Magnolia Home paint by Kilz

October 10, 2018

Kilz paints and HGTV invited me to share their beautiful Magnolia Home paint and sponsored our trip to the Great Highwood Pumpkin Festival in Highwood, Il. I knew as soon as I saw the photos of past events that I wanted our son to come along with me. 

We had a fun weekend visiting the festival and even squeezed some time in Chicago. If you haven't heard of this event, it is so cool! They construct these massive shelves that line the streets of the festival. Then they fill them with thousands and thousands of carved pumpkins. We went to see it the first night so we could see them lit up:
Highwood Pumpkin Festival

You can imagine how many pumpkins there are -- these big shelves are everywhere! I guess at some point they turn off the lights so all the pumpkins can glow. We got caught in a downpour within 15 minutes of arriving the first night, so we didn't get to see that. I'm pretty sure they were trying to beat a world record this year but I don't know if they made it or not.

The next day we explored the event a little more, then hung out at the HGTV/Kilz booth. It was SO cute! Kilz carries the Magnolia Home paint line and wow, the colors are just beautiful! They had all kinds of fun events for the kids: 
DIY giant Jenga game

HGTV Highwood Pumpkin Festival

Magnolia Home paint line from Kilz

Magnolia paint line from Kilz

They chose fall-themed colors to showcase at this event and I was swooning. I loved all of them: 
Warm fall paint colors from Kilz

That blueish black color is called Blackboard and you know it's one of my favorites! It's a really dark navy blue. 

Here's a look at some of the warmer colors in the collection: 
Joanna Gaines paint line from Kilz

It was such a fun little trip with my young man -- we made some great memories!
Highwood Pumpkin Festival

I've been working on a little spot in the basement and wanted to try out the paints on something just to try them out. They sent me a bunch of beautiful colors! I'm trying to figure out where I can use some of the deeper tones, but for this project I went with a lighter color called Shiplap (how fitting is that name?). 

I taped off a big stripe on one of our baskets:
Painting a decorative basket

I lightly brushed it on so that it didn't seep behind the tape. 

It added some much needed contrast on this table that's the same color as the basket: 
Plug in swing arm scone with art

If you saw the vintage cabinet I painted and shared last week, that used to sit right here. This one (that used to be in the family room) fits much better here.

Today I hung the sconce (it's a plug in one I think I got from Home Depot -- I've had it forever) and decorated the table a bit with some items from the storage room. It looks soooo much better than before! So cozy: 
Decorating a small decorative table

The basket was just a quick little thing but I have my eye out for a bigger project with these pretty paints. Look at all of the beautiful colors: 
Magnolia paint line from Kilz

Have you tried the Magnolia Home paint from Kilz? I am interested to hear how it does on walls. Did any of you attend the Highwood festival? It's such a cute area, I'd love to go back! 

I was provided product and travel expenses in exchange for this sponsored post.

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  1. Those paint colors are right up my alley! I love the huge fan deck, where does one get one? - ideally it would have a few more beiges and not so many blue toned grays but by and large it definitely floats my boat.

  2. Totally swooning over these paints! I love everything Magnolia but those colors are just speaking to me!

    xoxo, SS

    Southern and Style

  3. Love the basket and the photo of you and your son is so cute! I haven't tried these paints yet, but would love to know the name of the navy blue color that you liked. I am redoing my dining room and my plan is to paint the chairs and a corner cabinet dark blue.

  4. I painted my bedroom In “gather” by magnolia/kilz. I ordered straight from Joanna Gaines website when she first announced her paint line. The color was much, much cooler than the example/swatch on the website and it was described as a warmer beige but it’s very much a cool gray... it also was not mixed well like it had been on the shelf for a long time, and there are streaks from where the sheen was more concentrated toward the bottom of the van, like the whole wall looks satin but then where I touched up with the roller it looks semi gloss... although I mixed it as best I could with the stir stick... my advice is don’t be dead set on a certain color unless you’ve already tried a test patch or it might be different, and have it shaken at the paint store!!


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