How to prevent rattan baskets from scratching

March 08, 2018

I'm back with a quick post about an issue I get asked about a lot. It's a big one plaques many of us around the country. Here we go...

HOW do your baskets not tear up your built ins and shelves? 

See? Deep. Don't say I never delve into the real issues here. 😂

I have been asked that question a lot over the years. Nearly every time I share a project with rattan baskets in it I'll get emails and comments about how I keep them from destroying surfaces. 

I figured out this easy fix after using them in our basement cubby built ins (in the old house) years ago:
Built in storage cubbies

These were painted wood and after a very short time the baskets were scratching the paint and even messing up the wood trim a bit. We used these bins a lot and the constant scraping started to take it's toll. 

So I figured out a way to make them more functional for very little. I used brown felt:
Easy fix to prevent baskets from scratching

I did this project years ago and took pics at the time, but they're long gone. :) It's pretty easy though -- just put the basket on top of the felt and either trace around it (chalk works well) or cut around. Be sure to cut just a bit smaller than your lines.

Then you just use hot glue and secure it to the bottom of the basket:
Easy fix to protect surfaces from rattan baskets

I did it around all the edges and then a little dab in the middle if I remember correctly.

They've held up GREAT for all these years. Not one has even budged, and we used these baskets a TON. 

I'm finding new uses for these now, as you saw in our pantry reveal last week:
Organized pantry with baskets

These shelves are melamine but even those start to get torn up by rattan baskets after awhile. The felt completely protects the surface and allows to them slide super easy. Like buttah

These are the little fixes that I always find helpful so I like to share even the simple, quick projects with you! The felt will cost you a few bucks and a hot glue gun and glue will come in under $5 if you don't have one. Worth it to protect your surfaces!

So there you go -- one of life's biggest questions answered. Have any of you tried this? Any other ideas that work in your home? 

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  1. I'm pretty sure you meant "plagues", not "plaques"--this is an idea I have used many times even to protect my front door!

    1. Ditto...wreath blowing and scratching the front door. ;)

  2. Thank you for the tip again! ❤️ I had no idea rattan baskets had the potential to destroy surfaces, haha, I'm a noob!

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  3. Great idea for so many potential "scratchers" For some basket or ceramic bottoms, those little self stick felt circles found even in dollar stores have worked well for me.

  4. Thanks for this tip, I have just upcycled my dressing table and this will help save it from damage.

  5. OMG I didn't even realize this was a thing. Good to know tho!

  6. Thanks for the great idea! I have a few baskets I need to "felt" now. :)

  7. LOVE using rattan, especially the darker stain against white - so fresh and pretty! I did something similar, but used those little pre-cut felt circles that are peel and stick. It took about a minute to do! I have used them on so many things, and you can even buy large sheets of them and cut them in any shape you need. (:

  8. Good idea! Not only the felt will help to prevent the surface from rattan baskets but also from dust. For a long time when we placed a basket that surface looks dusty in the basket shape. Due to these felts, at least the dust and small things will gather inside the basket.

  9. Great tip, Sarah!! I use baskets everywhere so this is a keeper for me!

  10. So simple, I'm wondering how I never thought of this before?! Genius, girl!


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