Friday, January 24, 2020

Twenty GORGEOUS ways to incorporate board and batten in your home

Hello there! Thanks so much for the kind comments on my latest molding project I shared earlier this week!: 
Cheap board and batten wall on stairs

I've created many "board and batten" looks over the years and for the money and effort it's one of the biggest bangs for your buck. And with just a bit of tweaking it works in both modern and traditional homes. 

My version above is the cheapest way I've done it, but it's not a budget breaker to do it with thicker trim like I did in our powder room
Dark navy and white board and batten bathroom

I did that same look throughout our old family room and kitchen as well: 
Analytical Gray with board and batten

I've gathered 20 examples of board and batten too share with you so you can gather some inspiration for your own home! These are variations on the treatment and you'll see how well it works for all kinds of design aesthetics. 

There are also some tutorials for textured walls (my biggest question about this look!) and tricks to install without having to remove your baseboards. 

First up is one of the prettiest makeovers I've seen in a long time, and it's mostly due to the board and batten look Laura added throughout this room: 
Piano room with chandelier and white walls

Add a few horizontal lines and you have more of a grid pattern like I did in our last master bedroom. Sarah's version in white adds a subtle but beautiful detail: 
White grid accent wall

Ashley shares an awesome way to keep your baseboards intact in her tutorial: 
Adding board and batten without removing baseboards

If you leave out the horizontal lines you'll get a much more modern look, especially with skinnier trim:
Vertical board and batten walls

You can go all the way up the wall or at any height you want. I love the addition of wallpaper at the top of this one. And of course, the navy is a classic color that always works!: 
Navy board and batten nursery

Remember when I was thinking of using lattice for that wall above? You can see how it look a bit more modern when placed closer together (and only using vertical pieces):
Modern board and batten with lattice trim

I especially love the board and batten look in a mud room. The lines give you the separation for different "cubbies" with the addition of hooks: 
Mud room wall board and batten with hooks

And how cute is it with the names too? 
Mud room wall with board and batten

I'm a lover of contrast but Shannon's room with this wall treatment is so pretty and calming: 
All white room with board and batten

The number one question I get when it comes to any trim work on walls is how it would work with textured walls. This board and batten was done on slightly textured walls and looks GREAT!: 
Board and batten treatment on textured walls

I LOVE how it can brighten up dark spaces. You really have to see Jenny's hallway before to see what a difference it makes: 
Board and batten on long hallway

When you do the board and batten in white you can go pretty dramatic with the walls and it won't feel dark:
Long hallway board and batten dark gray

Kim shares another way to make B&B work without removing your baseboards: 
Adding board and batten with existing baseboards

If you're renting you can absolutely do this in your home! Paint your trim and wall BEFORE installing and don't caulk your seams. Julie shares how she did it here: 
board and batten wall for renters

If you prefer a more modern design, go horizontal only with your boards like Chelsea did: 
Modern horizontal board and batten

If you don't do the whole wall it can be tricky to hang art after it's done. Rachel shares how to do just that (this is the way I've done it too):
How to hang art over board and batten

I LOVE board and batten in color and white walls. It's unexpected and just lovely. I love it in pink!:
Pink board and batten white walls

And it's just dead sexy in black!: 
Black board and batten white walls

And how pretty is it in this minty/aqua color? SO lovely!: 
Mint color board and batten bathroom

As you can see, there are SO many beautiful ways to incorporate this look into any home! I hope you found some inspiration! Maybe this will be your weekend project? ;)

Have you added this to your home? It's a timeless look that works in so many spaces.

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Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Finished board and batten accent stairway wall!

Hey there! I'm back with the first completed wall of trim work on our stairs! I have three walls to do and this one was the smallest. As you'll see I have quite a bit of work ahead of me, but we LOVE it so far!!

If you missed the how-to, check out this board and batten how-to post to see how inexpensively I did this project (this is only $15 worth of trim!):
how to create a board and batten stair wall

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Remember how I said it's hard to envision the end result sometimes? With all those angles and without the paint on, it can feel busy. 

Trust my friends! Paint saves the day, yet again! 

First, I had to fill the nail holes (I use a nail gun to install all of the strips). I have just recently started using this spackling compound and I'm loving it: 
best and easiest nail hole putty

It's super easy to apply with both your finger (my preference most of the time) or a putty knife. 

Make sure to get all of the seams and nail holes and then let dry: 
How to cover holes and seams on trim work

You can hand sand this down after it dries, but I prefer my hand sander because it's so quick. 

I hate sanding, but it only took maybe four or five minutes to sand down everything: 
Best sander for installing trimwork

Painting is always the longest step -- it took three good coats of paint and a few touch ups all over (OK, let's just say it was four coats) and it was DONE!: