another room I'm putting on the "done" list -- and it's one of our favorite rooms in the house. (If you missed the powder room, check it out!) When we walked in for the first time when the house was just studs, (just to look -- you know how that went), we knew this room off the garage had to be a mud room of some sort but it was big. We were like, what IS this glorious space?

And then we found out it was a laundry/mud room combo and I was all...SOLD. 😂 It's funny because if you've followed me for years you know I absolutely hated our mud room/laundry combo in the old house. I moved our laundry to the basement so we could have a proper mud room and it was one of the best things I ever did there. 

So the thought of the combo again gave me pause, but with the size I knew it could be awesome. Since we were so early in the build I got to pick the layout and added a large closet (that will get it's own post). It took me awhile to decide on placement of everything because I wanted to get it right. I knew we'd have some built ins and cabinets, the closet and a folding table. I had to decide where I wanted it all and this is what we ended up with: 
Mud room laundry combo

I originally wanted to put the washer and dryer on the left of the room as you walk in from the garage, but it just wasn't the most functional layout. We went with three cubbies instead of four with this plan but we don't need more anyway. 
It's so good to be home DIY sign

The floors are so pretty, right? They are porcelain tile that is made to look like marble. SO much more affordable and they are a breeze to take care of. Here is a very similar tile I found for you. I went with a medium dark gray grout so I wouldn't be stressing about keeping grout lines pristine.

I found the perfect spot for my DIY it's good to be home sign! You can see how I made it for super cheap at that link.

I got the fabric baskets at the top of the built ins at HomeGoods and the baskets at the bottom were from Target years ago:

Gray LG washer and dryer set

I used to have them under our long table in the family room. They're a little too big for this spot though and are scratching the wood a bit, so I'll be on the lookout for something different there. You can find the laundry sign at World Market! 

I got the polka dot laundry bins at the Container Store years ago, but they don't have this exact design anymore (at least not that I see online). I LOVE them! By the way, we've never used a washer tray before but I'm glad we have it -- the day after we installed the set a washer hose leaked and this caught all of it! 

We have a long folding table in here that I haven't even used yet because it's had piles of crap on it till literally a few hours ago:
Folding table with litter underneath

I don't know yet what I'll put on that large wall! Any ideas? 

I've been working my butt off on the garage so we've been bringing loads of stuff in and dropping them in here, then taking them where they need to go in the house. It's been my landing zone and most of the time we're barely able to walk in this room. 

Here's how it looked yesterday: 
Real life mud room

Messy mud room

And that is not even nearly as bad as it's gotten! The first few days we were literally stepping on stuff to get in and out. 🙈

One of the perks of blogging is that you're forced to pick up/clean spaces before you write about them. Most of the time I'm flinging things out of shots but I was determined to get this room under control. This morning I hung some stuff on the walls too. :) It's wonderful to have two whole rooms DONE!

The drying rack was from IKEA but I don't think they sell it anymore which is a bummer because it's great: 
Long folding table in laundry

It pulls out to hang stuff and folds flat when not in use. You can still get it on Amazon but it's more expensive than it was at IKEA. 

Isn't that folding area awesome? What you don't see is what is underneath -- the cat litter! I spared you that view but if you have cats you know finding the perfect spot is difficult. I actually like having it right when we walk in because we really keep up with cleaning it out. 

I have a ton of projects planned in here, one of them being a skirt around the bottom of that folding table. As convenient as it is to have the litter there, I'd love to hide it a bit. 

One end of the folding table will serve as a charging station for our phones and electronics, and I have a project in mind for that. I loved having a little lamp in our old laundry room so I made sure we had a spot for it here: 
Affordable felt letterboard sign
You can get that letter board here -- only $10!

So there you go, a tour of our mud room and laundry room combo -- we just love this space! It is GLORIOUS and I feel completely spoiled by it. Now I'm off to break in that folding table. ;)

See how this space looks after a huge makeover here! 
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  1. Wow - that's a huge room! We have a laundry room/mud room combo and it's only about 7'x8' which is pretty pathetic considering it's one of the busiest rooms in the house! Have fun completing yours!

  2. If you could use supplies on hand (that spot looks like a great present wrapping area too), I think a pegboard painted a fun color like Jenny did on Little Green Notebook did would be great:
    Or a really big landscape photo/print so you have something pretty to look at while folding. :)

    1. You know, I thought about that and forgot about it! I had a wrapping station in our last house and loved it. Great idea!

    2. My first thought was pegboard also. Especially the oversized diy ones that have been popping up everywhere. Like this:

  3. I saw that empty wall and space, and thought, "What on earth is she going to do?!" I have no original ideas, but love the idea of an organized wrapping station from Maryanne!

  4. The laundry room looks so clean after what you've done with it, so far! It's a good palette to work on!

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  5. I have that Ikea drying rack and LOVE it like you do--those walls need a little something, I'm sure your creative mind will have something up in no time!

  6. Gosh, I look forward to every post from you and LOVE your new home. I can see that nice big beautiful wall being your command center and keeping all of you organized. Enjoy!!!

  7. I love the spaciousness of your laundry/mudroom! Maybe you can use that large wall as a command center with either a chalk or white board?

    I know you will find something beautiful and functional to do with it.

  8. I am with everyone else... this is so much fun to follow along with you!!

  9. I agree with everyone above. I'm so excited to see the progress of your new home. IDK if you have some favorite quilts, but those would look good hanging above there and make the space cozy. Something else I've done is framed beautiful fabrics and/or paper with simple picture frames.

  10. Nice space! I was going to suggest a drying rack above the folding table but see you have one on the adjacent wall. I would live with it with just some art for 6 months, and see what you are missing. I have a set of bulletin boards in my laundry hall intended for kid art/pictures etc., but it has just become a spot for junk to accumulate.

  11. I love that set of huge metal safety pins tbat is wall art.|USD&CAWELAID=120245430000286178&szredirectid=15100741297170370015110090301008005 Also a clock. Maybe a shelf/ledge or two for practical use or pretties.

  12. Such a wonderful space - I would love to see an overview of the plan of this room so that I could get a better idea of where things are placed in relation to the entryway from the garage and the doorway to the rest of the house? Do you think you will end up putting stuff on the folding table when you walk in instead of going over to the cubby area?

  13. Laundry rooms/mudrooms have a tendency to be stark and cold - and loud, so I suggest, as I've done in the past to soften noises - hang an pretty, large rug on the wall. Rugs absorb the noise and even inexpensive, big box store 4x6s are like pieces of art.

  14. This is a beautiful large open space! I'd love to see some of your custom touches in this room with wall treatments such as board and batten or shiplap and maybe some open shelves. I love the idea of a wrapping station also.

  15. The former owners of our house moved the laundry room. We have had sewer back up, especially after replacing our washer. They thought it was our whole pipe outside our house. 7 plumbers and estimates later and the 7th guy discovered that who ever hooked up the washing machine drain has it draining into our basement shower and no fixture has vents. THAT is our issue. We have survived on doing teeny tiny laundry loads to prevent back up for the last 2 months. So we are moving our washer and dryer into our utility room. The laundry room is currently in a room off our garage and has no heat so the pipes often freeze but doing laundry in the cold is awful. So it won't be the prettiest new laundry room but it will be warm. No I get an actual mudroom off of the basement. They are going to dig up part of our finished basement floor, tearing up the carpet. So I am going to install laminate flooring.

  16. My laundry room had a huge door that I never closed and made it difficult to use one wall area. I took it off, inspired by what you've done. Since the room was visible from the living room, I put a floor lamp, small chair and a bookcase along the wall. My paper shredder is located between the chair and the bookcase. The sink and machines are on the opposite wall and visible only when you are in the room. The impact is that it looks like a small cozy room and it is.

    So, I suggest getting a narrow table to place along the wall so that you could put a lamp, your phone charging station, some baskets underneath to catch other items, a small rug. I think it would look so inviting. And, it would leave your folding table to be available for actual folding!

    How about a combo step stool and chair. I'm looking for a retro style one for my kitchen so I can reach the top shelves without having to go get the regular step ladder.

    I'm not sure how often you have to change the litter, but there is that white pail under the counter. Could you get another one and pour your clean litter in there. Hide it in plain sight. I have large, old crock on my front porch that hides my bird seed. The scoop is inside the crock and it is safe from mice and weather but still easy to get to.

    Looking forward to see what you do with the rest of the house. Liz

  17. Love it, what a fantastic space!!!!!!!!! I'm really enjoying watching you settle into your new home, everything looks gorgeous!!


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