Five minute fix for a broken lamp

May 04, 2018

Hey there and happy weekend! I'm back with a quick post to share how to fix a broken lamp cord. You can actually use this on other electronics but this particular tutorial is for an ungrounded, two-prong cord for a lamp. 

One of my favorite lamps was damaged in the move and I've held onto it all this time. We had a reimbursement plan for the broken items but I just never got to them to get the money -- the moving process took over and I ran out of time. (They only offered reimbursement based on weight anyway.)

The cord was missing from the lamp when they unloaded it -- it looked like it was cut off by the door of the truck. I'm so glad I kept it in the garage all this time though because the other day I remembered I could fix it myself!

I had forgotten about this little trick and it took all of five minutes to get it working again. Here's how the cord looked: 
How to repair a broken lamp cord

I ended up making a clean cut to the end before starting. Usually this is where I'd warn you to make sure nothing is plugged in...but that's kind of impossible with this one anyway. ;) 

You'll need a (affiliate) replacement plug from the hardware store. They're bulkier than regular plugs, but only $2: 
Replacement plug for broken lamp cord

Unscrew the screw on the front and open the plug all the way up: 
How to replace a broken lamp plug

Take your Phillips screwdriver and loosen the two screws inside: 
How to repair a broken lamp plug

Then separate the end of the cord -- I use scissors to do this. Just take care not to cut into the cords:
How to replace a plug on a lamp

You'll need a wire stripper to strip the ends of the wires: 
Wire cutters for replacing a plug

You just kind of twist the cutter around the wire and then pull off the casing to expose the wires. Twist them together like so:
Simple fix to repair a broken lamp plug

Then shape them into a hook and wrap around the screws inside the plug and tighten: 
Replacing lamp plug tutorial

Make sure there are no stray wires sticking out, then you can close up the plug and you're done!:
Replacement lamp plug tutorial

That's it! You have a working light again! I completely forgot about this solution or I would've done this a long time ago. It was daylight when I did this so I closed the blinds just to show you that it does work!: 
How to replace a broken lamp plug

It's a simple fix that will save you some money for sure! You can also get them in white for clear or white cords. 

I got this lamp at Target years ago and they don't carry it anymore, but this is a very similar version. (That one is more than I spent, but either way I would have been tossing a lot of money away!)

Hope this helps some of you at one point or another! You could also use this to shorten cords as well. Again, this is just for a lamp, be sure to ask a professional for the process for anything larger or three-pronged. 

Affiliate links included for your convenience!
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  1. This is so handy to know! I don't even have a table lamp but this would save my life if I had one.

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  2. Thank you for this tutorial!

  3. Great tip! I never knew these parts existed. Question: would you mind sharing the source of your spindle back chair? Is it comfortable? Thanks!

  4. Another great and simple-to-do tip. I've repaired many plugs this way when my kids were teenagers and everything seemed to get broken on a regular basis. I love that you can buy lamp kits in order to make a lamp out of pretty much anything.

  5. This one I did not know, thank you so much! I can imagine me sharing this tip with someone who needs it sometime, and lookin' all smart. haha Chrissy

  6. Great tutorial. I have used your home ideas and tutorials as we built and decorate our own home. You've been pinned so many times! Thank you. I have an empty corner in my living room that needs a spool chair like yours. Care to share your source?


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