How to make art with a kitchen towel

May 24, 2018

You can make art out of just about any fabric or paper -- this is an easy way to make affordable art! 

My friend Jen from the blog Balancing Beauty and Bedlam recently wrote a LOVELY book called Just Open the Door (affiliate). It is such a wonderful read about opening our homes to others without the stress and anxiety that sometimes holds us back from doing so. I've known Jen for nearly ten years and she is a beautiful soul. I was thrilled to get and read her book!
Just Open the Door book

When she sent the book, the package included this lovely tea towel. I loved it but it felt like it wouldn't be seen quite enough just hanging on a rod in the kitchen. 

I had an idea to display it: 
They broke bread quote tea towel

I went to the hardware store and had a piece of plywood cut down to a 22 inch square -- only $5! 

When I got home I sprayed the heck out of the wood with this spray adhesive: 
Spray adhesive for craft projects

This stuff works best when you let it sit for a minute or so -- it gets extra sticky! 

I centered the towel on the board and any little bubbles I rubbed out: 
Making a tea towel into art

Then I grabbed my staple gun and secured the towel to the back: 
How to staple fabric around wood

Just be careful not to pull it too tight or the fabric and wording will get wonky.

On the corners I just fold it like I'm making the bed -- whatever you do just make sure it's not too bulky:
Wrapping wood with fabric to create art

This fabric is super thin so it was easy to work with. 

I put a few extra staples on the corners to make sure it doesn't budge:
How to use staple gun with fabric

Oh, and I usually cut down any corners if they're too bulky. 

I got more of my really thin pine trim I use ALL over the place to make the frame. I spray painted the pieces black and then used my nail gun to secure them around the sides: 
DIY cheap frame for artwork

If you try something like this make sure your large wood piece is thick enough that you can nail into the sides. 

That was it! It was a super quick project and I just adore it:
Using fabric or a towel to make DIY art

I hung it on a wall in the family room right by our breakfast room (the one I call the "morning" room)  since we don't have much wall space in the eating area. 

And YES, I KNOW. It's more words, ha! (Check out this post if you're confused.) But I just love how it turned out! There's no glass over but there's no need. I see pretty tea towels all the time that would make great art like this: 
DIY framed art using a tea towel or fabric

I will make art out of anything! I'm not picky. ;) And it cost me about $10 in materials. Can't beat it!! 

Have you framed anything unusual to create art for your home? You can check out all of the art I've made over the years by checking out these posts

I highly recommend Jen's book -- it would be a lovely gift as well. I'm thrilled for her and honored to help spread the word. :) 

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  1. To answer your question; yes, I found a napkin at Pier I with the words 'share, grace, blessings, gathering..." in script. I put it in a frame found at Goodwill, only meant for the season, but it has stayed, such a good reminder. Love your tea towel and neat frame!! Paula B.

  2. My parents went to Europe years ago and mom brought back a tea towel from Harrod’s department store. When mom passed away I was cleaning out her dining room hutch I found it... well of course I didn’t want to use it in the kitchen. I had it made into a toss pillow!

  3. I framed a lock of each of my children's hair after their first haircut. The backing and the glass has kept it like new for over 50 years It used to hang in each of their bedrooms when they were still at home, but for years now, they have hung in my guest bedroom with the rest of the photos of family, children and grandchildren.

  4. Just when I think you've done it all. I have a dish towel I've been wanting to frame but havent because I didn't want to have to pay a bazillion dollars for a custom frame. So thankful for all you amazing ideas!!

  5. I love that! Also, yes. I have wooden name sign from my grandfather's boat incorporated in the gallery wall in my living room. I also framed a piece of fabric from some throw pillows I made for my bedroom and have the frame sitting on my dresser in my room. Art can be ANYTHING!

  6. This looks wonderful! I have framed vintage floral tea towels by doing your technique only I wrapped it around a blank canvas. Yours looks so good 😀

  7. You are so clever and amazing.

    That is SO NEAT! I am just not that DIYish - you totally nailed (get it, haha) it on this one - love love love it.

  8. This is such a good idea! I have so many tea towels that I think are so cute and not seen by enough people, haha. I'll have to try this.

  9. so cute! In my grandmother's old home she literally framed the top of a pizza box... it looked surprisingly good- you'd never know that's what it was! haha


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