Decorating Trends: Things With Words on Them

May 17, 2018

Art and decor with words...are you a fan or over this trend? 

I noticed one thing in particular when we moved, especially as I unpacked our art. I had a LOT of things with words on them. Art, signs...whatever. Just lots of words. This trend has exploded over the past four years or so -- especially the farmhouse-themed signs. 

It wasn't until I saw it all together that I realized just how much I had. I wouldn't say our house was FULL of it, but it was enough. It was at least spread out pretty well! I've been making a concentrated effort to tone down the things with words since we moved in. I think it can get a little overwhelming if there's too much of it in a space.

But then! I'll find the cutest art that will look just perfect in this or that spot. And I've noticed I'm just generally attracted to cute signage. I find myself reaching for them more than anything else. 

And there are rooms that just tend to attract this kind of art...I've noticed our kitchen and mud room in particular: 
Pantry decor and organization
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Especially the mud room! So many cute things with words for a mud and laundry room: 
How to make your own lettered signs

But I'm still determined to use some restraint when it comes to signage. But I've been looking for the right thing for over our bed for seven months now. Our ceilings are much higher over our bed in this house so what we had up before looked dinky.

I've tried four mirrors, other art...all kinds of things we already had and a couple I bought and returned. Then I saw a sale for scripted art on Facebook (those dang ads get me!!). I didn't see anything quotes that really struck me, until I saw this one:
Art for over the bed

If you can't read it, it says "The most wonderful thing I decided to do was share my life and heart with you." It wasn't too corny and actually made me tear up a bit when I read it. Truer words were never spoken. You can see what I had up before (and a tour of the whole room) here

I got the biggest size they made and everything was on sale. (I think they still are because I keep seeing the ad pop up.) I got this sign from a site called Smallwoods. I could have made this myself easy -- I've made many over the years. But I loved this script. And sometimes it's just nice to buy it!: 
DIY tufted headboard

I was looking for something at HomeGoods the other day and instead of what I was looking for I found some new bedding that I fell in love with. Our other duvet is a dark gray and heavy for the summer, literally and figuratively. 

I love the light tones of this duvet and I LOVED the sheets with it, but those are going. They are SO dang scratchy. I mean, it felt like we were sleeping on sandpaper. 😂 I thought they would soften up after washing, but no. And they're a little too small for our bed -- both big bummers because I love them together! Can I return washed sheets? Any tips for softening up cotton sheets that feel like burlap? :) 

So our old sheets will go probably go back on, but I love the way these look! 
DIY tufted headboard light gray

Light and dark gray bedding combo

The floral duvet cover is DKNY and the design is called Wallflower. The sheets are called Vintage Select and they had a ton of cute options, but they are not comfy at all. The blanket didn't have a brand name on it but was from HomeGoods as well.

Someday I'd love to replace the dark curtains with something lighter...but they have to be light blocking, super long and a decent price when the budget allows. I have a feeling that's not going to happen anytime soon. So for now I will continue to enjoy our perfectly dark room at night. ;)
Finding art for over the bed

The art with words won out! It's simple and meaningful and my husband loves it too -- score all around!:
Master bedroom with tufted headboard and art over bed

I have big plans for this room -- the wall behind the bed will get a treatment that will frame out the art and I want to recover the bench seat (it's actual burlap). ;) I also have plans for the tray ceiling. But these little changes are making this room feel lighter and prettier, perfect for the summer months! 

Are you a lover of art with words and sayings or no? I think they can be overdone for sure, but at the same time I think they are lovely in the right spot! 

If you missed my last post, check it out here!: 
Dark fireplace wall with DIY built ins

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  1. I agree on the word art....some is good but it's easy to go overboard. I don't want to read my way through the house. Actual pictures are so lovely and often add that touch of color that finishes a space.

  2. I haven't tried this, but before you pitch the scratchy sheets, you might want to try some of these tips to soften them: Hope it helps!

  3. Not sure if crunchy cotton sheets and scratchy ones are the same but I have some crunchy ones that I too thought would soften up. Not so, so they sit sad and dejected in the linen cupboard. I did try a few things but it didn’t work.

  4. Sometimes I think I have too much wall art, but then I see another piece that I must have. So. I say we go for it! ;)

  5. Sadly, I don’t think the sheets will soften enough to feel good any time soon. But gosh, they look great in the room. I’d make a duvet cover with them or cut them up and combine other fabrics for a quilt. Then the scratchy part wouldn’t meet skin but still add to the bed dressing.

  6. Do you still have the receipt? I think you should at least try to return the poor quality sheets. If they won't take them back maybe there is contact information on the packaging.
    Look for a DKNY brand at Homegoods when you go back; maybe something came in. I'm just saying that since it's your duvet brand, I don't know anything about the quality of their sheets.
    Maybe you could take a sham with you to try to get the same color elsewhere. (Or take the scratchy sheets with you elsewhere the day you try to return.)
    In any case, the summer bedroom looks very lovely!

  7. I splurged on a set of sheets with a higher thread count and they felt like we were sleeping in a paper bag. I couldn't soften them up with any amount of washing. They now sit in the linen closet and only go on the air mattress when the kids have a sleepover. We now have a set with a lower thread count, but they feel like buttah.

    As for the word art, I noticed I was over doing it as well. I have it paired down to five pieces now, lol.

  8. I don't mind signs as decor, such as Laundry or Pantry, etc above a door, but I am not a fan of sayings or inspirational pieces framed and used as art. Art is art - words are not art. Just one person's opinion.

  9. Have you considered the DIY solution for blackout curtains? ( The blackout fabric at Joann is darker than any blackout curtains I've bought premade. They use curtain clips, but for one of my kids' bedrooms, I sewed blackout fabric to the top edge of regular curtains and it looks great and keep the room super dark.

  10. Nay - one or two are fine. Too many starts to seem like your home is a self-help museum.

  11. Aaaaggghhh! The word thing drives me crazy. I'm in the process of decorating a new home and that's rule number one. Nothing on the wall with words! It keeps your home from being restful. When you see words, your mind must process them. You can't help it, you must read it. If you live with it very day, then you become oblivious to it and really, what's the point then.

  12. Will you tell me the source for your bench at the foot of your bed? I love IT!

  13. I'm automatically drawn to signs with words on them, too. There are just so many cute ones out there! I agree that too many in the home doesn't make for good design, but a couple meaningful ones is fine. Your home should be filled with things you love, after all.

  14. Loving the word art! I told myself I could not buy any more because I don't want to over do it. I have bought two more pieces since then. Lol

  15. Oh I adore that duvet cover - it's so perfect in your beautiful room! Like you, I try not to overdo it with the word art...I have a few pieces in my home and that's enough. I also hate to have things that everyone else has...and I see way too much of that out in blogland! I think that's one of the things I love so much about your house - it's original!

  16. I think your word art is tasteful. I have a couple of pieces in my home, but they are ones that are very special and personal to me. I love a certain artist’s signs and have 3, but they all get rotated in the same spot.
    What I cannot personally stand is the labeling of the rooms - laundry, kitchen, etc.
    I know what room I’m in! I don’t need a sign for it!
    Other than that, I think it’s best to keep it minimal and definitely no more than one piece per room.


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