Perfect storage solution for bulky bedding

January 16, 2019

Hey there! I'm getting ready to tackle some DIY projects, but first I wanted to finish up a little more decrapifying and a couple organizational projects. I shared this quick tip on my Instagram stories a week or so ago, and I got so many questions I thought it deserved it's own post!

I use a lot of "soft" stuff when decorating for fall and Christmas. Lots of blankets and pillows -- and goodNESS they take up a lot of space!! We have a lot of storage space in this house, but I still want to be smart about it. I really hate to buy big storage bins for stuff like that because of the cost and they just take up so much room. 

So last year I decided to try these (affiliate) Ziploc vacuum bags
Ziploc vacuum space bags

I remember trying them a LONG time ago, probably soon after they were first created. They didn't work well then, so I hesitated to buy again. I read a bunch of reviews online and they were either glowing -- they worked great and people loved them! Or they didn't work at all. I decided to give them a try and figured I could return if they didn't work. 

I was SO pleasantly surprised last year! I used a few to store holiday stuff and they stayed just as I left them for a full year. Awesome!!

I'll share a few tips at the end of the post, but just in case you haven't seen these I took some pics of the process. I use the jumbo bags for my items because they are so large. They also sell smaller sizes that would work well for sheets or seasonal clothing:
Review of vacuum space bags for bedding

You seal the end up and then you can start sucking the air -- which is extremely satisfying to watch: 

How to use vacuum space bags for storage

The bag ends up a fraction of the original size. This one has six large pillows inside: 
Tips for using Ziploc vacuum storage bags

This one has seven fall pillows and a couple light throws:
How to store seasonal pillows and bedding without taking up space

It's pretty amazing how much they squish the pillows. 

Someone on Instagram asked to see them next to something for reference on how they end up size-wise. These four would be much taller than (my favorite!) vacuum if they were opened up: 
Best solution for storing large bedding and pillows

Inside the four bags pictured, there's a king-sized comforter and shams, 18 pillows, three throw blankets and a few pillow covers. WHAT. I love them. 

I heard from many who said they didn't work for them and I have a few tips that may help!: 
  • The bag has a fill line -- don't fill it past that for best results. If it's too full it won't work. 
  • The "Ziploc" part that closes the bag is the seal. I close it and then before filling close it one more time to make sure it's sealed properly. 
  • I don't vacuum out all of the air possible, I stop just before all of the air is gone.
Many asked how the items come out after being squished for all that time. They are definitely wrinkled, but everything puffs up to it's original size immediately after you remove them from the bag. I just went over the fronts of the pillows real quick with my favorite steamer and they looked good as new!

I reused all of them from last year and all but one have been suctioned up perfectly again for a few weeks now. Only one bag didn't stay and I tried it again just in case. It still didn't keep the air out so I purchased a new one to replace it. I'm going to watch that one to see if maybe I just put too much inside. 

Overall I LOVE this product! I'm pleasantly surprised at how well they've worked. I'll let you know how they do later this year. ;) Have you tried these space bags? If you are short on storage space, or just don't want to spend on large bins, these are a great option! I keep ours in our basement storage space, but they would easily fit under beds as well. I actually think I'll move the comforter bag up to under our bed so I have it right there this Christmas. 

I hear these are very hit and miss -- have you had luck with them? 

Affiliate links included for your convenience! 

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  1. This seems like the perfect solution all right! I've never tried vacuum bags at home (and I never knew Ziploc made them too), but they've always sounded so fun to use, haha... ✨✨

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  2. Yeah, those older ones were a problem, so you are bring good news. Thanks.

  3. I don't have a basement or much storage in my small house but I do have an attached garage. I used these bags for storage of my extra bedspreads, blankets, pillows and even heavy winter coats. Because they are air and moisture tight, items can be stored in a garage on shelves rather than under a bed where you have to try to dust/vacuum around them. Since I've re-organized and downsized some of my "stuff" I haven't needed to use them but they're still on my radar if I need to.

  4. I've used these for years. Only downside is that once they are "sucked out", they are bumpy and hard. So sometimes it's hard to stack more than 2. But I've had bedding in these for 3 years and they were perfect when I got them out.

  5. I've used these for years (even before they were "Ziploc"), and they've always worked fine for me. I use them mostly to store the clothes my boys have outgrown that I need to save for their youngest brother. I put two or sometimes three bags (if I'm using the medium size) inside a Sterilite tub for storage. You can also fit one of the really tall square-bottom bags in a tub if you leave space in the middle and then fold it in half. We've had cabinet moths in some of our storage tubs, and they nest all in the folds of the clothes, but they haven't been able to get inside these bags, so that's good! You can also get a lot of the air out without a vacuum cleaner just like you would a regular Ziploc bag (helpful for when you're in the garage and just need to pull out one thing and don't feel like dragging out the vacuum cleaner to put it away... not that I've ever done that...). ;)

  6. I like these and actually forgot I have some! Thanks for sharing!

  7. I'm going to try your tips because I bought a box of several sizes a while ago and every time I use them they eventually "open" and everything inside refills itself.

  8. My favorite part of this post? The use of the word "decrapifying." Not sure I need the storage bags, but definitely going to use that word!

  9. I started these several years ago to store college dorm stuff like towels, pillow,bedding. They worked well. I put a dryer sheet in each bag to keep the contents fresh smelling.

  10. I love these. They are great for storing ski coats and clothes also.


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