Sunday, October 26, 2008

An announcement and a few things

Well, I am completely humbled by all your sweet comments on my laundry room. You all know how to make a girl feel good about herself, really. :) I am SO thrilled when I hear that I have inspired you. That is what I'm here for and why I started this blog!!

Also, so glad you like the new background. Dunce that I am, I finally figured out how to change it! And the little ghosts and bat (aren't they freakin' cauuuute??) are from It's super easy to install them. (Thanks Jen!!) My son loves them too and is on my lap begging for them right now!! :)

I must say I am humbled by the poll I posted as well -- almost 60 percent of you said you would spend a lot less on the holidays this year. I guess I was expecting it, with the times we are in, but it was a good reminder. So I will do my best to try to include some thrifty gift ideas as well as decorating ideas for the season, of course!

Quick question -- anyone know why my pictures won't enlarge when they are clicked? I love being able to enlarge pics on blogs and haven't figured out how to do that on mine. Any suggestions are appreciated!!

Finally, I am thrilled to announce that I have been asked to contribute to the Blissfully Domestic Web site, under the Creative Bliss section. I am SO excited and honored to be involved with this great site. It's funny how things come full circle -- I have my bachelor's and (research paper short of) my master's in journalism/public relations. I've always been a writer at heart. So between this new gig and this blog, I am so happy I get to combine my two loves -- decorating and writing. I will let you know when I post my first article. (Should be sometime this week.)

Thanks again ladies! I'll be back soon with another drapery redo! Stay tuned!


  1. Quick question -- anyone know why my pictures won't enlarge when they are clicked?

    I THINK I know this answer - when you upload your pictures to your blog -if you upload them directly from your harddrive, then they can not be clicked on and seen larger - but if you up load them from a website (like Photobucket) then you can ----that's how I do 99% of mine and you can click to enlarge, but occasionally when I've done it right from my hard drive you can not.

    If you need help - just holler!

    Also, I love your backgrond, but I don't see any ghosts or bats

    Happy Fall!

  2. Congrats! Well deserved...cannot wait to read it.

  3. Hi, I'm one of your newest fans. Thanks for all of the great decorating tips. You are so talented! I love that blogging allows us to share ideas.
    I have started a "creative blog" for that purpose. Check it out if you'd like

    And congratulations, I'm excited to read your first article!

  4. I'm thrilled to have you as a part of our team at Blissfully Domestic! I can't wait to give our readers some of your fantastic ideas!


  5. That's really cool....congrats. And I do love the laundry room! Can't wait for more of your blogging!

  6. Congratulations!!! I am so proud of you! You are such an inspiration to all "home" makers! To be honest, Girl, You are truly a "TRUE HOME MAKER"! What so many of us strive to be! You make us proud! Keep teaching and using your gifts! God bless you!
    I am just hoping that my children are following your blog like I am asing them too!!!
    Yvette~ The Charm House

  7. Love all your ideas, so keep 'em coming! About the pics...I think the reason is that whatever size you save them at before loading them to your blog, this is the size that it will be when someone clicks it (to make it larger). That may be clear as mud but I hope it makes sense! :)

  8. congrats! If you load your pictures first before you type anything you can enlarge them but if you type your post then add the pictures you can't enlarge. I hope that makes sense. Love the bats and ghost by the way

  9. Hey, thanks for the shout out. I love your blog looks. Congrats on the invite, can't wait to follow ya on over there to check ya out!

  10. I always load my pictures first - and I load them directly from my computer - then I add the text. And all my pictures can be clicked on and seen full size. So, tidymom's first post is not totally accurate. I think the key is putting the pictures on first.

  11. Sarah, You are doing a fabulous job sharing your ideas out here in blogland!
    Whatever size you make your pictures on your hard drive, that is as large as they will get. I save mine anywhere from 600-800 pixels, depending on the detail. When I put them into blogger, even if I choose large they are never bigger than 400 wide, so people can click them for details. But, this only works when I put the pictures in before the text. Also, if I add pictures from Picasa w/ a direct link, when people click the picture it takes them directly to Picasa and they can mess w/ my photo files, if they wanted to.
    So, put pictures in first, and save them large on your hard drive. Try it.

  12. So glad that you will be contributing to Blissfully Domestic! I write for the Blissful Home section! Glad to have you aboard!!! Sorry about your little guy...hope he gets better very soon!

  13. It doesn't matter where you upload your pics from. I upload them from my hardrive. But if you upload them and then move them around on your post you cannot enlarge them. But if you upload them in the order you want them and then type around them without moving them you can enlarge them. Make sense?

  14. I almost always type and then add my pictures and move them around - and you can still click on my pictures and see them larger. So I don't think it matter's what order you do text or pictures in either

    Well, what a real mystery! LOL no one seems to know the read solution- I'll try doing some searches and let you know what I find out!



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